Are rangers used for end game raiding?

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Kaldram, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Kaldram Guest

    I'm thinking of rolling one and I want to be Viable.

    If not, give me an idea of what is?
  2. ARCHIVED-Mermut Guest

    Any well played toon is viable in a raid, some are just more sought after then others.
  3. ARCHIVED-Kaldram Guest

    Mermut wrote:
    I was thinking ranger or Dirge.
    Dirge will be more sough out, but ranger seems like it would be fun.
  4. ARCHIVED-Twyxx Guest

    Unfortunately right now rangers aren't a highly sought out class for high-end raiding. I only know of 3 being used in the top 10 or so guilds.
    That doesn't mean you can't raid on one. It's just that you have to be a lot better at your class than if you chose a class that is in more demand.
    Typically the most desired classes are the bards, chanters and healers. Just make sure you play a class you enjoy. If you're gonna put the time and effort in to excel you can get a spot with any class...well, not zerker. :)
  5. ARCHIVED-Kaldram Guest

    Twyxx wrote:
    Dirge it is. I know they are tough to play but I guess they have decent dps potential and are really good support :3
  6. ARCHIVED-Orpheus666 Guest

    Could always make a ranger just for fun.
  7. ARCHIVED-Kaldram Guest

    Aneova@Kithicor wrote:
    I might if I go play on Nagafen.

    It's sad actually. A travesty! I have a buddy (ranger) that parses well over 500k consistantly in HM Drunder and Plane of War. They can stay out of the fight and don't die as often. I don't understand why my guid, and many others, don't want rangers anymore. Seems like there was always 1-2 scout groups and now we roll with 2 mage groups. It's a shame because I would LOVE to raid with my ranger once again.
  9. ARCHIVED-tomsky Guest

    ZUES wrote:
    No Threat transfer
    Less DPS than Assassins/Mages (In general, always the odd exception)
    No utility (Brigand debuffs etc)

    Why take a ranger when you can use an Assassin/Swashy/Brigand or a Mage dps.
  10. ARCHIVED-Freejazzlive Guest

    Kaldram wrote:
    Actually, I don't think either Bard class is all that hard to play ... IMO, either of the two chanter classes is more difficult.

    There seem to be a lot more Dirges than Troubies, so keep that in mind as well.

    Freejazzlive wrote:
    You're crazy. My raid main has been a dirge for four years and now I'm raiding with a coercer. It doesn't even compare. Dirge is by far the hardest class I've raided with (in terms of doing your job and actually making the parse).
  12. ARCHIVED-Lethlian Guest

    The problem with rangers is they need so much help (i.e ideal group setup / gear) to make good for only ranger standards and give nothing in return (in regards to buffs to the group/raid and debuffs).
    Rangers have three debuffs, noxious enfeeblement, Ensare, and snipe..which basically come standard to all scouts classes (at least the last two)
    Your laughable attempt at de-hate is your bird which is a hate siphon *lawlz* that disperses the hate amongst the group and not specifically to the tank. Your temp group buff is worthless, you basically give your group accuracy (which is a worthless broken stat) and weapon skills (which is another worthless stat)
    As Neiloch liked to say and I agree with, is there's a belief that devs put too much weight on us being *ranged* which is an absolute joke. Only half of our combat arts are *ranged* (actually it maybe less tbh haven't checked in while tho) Also the ranger is the only pain in the butt scout that has to always be in the perfect sweet spot for dps. (i.e having all of your CA's available while ensureing your bow is your primary means of melee attack....oh and btw have fun with the so many stupid variable hit boxes mobs have.
    I could prolly go on and on and on as to why not play a ranger, but at las I do so myself and I do so very well with my guild. (that being said my guild is WW 87, so by no means is that saying anything at all/ and my guild and I are definitely NOT high end, not even close.) but to sum it up nice I'll just qoute Errror.

    No Threat transfer
    Less DPS than Assassins/Mages (In general, always the odd exception)
    No utility (Brigand debuffs etc)
    Why take a ranger when you can use an Assassin/Swashy/Brigand or a Mage dps.
    Pretty much this. /thread
  13. ARCHIVED-Regolas Guest

    I personally think there's a few reasons why rangers are almost never recruited. (1) Rangers are a really fun class to play and therefore if they are in a raiding guild, they stay there (ie don't quit) (2) They are just pure DPS, and not any better than other T1 DPS from Assassins, Wizards, BLs, etc, that have slightly better utility, so if a DPS slot comes available, they're fighting a loosing battle against these classes for the spot. You can get in raiding as a ranger, or any class for that matter, it's just a little harder to proove yourself worthy. I'm in a right pickle if I ever decide I can raid. I have a ranger main and a zerker alt!! But hey, I enjoy both classes.
  14. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    It took me literally years to prove myself on my ranger to get to the high end I am now. there is only 3 reasons I am in a good raiding guild that aren't just luck or opinion based.
    -I show up
    -I do what i'm told (e.g. dont screw up scripts)
    -I do T1 DPS and don't slack DPS on trash/easy fights
    That's it.
    Two of those reasons could be done on ANY class (but not every player). Third one on several classes that have more to offer outside of DPS.
    I wish I could remember who said it, but one summary of a ranger I heard once was something like "A well played ranger is wasted talent"
    And yes I still believe the devs mistakingly see 'range' has a much more useful aspect than it really is. I have never EVER seen someone say 'well lets get the ranger instead of the *other top DPS class here* because they are a chain wearer who can do a lot of DPS at range'
    PS: In before hidden away to Ranger section.
  15. ARCHIVED-Regolas Guest

    I find I'm semi desirable for UD groups, but any caster T1 DPS is just as useful
  16. ARCHIVED-Pattywak Guest

    Here's the thing, you want to raid end game content? Anyone who is decent can do that on any class. There are always guilds out there that are doing SS raid content who are just looking for bodies. You want to raid end game content with a hardcore guild? That's a different story. A ranger is not your best choice to try to get into that type of guild. Look around at the websites of the hardcore guilds on your server and see what they are looking for. Roll something that more than one of them is looking for and you should be able to work your way up and apply eventually.
  17. ARCHIVED-Yimway Guest

    We run 2 rangers on roster, and they do respectable DPS. I respect the players we have and I wouldn't give them up, however from a pure X's and O's standpoint, yes I'd prefer equally geared / talented beastlords in those same raid slots.
    We however have not been able to find talented beastlords as like maybe 1:300 has half a clue on how to play the class.
  18. ARCHIVED-Twyxx Guest

    Neiloch@Butcherblock wrote:
    I brought six other very good players with me that played desirable classes. So they agreed to try and fit me in.
    I established my value because I spend/spent an inordinate amount of time perfecting my craft and making sure I play at a consistently high level. Even with that though, I'm on alts quite a bit too as I want to do what's best for my raid. That's why this coming expansion is kind of a last chance for them to fix ranger for me. If they don't I'll play a class that isn't neglected.
  19. ARCHIVED-Rahatmattata Guest

    Kaldram wrote:
    Ranger is more fun. For what it's worth, every class is used in end game raiding and in the almost 8 years I've been playing I've never been able to not get a raid slot no matter what class I play.
    Just play what you want, you will get a raid spot if you're good. Don't let anyone know you have a dirge alt or people will try to push you into playing it.
  20. ARCHIVED-Landiin Guest

    Malevolencexx@Nagafen wrote:
    True story!