Auctioneer type UI mod?

Discussion in 'Look and Feel' started by ARCHIVED-Rathadin, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Rathadin Guest

    Hey all.
    I'm wondering if there exists a UI mod that works like the popular UI mod for World of Warcraft known as Auctioneer.
    As you can see, Auctioneer provides a tremendous amount of information by scanning a server's Auction House (the Broker here in EverQuest II). In addition to that, it also allows you to easily add items for auction and undercut competitors with a variety of options.
    Mostly I'm looking for an easier way to undercut competitors by having an in-game mod do the calculations for me, instead of having to input my custom formula into Wolfram Alpha for every item.
    Any help on where I might find such a mod would be great.
  2. ARCHIVED-zehly Guest

    Wow. Really? A one-button-does-it to let you undercut all the items you are selling.. and let everyone have it, thereby removing the need to actually do something with your broker? We may be getting a little lazy over here in EQ2, but not THAT lazy.
  3. ARCHIVED-Rathadin Guest

    zehly wrote:
    So you have time to go through over 1000+ auctions every day?
    And why do I always get idiotic replies like this from this game's players? Its this kind of attitude in-game and on forums that keeps this game at 100,000~ subscribers instead of 450,000 like RIFT, multiple millions like TERA, and 10+ million like World of Warcraft.
    Its always this kind of idiotic response too... Check it out. Humanity learned how to build cars because horses weren't good enough. We learned how to tame horses because walking sucks.
    I want to automate as much of my interaction with the Broker system as possible so I can focus on, you know, actually playing the game.
    Its a novel idea I know.
  4. ARCHIVED-darwich Guest

    Rathadin wrote:
    and its this type of instant gratification,or action type of player that we are glad isnt here in eq2 (although there have been more of them regardless what people say since F2p.)
  5. ARCHIVED-Revanis Guest

    I hear you Rathadin, but Sony starts making things too easy for us, then there will be less things for us to do. Buying and Selling is an important part of the immerision, EQ2 is not all about combat. They already made it to easy to undercut the market via broker. The social aspect of trading is already dead (aside from SLRs).
  6. ARCHIVED-Rathadin Guest

    darwich wrote:
    Take off those rose-colored glasses.
    When this game was released in November of 2004, it was buggy, performed poorly even on top-of-the-line hardware, and it was a tedious grind-fest. Its the reason that I chose World of Warcraft a week later and haven't played EverQuest II since I retired from WOW in October of 2011.
    Nowadays, I can level a character from 1 to 92 and grind out 320 AAs in a month. Another month and I'm raid-ready. I have guild members who have leveled characters from 1 to 92 and ground out the 320 AAs in as little as one week using Vitality & 100% 4 hour experience potions on Double XP weekends.
    As far as MMOs are concerned, that's instant gratification. You don't buy that?
    It took me six months to level from 1 to 50 in EverQuest 1, and 3 months to level from 1 to 60 in World of Warcraft as a frame of reference. That was 13 years ago, and 8 years ago, respectively.
  7. ARCHIVED-Rathadin Guest

    Archimond@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Archmond, first off, thanks for what appears to be one of the more reasoned and reasonable replies.
    I personally disagree with you though, that the creation of an Auctioneer-type mod would see a decrease in in-game activities. Maybe for you, or someone you know, but not for me.
    I'm still level 85 on Rathadin. I'm still doing tons of quests, which I really enjoy, and I'm still decorating my house, gathering items for collections, and working on my mythical weapon. I would estimate I've seen maybe 15% of the entire game's content, if its measured by doing all available quests for my race / class / alignment combination, completing collections, etc.
    This game has an absolutely massive amount of content. Anyone who says they are "done" with EverQuest II, has either been playing it for many years and has at least one toon that's gone through everything, or they're only counting current raid content.
    I don't consider that being "done" by a longshot.
    The social aspect of trading is still alive for some things. I'm one of only a handful of people that can make some of the researched tradeskill recipes from Colossal Reactants on several different tradeskillers. I've done some commission work over the past year. However, I don't intend to stand in the street, hawking my Ambrosial Tea to passersby. That's a system that, thankfully, is long dead.
  8. ARCHIVED-Ellarae Guest

    I get that having a one-click option to undercut everything would seem like a useful thing to have. I've often looked at my broker window and thought "Really? I have to check through all these prices? Ugh!"
    Suppose there was such a mod for EQ2. If you can undercut everything with one click, then so can everyone else. Where does the undercutting stop? How long before everything on the broker is listed for 1c? I'm no fincancial expert, but I suspect the economy would eventually be ruined. Or am I being overly pessimistic here? Not too sure how it works on WOW - played for about a month then uninstalled. But I do remember that WOW auctions only last for a limited time before the item has to be relisted; that might make all the difference in wether a mod like this can work in a given MMO. (But again, I'm no expert on MMO economics.)
  9. ARCHIVED-Finora Guest

    Rathadin wrote:
    And if you'd played this game 8 years ago instead of WoW, you'd have found that this one took longer to level than WOW did. But due to the numbers of people coming around complaining about "oh it's too HARD to play the game to level" leveling has become what it is now.
    This game has changed in that time period just like those others have, and not always for the better.
    It's truly not that difficult to price your wares (my opinion). Then again, I never have 1000s of items that stay on my broker long enough to go past one or 2 pricings. Price things to move, not just to undercut and you won't have many issues.
  10. ARCHIVED-Rathadin Guest

    Ellarae wrote:
    Then why isn't everything in World of Warcraft selling for 1 copper as well?
    Because there's a minimum sell-to-vendor price on items just like there is in this game. There are some items that are sold at thin margins because of the server population and market dynamics, but it isn't necessarily like that.
    You'll never seen someone undercut to the point of losing money.
    I've sold some items here in EQ2 for as little as a single copper's worth of profit. However, when you're selling 57,000 of them, that's still "worth it" to a degree.
    We've all seen this with gathered items. Someone somewhere on some server has a bunch of bear pelts listed for 1 copper. When you're selling 20,000 of them, its worth it.
  11. ARCHIVED-Rathadin Guest

    Finora@Everfrost wrote:
    Pricing schemes work differently depending on what kind of retailer you want to be, but mostly depending on market dynamics.
    There are some crafted and looted items that I sell for high platinum values because the market can bear that. I sell Ambrosial Tea for 1 gold 49 silver 99 copper each to undercut my nearest competitor at 1 gold 50 silver, because the market can bear that price, and because its almost a 100% markup, thereby meaning a reasonable profit for myself.
    You're trying to make the argument that I should sell for less than the market is willing to pay because there's no convenient way to easily manage all my auctions.
    That's a poor argument.
  12. ARCHIVED-Rathadin Guest

    OH yeah, one thing I think is really telling about the people who play this game...
    Not one person has clicked on that link, read about Auctioneer, and said, "Wow, that's an amazingly powerful mod... I wish something like that existed here."
  13. ARCHIVED-JJDillon Guest

    I find no use in it because I've seen a truly robust and effective marketplace, in Eve-Online...and if EQ2 were to change, that would be the direction I would wish it to go -- not some market-nanny autopilot from That Other Game, Inc.

    However, if you're unhappy with the response here...I believe you can, how do you kids say it in your vernacular these days??

    Oh, yes..."GB2WoW".
  14. ARCHIVED-Rathadin Guest

    Wirewhisker@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Exactly how old are you?
    I guess it doesn't matter, I know you're under my age - 32 - and probably closer to your early 20s or younger, since the only people that call people "kids" in online games are invaribly... kids.
    Also, the original question was, "Does a mod like this exist?" I'm assuming the answer is "no" or a more lengthy, "If it does, then its a private mod that someone wrote for themselves because none of us have ever seen or heard about it."
    I also don't understand this attitude that EQ2 players take towards new, or in my case, returning players.
    You should be honored we're coming back. This game needs as many people paying those subscription fees as possible in order for Sony to hire more developers and improve this game.
    The game itself is great, except the engine of course, which is pathetically coded and in dire need of being completely re-engineered to take advantage of 4-8 core processors and video cards of today.
    More subscribers equals more money. More money mean more developers. More developers means better game.
  15. ARCHIVED-JJDillon Guest

    Thanks for posting. You'll find your personal agenda to get exactly the same amount of attention as everyone else's personal agenda around here.

    For the record, I'm far older than you, kid.
  16. ARCHIVED-Rathadin Guest

    Wirewhisker@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Its a darn shame you don't act like it.
  17. ARCHIVED-epehjr Guest

    Rathadin wrote:
    I was thinking the same thing
  18. ARCHIVED-Rathadin Guest

    Epehjr@Butcherblock wrote:
    Indeed... its the most uncanny thing I've ever encountered in MMOs, but this MMO's community seems to shun anything that would be an improvement to the game.
  19. ARCHIVED-epehjr Guest

    Rathadin wrote:
    I think what you are experiencing is the fantastic player base that is EQ2. Any reference to this community on the forum usually ends in self-congratulations for being better than everyone else. There are lots of good-natured people that play the game, but in the end it's usually the vocal minority displaying childish behavior that dominates forum responses. I am not sure which description accurately describes those types:
    a grumpy old man/woman that fears change
    a psychotic girlfriend that is off her meds

    I think you posed a good question. Unfortunately, i don't even think EQ2 can support that type of customization. Most of the mods I have seen have to do with UI decor customization. Personally I like auctioneer because i don't have to waste my time pricing items. Some people don't because the love the challenge of. clicking. search. for. every. item. I love EQ2 because it is so hard mode. I mean, if the auctioneer mod worked in eq2 i think the game would fall apart and everyone would de-sub. it would be like crossing the streams. and crossing the streams is bad so no auctioneer.. sorry
  20. ARCHIVED-JJDillon Guest

    Sarcasm...It's so sarcasmic.

    The game has been WoWified enough already. Those who want more should instead take up that game rather than trying to turn this game into something it's not.

    Further, I have unspeakably low sympathy for those who bemoan that it's soooooo terrrribly toughhhh to engage in undercut wars and list 8,451 items at once.

    I suggest judicious use of the vendor to eliminate the 8,351 items in your inventories that have no business being on the broker in the first place, as well as not letting your inventories turn into clutter factories that would make a elderly ratongan granny blush.

    Lastly, one thing I think is really telling about the people who want this system to change...
    Not one person has looked into my suggestion about bringing in Eve-Online's amazingly robust and effective market system and said, "Wow, that's amazingly robust and effective...I wish something like that existed here."

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