Auctioneer type UI mod?

Discussion in 'Look and Feel' started by ARCHIVED-Rathadin, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Finora Guest

    Rathadin wrote:
    For the record, you are misunderstanding what I was saying (and I wasn't even trying to make an argument against your beloved mod). I stated my methods. No need to get offended when someone doesn't think the mod is as worthwhile as you do.
    I was stating I never have found an issue pricing things the way I do. If someone made a mod like this, I wouldn't waste the time it took to download & install it because it wouldn't improve my gameplay really at all. All it might result in is me going to bed maybe 10 minutes sooner. If you are selling huge quantities of unstacked items, I suppose it would trim more time. I imagine someone would find a way to abuse it in an annoying manner automatically undercutting by a cp everytime some lists anything that costs less. Then again I wouldn't be surprised if that already existed. Seems to be a 3rd party unattended gameplay thing for nearly everything else.
    I will also say I find the broker system in EQ2 is less annoying to deal with than the WoW auctionhouse. If I played WOW more often & utilized the auctionhouse there for real selling, I might consider picking up that mod simply to have the information require to place something to sell & not lose my deposit coin.
    Here you don't have to worry about deposit & cut fees cutting into your profit. The buyer is taxed here. You don't have to worry about coming back to relist it in 12-48 hours if it doesn't sell and losing the money you put up to have it listed. Things stay listed for quite a while and you pay no fee for that. In the default interface you can see all of the items for sale, how much they are listed for, the actual selling price if you buy from the broker including what percentage markup you are paying for not going to the seller's home and when you list something you see the highest possible vendor price for the an item. So we have a fair amount of information a double click away, though it is on a per item basis.
    One thing I personally would like to see on the broker is for it to list the typical selling price of an item you are listing rather than the best case senario price they have listed. That price should reflect the price you'd get at the guild merchant or perhaps the city merchants that the vast majority of the playerbase sell to.
    I seriously doubt there are many people who won't play the game due to the way the broker works. There are many people who won't play the game because it's run by SOE & they have gotten themselves a bad reputation over the years. There are many who won't play anymore because of how their region has been treated (see many of the Euro players). There are many who won't play because of system requirement and graphics. There are people who are clueless and think that Eq2 is EQ1. I could go on and on. But the portion of people who won't play because they can't automatically undercut on the broker is probably really small. Just my 2 cp.
  2. ARCHIVED-epehjr Guest

    Wirewhisker@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    If EQ2 was capable of a mod like that it wouldn't be 'asking for more', it would be just uitlizing what is available. Acutally I am not sure why I bothered to respond. This is another one of those 'do it my way because I don't like your way' post. I am sure you run a fantastic guild. Weren't you spamming level 1-9 chat the other night looking for new recruits?
  3. ARCHIVED-Rathadin Guest

    Wirewhisker@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Man, where to begin...
    Okay, first off, you need to start asking WHY this game was WOWified in the first place. Because combat was boring and crafting was tedious. Which is a shame, because as far as story and questing goes, this game beats World of Warcraft hands down. And I had done every single quest in game that a Human Priest and a Blood Elf Paladin can do as of October 2011. Second. Read the whole thread in the future before commenting. After retiring from on Antonidas server in October 2011, I decided to come back to EQ2 at the insistance of a friend because, as she put it, "It doesn't suck anymore."
    And it doesn't. Good job Sony. It took you 7 years, and the game engine itself still needs a major overhaul, but you've managed to fix up everything else and turn EQ2 into an enjoyable game.
    I don't want your sympathy, I want a user interface modification that streamlines and simpilies management of market data and interaction. Which is pretty funny because according to epehjr, this game's UI isn't customizible in any meaningful way. This would be laughable if it weren't so sad, but I'm sure SOE learned from Blizzard, and EverQuest Next will have a UI built on LUA for massive customization.
    Once again, you're trying to impose YOUR ideals of what the Broker system should be, on ME and every person LIKE ME. Who are you to even make such a statement? Your guild isn't a raiding guild of any meaningful progress, so you have no credibility there. Have you hit the coinage limit of 99999 platinum 99 gold 99 silver 99 copper on any toons? If not, then you have no credibility in regards to farming / selling / trading. Who the hell do you think you are to dictate what should and shouldn't be on the broker in the first place?
    Next... you're the one advocating that the system of Brokerage be changed in EverQuest II. I'm fine with the way the system works. I want a better user interface mod to interact with it though. Sadly, it appears no one has developed such a mod because the shortsightedness of the original EQ2 developers doesn't allow for something as robust as the Auctioneer mod for WOW. I don't need to look at your EVE Online market system - although I did. Sony needs to, since you apparently feel its superior to the Broker system, why not start advocating it.
    Finally, you just sound like a bitter old man upset that younger players are trying to figure out ways to bypass the tedium and unnecessary work and actually accomplish something with their in-game time, besides staring at a Broker window for 3 hours.
  4. ARCHIVED-Ellarae Guest

    Rathadin wrote:
    Based on this thread, that would also describe you Rathadin.
    I looked at Auctioneer. It's an amazingly powerful mod that provides loads of useful information about the WOW auction market. But you're not asking for loads of information - you are asking for a magic button that will let you undercut all your competition with no effort so you can squeeze every last copper out of the broker. Are you really surprised that some people might see this as lazy. I'm not trying to be snarky here, just trying to point out how some people might view your post.
    And have you never felt annoyed when someone undercuts you by 1c? Maybe some of the people who have replied to this thread have had that happen a little too often. Maybe asking for a magic button that automatically matches the current lowest price would have received a better response. (Then again, maybe not.)
    This thread seems to have turned into a WOW vs EQ2 argument. I respectfully suggest that they are two very different games that both have good and bad points, and arguing about which is better is pointless and just going to ruin everyone's mood. Since the question has been answered, how about we all get back to more important things, like pestering the devs for more hairstyle options.

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