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    Want Assistant Guild Leader and Carpenter. Need all classes any race can join guild.

    Guild Web page :

    Picture on the Guild Cloak , the Tree of Life :

    Guild Tree nature trees fantasy art waterfalls 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_72.jpg

    Tree picture on stone door

    Barbaric greg and dark elf ( fantasy picture no history, I think war hammer art is over done not nice theme for dark elf who are simply elf with dark hair )

    Anran Guild Leader (high elf appearance picture, I like to use as role play for my eq2 character for fun)

    We now invite any race in game, I ask that if you play as a "monster" type race you use a Illusion item to change the race of your char when you are in the guild hall or grouped with the guild for guild role play.

    Our guild is looking for one of each class and a good Assistant Guild Leader, to join and help us get ready for plane of war in velious. The guild level is now lv 82. We have a very good guild hall with very nice decorate in Antonica tier 3, created in Oct 2012. I am the guild leader, level 100 scout, Level 100 Alchemist. Character name is Anran. If interested please send me a /tell in game :D

    The Guild Theme and Idea : I made my guild to be a fun role play guild. I needed some type of "Theme" or story for my role play guild. I choose to make my guild theme that Norrath would be better if Freeport was not really a so called 'evil' city and that it ally with Qeynos, to kick out the real problem in the world, dwarfs and oger, and there creations the Trolls, Barbaric, and Frogs ( frogs take to much electronics to evolve cause huge problem Pets , honest truth is where problem comes from best to turn off and obelisk )

    Dark Elf and High Elf and Wood Elf and Half Elf and Fairy are the first life forms from norrath and from the moons, so they all same side for my guild story. I theme all my character names to have "Ara or Ana or Ia or Ar in it for fun - for role play, to be more Elvan, as "A" is a nice sound and is good.

    Those bad 5 races, they have made a awful mess of norrath gas, clouds in space, insects all over, electric and steam devices. Invented salt and beer wich destroys any chance life has to grow, and rebuilt the natural life into monsters like sharks and spiders.

    The guild plan : Join us for fun and adventure and for Mythical quests and role play. Arania guild a crafting, home decorate and achievement guild. We can work on achievements for all members, raid achievements level 90 raid zone lower for really good appearance equipment and house decorate rewards .

    Plan to do 100% of Kunark for Epic Quests, Mythical Wepons and Fabled armor sets, and then take on Tower of Frozen Shadow and do 100% of Velious and Plane of War.

    Plane of War has best armor set in Velious expansion , most skip over it, class specific armor set with bonus based on your class skills also with over 220 + to stats each peice. Click here for bard equipment : )

    Guild rules :

    For those Good reasons, and for role play ( anyone can make any character in game for fun) I do not normally ( ask me ) invite anyone into my guild playing those 5 "Monster type" races of Oger, Dwarf, Barbaric, Frog or Troll, all other races are good. The Freeblood are a good race, helped create Norrath Bad story that they are vampires is not true The vampire story comes from bugs, bad to build bugs, only way they can honestly be made is on purpose and by machine. Bad invent 'Bats' takes a lot of electronics, no need or reason to built those, or invent a way for them to built themselves if that is possible. Same bad to built cow's and chickens and then eat them.......:(

    Make any race class in game besides those 5 listed ( Evil) and send me a tell. I look for 2 things here.

    1) That your character name is a nice name or elvan or fairy name or a good nice name and not a name to promote a negative. Search for " Fantasy random name generator " on google can find good names for new characters in eq2. No names like "I Biff For Beer Cookies." I can help with char names if asked i have a nice theme for that ( Name with Ara or Ana or IA or Ar in it someplace or a natural name like star, sky, wind, moon, flower, forest, mist, or a name that describes your char like a wizard named Pyre or Flame or Frost, ask me in game)

    2) That when you made your char you tryed to take advantage of the Racial bonus that each race gets for your class, I don't really mind much here but it nice to try make some balance with race class choice . I will invite any race or any class good common name is nice

    A Oger wizard not make any sense at all. Each race does get racial bonus it fun to mix it up and be differant, but not go to far like a fairy warrior how little fairy going to fly around in all plate Little fairy good enchanter or perfect mage or scout or priest

    Joining guild : Send me a /tell in game to Arnar and i can help you with your character, thats what I like to do.. fun for me to help playing in eq2 game At lv 100 my assassinate hits for over 25 million damage. So i help players get armor sets and hopefully we get into plane of war and get the really good stuff. I want the new teir 4 Antonica guild hall, a fun decorate for Arania Guild members. Join us and help us level up!!

    Role Play in the Guild : I have a role play theme for guild if anyone wants to role play i have storys and quests i will write for the guild. For each class type there is a role play portal house open to all the guild members to use and even help decorate if they like. Click on portal and find the hidden note book on book case to read the quests for your class to get promoted in guild rank.

    For Priest it is Felwithe Mansion. For Fighter it is Elaborate Estate of Unrest. For Mages it is Arcana Libary in Freeport. For Scouts it is Mist more manor.

    The prestige portal home for Guild Castle, Vacant Estate of Unrest, you get your own room to decorate when you are officer rank. Elaborate Estate of Unrest Portal home, 4th rank or higher guild member can add any decorate item to for fun. For guild role play quests, find your class book, complete a heritage quest to gain guild rank and advancement to Officer in guild Arania.

    Portal to scout and Mage, Fighter, Priest home will be found in the guild hall, in a room based on each of the 4 class types. For now till i am finished with writing the note books, role play is mostly good char planning and good char names, and if you want to role play i can help with Heritage Quests and Epic Mythical Class Weapon Quests and Armor sets.

    It going to be "find the book type quests" with good rewards and appearance gear and adornments for guild members who find all the books placed through out player homes, guild hall, and prestige portal homes. Each book will give a clue as the the next step and give a quest to do in game for fun. The 4 name for the guild classes are going to be "Nytstaria" for Scouts, "Scolars of Arcana" for Mages, "Knights of Arania" for Fighters, and "Restorian of Norrath" for Priests. "Builders of Mara" for home decorate or crafting type members.

    Name of Scout guild is "Nytstaria". Our scout classes travel to new lands explore and build trade and new cathedrals and castles. They uncover Ancient Artifacts of Eldar Elvan making. Bring there own crafters and merchants to new lands. Create new and natural life through the world, rebuild the ship Nytstaria and make Freeport and Qeynos the centar of the old world lands.

    We have a Teir 3 guild hall. (open to all to visit, Antonica docks, right click on bell and click on Visit guild hall then type in Arania on the top right, click enter) Guild merchants, world travel portals, Wizard and Druid portals. Guild adventure quest NPC. Bank and player sold trade merchant. Merchant for anything you want to sell or to gain status to level guild, repair armor, and crafting merchant's. As we gain guild levels we will get more guild merchants, and Depots and status points for items that cost status to buy in game - like really good mounts and home decor' items and the best player homes. At guild level 100 we will get the Antonica tier 4 hall, wich adds a new floor to the guild castles in game.

    FREE Plat in guild bank, use it for new player house or a mount or master spells or mastercrafted gear.
    FREE Master Spells : Send me a in game mail or make a note under your name on guild window (U button) what gear or master spells you need and i will go fetch it for you.
    FREE Help with any raid zone or zone or dungeon below level 90. I know i can solo Veeshan's Peek and below if you want help with any zone level 85 or lower let me know as a guld member.
    FREE crafting materials, we got Crafting Depot in guild halll , looking for tradeskill type players to join.
    FREE Help : with any quest or anything in game :)
    FREE use of 6 portal homes with portals inside the guild hall if you want to help decorate them then let me know we can do some decor for fun >^.^<

    Arania Home Decorate Guild and Achievements.

    Thank you for reading and see you in game,

    Mortal Champion Anran Arnar the Guild Hall Constructor <Arania>
    Antonia Bayle (server) 100 Dark Elf + High Elf + Wood Elf + Half Elf + Anchient ( free blood )
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    We need crafters badly i will gift items for crafers who level there tradeskill and donate to depots for members to use and new players :D

    We need guardian anyone who make a guardian and level to level 100 and a full time player and helps guild will get alot of help every day, the best gear and free plat and free in game items, send me a tell in game.

    Good race for guardian is half elf as that race gets str and stam as racial bonus. Even better it gets a racial armor class bonus resist to physical damage very good bonus. Iksar and snararak also good for Guardian. Paying plat each month for guardian to play who knows game so we can get through shadow oddesy, sentinals fate, and get Velious done. Thank You -

    Aran Anar - Antinous Bayle
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    Guild level 90 now Looking for a player who is good at making adornments to join, guardian, monk, pallidian, any priest any mage any scout :) Send Arnar /tell in game to join :D

    We are Pacific time zone :)
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    People do know that on free to play sometimes you have to hit Control alt delete to get the browser version to work ? Yes have to end task Vcredlist_x86 then game runs . ( very old post vcredist no longer a problem gone )
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    I get message "Log in servers are busy, try again later" can not log into game. If you want to join our nice guild send /tell to any guild member. We take any class, no Bruiser, any level we are here to help new players or any level char or any crafter :D
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    I would like to join myself, i have same problem with Log in Server Busy message. If it ever works again i will send tell in game.
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    Shyre, good to have you join us :D
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    We will get that tiar 4 guild hall one day. Guild hall is open to all in eq2 to visit, it is Free port Teir 1 right click door choose visit type in Arania then click enter.

    Post here if you would like to help out with the guild, Thanks all for there help :D

    Arnar Anar <Anaria> 95 Assassin Antinous Bayle
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    Why so few guardian classes in game? message me in game for invite to guild :)
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    Have fun with the holidays all :D
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    2/12/14 -happy role playing :D
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    Above is a real life picture of Aran Anar of Arania Anaria Guild of Antonia Bayle. He is a level 95 perfect mix of Freeblood, wood elf, high elf, dark elf, and anchient elder ascended god closely related to Karana, Tunare, Created by Anashti Sul (God) to protect the Qeynos Royal family and the land of Faydark, the future of the fairys and wood elfs. Others seen Aran Anar as a threat to there ways for in there mind if pure good was reveled then others would blame them for the sins of man and ways of the world when those ways are not thought of as normal, as in consuming life to control life to gain in life.

    Anashti Sul (God) Is the main god of the guild it is our role play story and goal to bring her back to Norrath and kick the lying Dwarfs out once and for all. To remove the sands and restore back the once enchanted forest where is now the everquest 2 zone "The Sinking Sands", where the dwarfs of old covered up her forest in a "Temper tamptrium" wich ended in her banishment, only for creating the true balance of a perfect balance of life in one life form to help rule and protect life in the future - one that the dwarfs would and could not be a part of.

    Click here for link to picture.

    Historical history would be " Aran Asia Nightingale Victoria " the perfect mix of Eldar Royal Elvan that he is pictured above.

    For role play he is the Father to my character, the true leader to the guild "Arnar Nightingale Mistmore Anar with his high elf illusion, for fun I can role play, and play 2 characters with one character, with different looking clothing for each :)

    For this one perfect creation that helped create the Faydark lands and the Elves and Fairy and Kerran, Iksar, Sarnark, Gnomes, Halflings, Ratonga,, humans, Freeblood, Akerayn, to team together to fight the true evil of the spider brained dwarfs she was banished, she can be found in the silent city, fountain of life, still to this day trying to bring back her perfect beautiful enchanted forest.

    (Arania Role play and facts and history)

    In guild lore : "Aran" (Anran) is a wood elf ranger his life quest and mission is to restore the faydark lands, the Fairy's and Faye, restore the wood elf race and Royal wood elf family, the faydwer castle, New Tunaria, and train Wood elf scouts, rangers, to be personal body guard to the wood elf royal family, known as "Waywatchers". (or any of the eq2 game titles, trying to make a story here for fun)

    He is also known in the guild as part creator and builder of "Builders of Mara" crafting guild and with his partner in the guild a swashbuckler merchant from Qeynos Tunarian Alliance ( a guild faction for Arania, mean that I recommend it for guild members for fun in game) named "Aranr Anar" they greatly help the guild when it comes to crafting and tradeskills, and are currently building "Nightstaria" a guild to connect the anchient elder lands together.

    He is on Isle of Mara when I am playing his character in game or in greater faydark. (For in game reasons the name 'Aran' was taken, a good half elf bard who joined guild then quit, had other things to do /shrug) so he has the temp name of 'Arinar' till I change it to something close to "Arran or Arann or Arrann or if name not taken on server Anran")

    In guild lore : " Anar" (Arnar) (there is a Anar char on the server not my char, a necromancer, good player, has own guild, so I use name Arnar :D) is a dark elf Assasin specially trained by anchient waywatchers eldars and a master instructer of "The Ebon Mask" rogues and Assasin in the Nightshade stlye, school of Neriak. Creater of "The order of the unseen hand" faction game guild, The green Hoods, and many others, his main contact is "shadowblade" found on the docks in game, or the rogues in the pyramid city of Terens Grasp's_Grasp /'s_Grasp?file=Terens_grasp.jpg in Kunark wich is his home, and his main guild base. Mostly found in Kunark ghosting around secret pathways and secret halls and hidden Libary's, Kunark is his to rule and his hunting grounds, none dare cross him, as he is truley a master of Kunark lands and none wish to end up in any of its hidden dark crypts and dungeons.

    My char named Arnar Anar, a lv 95 dark elf assassin, who can use the "fun spell" .... to change into a High Elf, who is the true guild leader, when I use this illusion spell for fun and role play, out comes the real guild leader, then click it off and 'Anar' or (Arnar in game, pops back up ) It not bad that names where already taken on the server, I found a nice fix with the "Arnar" name ^.^ :D

    Arnar Anar a relative of Queen Antonia , millions of years ago when his people build the Norrath lands durning the creation of the world. Arnar is a son of Mayong Mismoore, and spends his time floating above free port in the Tier 1 guild hall or flying about on his Drake mount, (?heh....<----) the guild hall being a personal gift from his father, Mayong Mistmore, it can be seen from outside the city high above suspended in air by magics from the arcane library. He mostly likes to spend his time in his Felwith mansion home, as he works on his personal project with the Furry "Aranar" to restore the Church of Araia from the midevil days.

    With "Aran" (my char for him in game is Anran) as a wood elf waywatcher forest stalker ranger and Anar as a Master Nightshade stlye assassin the 2 make quite the team and provide the security of the guild. There work to build "Nytstaria" ship fleet from "Warhammer Online" (a different rpg I have played) of corsair ships and pirate guild of "corsair" type rogues, to futher combine the Everquest 2 lands with the old everquest 1 lands and other anchient lands of other online RPG's, Runes of Magic, Middle Earth, Elder (Scrolls) lands, Thief 1,2,3 and 4 the game, Lineage 1,2 World of warcraft, Warhammer, Rift, and about every online fantasy rpg there is ;)

    To welcome the elfs to there new home, New Tunaria, Faydark eq2, makes the role play in the game combine many different Online RPG's into one big lifetime adventure. I role play only and of course, > This is a NO BRAINER < I claim no owner "ship" of any "such" games in real life but only wish to contribute in a positive good way with a good elven theme, one that does not bow to wishes of a octapuss overlord who is bent on destroying the elder dragons who have helped and gives us so much over the billions of years of norrath.

    So "Aran Anar" (Anran Arnar) is the 2 man team that leads the path to restoration for our guild <Arania> to build the guild <Anaria> wich is the people the guild builds and to welcome home all the elves and fairys and of all rpg's to the lands of Greater faydark. Long Live Arnar Nightingale Mistmoore Anar and his father, pictured abouve , and Aranr his brother and brother Aranar and Arakth, Arkth, Anchient relatives to Mayong Mismoore who is the father and creater of the freeblood race for wich we owe our freedom.

    "You can find me in shadow oak, behind the green force field of light, can you unlock it's secret 4th floor?" (furry epic quest very early into it level 85)

    Have fun :D
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    Very good Role Play story sounds fun ^.^. Of course the name "freeblood" really is a bit misleading, honestly elf's do not need or use blood at all or build themselves into walking skeletons with ' I am or make me' "Nervous Systems" wich is another reason why elfs and dwarfs from old storys and role play normaly do not get along, dwarfs in old days used to build themselves from elf and change there ghost or soul into a nervous system to move there stupid brains walk around on skeleton wich is only problem really, course they cvan be unplugged like a dumb talking toy then they don't say anything really HaHa. Restore meaning is to rebuld and regrow nothing to do with a store or farse.

    Course this was back millions of years ago dwarfs lost. All found in nice storys and lore behind the game lot of good reading . Have Fun and thank you muchly for the help Shadow, yea no such thing as problems only idiots with radio transmitters. :D
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    .You need to change the name of your woof elf ranger to Arnar then change the name of your dark elf assassin to Anran you got it mixed up but i know ideas and creativity come from playing the game hopefully you get 2 name change potions soon and fix that :D
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    :D Finnaly after close to a year I can play the game again, paid rent on guild hall, it open to all to visit,

    Arnar Anar 95 Assassin Antonia Bayle server < Arania> Guild
  17. Aran Anar Active Member

    Guild leader back I got game working again after close to a year . Post here for invite to guild :D
  18. Aran Anar Active Member

    I am back and can play game every day again now. Play over 6 hours each day. Working on trying to find nice crafters to join guild and help level up guild so we can decorate a nice castle and complete Plane of War for fun ^.^ Mail me in game or post here, Thanks Arnar Anar :D
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    Who likes crafting we are in need of a alchemist to create fighter spells a scribe for priest and mage spells and a jeweler for scout spells send me a tell in game or mail me a letter in game to Arnar :D
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    I invite everyone to visit my guild hall on Antonious bayle server it is in Freeport city, Teir 1 guild hall, after 2 years of decorate id like to know how players like the look of the place, also read my books I wrote by the adventure writ agent, need Thexian to read the guild book and the role play book by druid portal in entry way :)

    Going to publish guild hall soon, have fun all :D

    Click "next" at bottom to read more about our role play and new guild library :)