Arania on Antonia Bayle server recruiting for Plane of War

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Aran Anar, Oct 3, 2013.

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    Guild hall looks amazing, get those books finished would help out the new players to game, Guild book no longer need thexian , have new guild book and new podium, no witch craft, ritual, weird podium anymore :D
  2. Aran Anar Active Member

    For role play in the guild for anyone who wants to play one of the Guild Hall characters, the guild hall merchants and portal characters, broker, banker,. adventure writ agent, crafting quest guild hall character, any of the guild guards, mender, gather, miner, and any in future.

    I named all the guild hall characters in the hall to be the names of my other characters I made in eq2 they are the guild I wanted to build. Each one comes with his own story, name and race , class, and a journal book in game I can write and mail to a guild member who wants to play one of my guild hall characters. They are Arania Eldar Councial Members, each has his own history and background story, and a guild job for the guild. They are rewarded nice in game items, have appearance gear for each and I do not promote 'dolls' or plastic toys, I do this for fun in game, if I where to find in real life 25 or more of myself this is the guild we would build. I have to level up the guild level in game to get more characters for the guild hall and then ill name those, and do appearance gear for each.

    I can help you in game, help you build your character and name ideas, if u like, of course there is more than one person of each in world I find more of myself ill build my guild in game in my good way, and invite others to it normaly :)

    Thank you for all your nice help and fun EQ2 :D

    Arnar Anar
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    Working on a book to mail new players that can be placed in a player home, how to play and how to help guild and how we can help them, hopefully it helps, as so many join, never talk in guild chat even when asked if they want help, then quit. Very strange, no emulaters, replaying past events to use info to help play game like some did it all before and replay it back and use what others did in past with emulater computer, what it feels like.
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    Anyone remember what year it was when some one changed all the time and calanders back to 1973?
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    Looking for a assistant guild leader, a good player who can help run the guild and recruit players, Mail or message Arnar if interested :D
  7. Aran Anar Active Member

    Joined a raid guild to be able to see parts of game I missed, if you would like to join my guild Arania, post here or send Arnar a /tell in game, my alternate character level 85 Furry Aranar is the guild leader for Arania now :D
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    My guild hall is open for anyone who wants to join guild and use the hall, one of better decorated guild halls on server for a small tier 1. Vist hall to see if you like it, right click Freeport teir 1 hall door and choose visit then type in Arania then click enter.

    ------ > If interested send me Arnar a tell and I will log on to the guild leader character and send you a invite, no rules really and no raids yet.

    NEED SOMEONE TO BE MY ASSISTANT guild leader I am hiring a officer some one who loves role play and can follow along with my guild plan and role play theme help recruit and can play long time. The job pays in game items and plat maybe even items from in game store as gifts from me, I do not want to give up on all the work I put in to this nice guild, making my own guild quest system, is how members get promotes by doing quests given by guild officers for role play and for fun.

    ARAN IA is a role play and home decorate and crafting guild, with goals to do 100% of collection and 100% of achivments in game outside of the raid zones wich maybe we can do also if we can build this guild up.

    Please post here if interested in helping and we can talk about what the assistant guild leader job pays, from myself in game, with in game items or plat or send Arnar a /tell in game Antonia Bayle server - Have fun,
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    Quit the raid guild I am back in my guild I made Arania, anyone who wants to join, message me in game or mail my char in game or post here, I take any alt chars, fun role play guild, please read all these posts before ask to join no requirements, I take any level character and like to help new to game players, have fun :D
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    Looking for a Guardian class to help the guild out on guild raids and groups message Arnar in game or post here :D
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    2yeara almost 3 no guild guardian someone plz make guardian join us help eeeekkkkk !
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    Looking for players to join need a good guild assistant :D
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    Please if interested in join guild make a post here or mail my char in game to Anran, I can not play every day, I let anyone who joins invite other players to the guild, please do not quit, join and try find more to join, have fun ^.^
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    Guild needs a Templar and a Guardian very badly so we can do some 6 to 12 man groups post here or message Anran in game for invite :D
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    We now have over 5 active members, looking for priest classes to join so we can do some raid zones
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    Looking for a cook to make food for guild message me in game
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    Post here if you wish to apply guild is growing we have over 10 active members =-)
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    Anyone want to be assistant guild leader?
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    If interested in assistant guild leader job mail my character Anran or send me a /tell