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  1. Aran Anar Active Member

    How are you welcome to my guild page. We have a new guild hall and I would like to add as many more new members as I can :)

    Guild < Aranara Anarana > is at guild level 124 and has a beautiful decorated tier 4 Qeynos guild hall by Stellacious from sky fire , found on the docks of Antonica by the light house.

    Guild web page : ( it is down I need to recover web site )

    try this link until recovered page : http://glremoved1araniaguild.gamerl...8.1692425473.1542832513-1492168152.1542832513

    My you tube channel and videos I made About Guild click Here :

    Link to EQ2 forums post has all the video tours of all the homes inside the guild hall :

    Helpful link information on returning to game

    Guild is open to all players to Visit simply click guild hall bell Right Click choose Visit then find tier 4 then type in aranara anarana find the hall listed click on there and clicky enter home

    Here is a video made by Febrith of my guild hall very worth watching enjoy :D

    Here is a old post on the EQ2 forums here about the guild hall and Has Very Nice Pictures of the guild hall worth clicky on good read :

    Portal Homes found inside the Guild Hall and Videos below

    Eldar Councial Officers Round Table Home : For Guild Meetings to plan guild events and guild Calendar

    Portal found in my office on top of castle on the roof inside office on the wall

    Guild Officers Castle and Hotel, Castle Aranara Anarana : Every Officer in guild gets there own room here can add some of your own decorate items to your room

    Portal found in my office on the roof of castle look for a portal above a flower planter middle of floor

    Guild Role Play and Quest Home : A Very Good Place to put all Guild Members Portals for there homes from day break store . A place where we can practice home decorate and learn how to place house items

    Portal Found middle of court yard inside the empty tree stump past gazebo and up the small steps portal on left

    Scholars of Aranara Mage Home : Arcane Academy for all Mages in guild to use for fun

    I need a Mage Class Leader a officer job in guild you get your own office in this home and free Note Books to write in for your notes to help recruit and train new Mages in the guild how to play and help them with there class

    Portal found in the Mage Class Room top left 2nd floor of hall floats against wall middle of stained glass

    Restoration of Norrath Priest Home : Felwithe Manor for all Priest in guild to use for fun and also is the guild park

    I need a Priest class leader a officer job in guild you get a Very Good Office on the 3rd floor built by Kailypzo and Note Books for you to help manage and recruit the priests and train new priests in guild how to play and help them with there class

    Portal found in the Priest class room inside the guild hall bottom left side 1st floor, float against a nice legends of norrath painting on the wall

    ( I got message please post a message with no more than 5 pieces of media so simply click on the links take you to you tube with page with the video of the home in each link )

    Fighters home : Vacant estate of Unrest for all Fighter class in guild to use and for this home if any member ask I will set them to Trustee { This Home is Not Decorated } I will let any guild member decorate place anything they like any where

    I need a Fighter Class Leader a officer job in guild who recruits and helps all fighters in guild learn how to play and help them with there class

    No link to a video no video done, Portal to the home is in Fighter Class Room bottom right side 1st floor

    Nytstara scout home : Mistmoore Castle for all Scouts in the guild to use for fun Good place to sit on the Balcony and tell stories at night by the fire fun for creative writing There is a Portal on the Balcony that takes you to places I have built outside the home portal break out . Can find a ship built by a guild member eena down on the beach

    I need a scout class leader a officer job in the guild who recruit and helps all scouts in guild how to play and help them with there class You get a office in the home library area click link below to see video tour

    Portal inside guild hall is in The Scout Class Room on the top right side of hall , 2nd floor right side , portal against wall and stained glass

    Click here for MIstmoore Castle Scout Class Home :

    About the Guild :

    The guild name is new and is the name of the guild role play Father and Mother to the guild. Could say King and Queen.

    The guild is very much Elf and Fairy theme I am writing all the guild books into in game note books going to totally re write all books inside guild hall For now we work to get status to pay guild rent and to level the guild level to 150

    We invite any Race, Class or Level to join Are you new to Ever Quest 2 game ? Join our nice guild we can help you learn the game :)

    Do you simply want a nice guild hall to use and place to use world travel portals and a very good place to craft, ask any of us you see in game /who all Aranara and we can invite you

    I do a lot of home decorate. I craft some mostly make grandmaster spells for members or potions with alchemy. I can craft almost any adornment for you if you ask I am really super friendly male over age 30 live close to Seattle Washington North West and I like to use the in game voice chat to talk with my members but not required

    We want to have " Guild Days " where I invite all members online into a guild raid and we all work to help each other with any quest in game or heroic dungeon or even Raid zones you might need or get gear or maybe even Guide Events or Decorate a home

    I made the guild to Help players in eq2. I think of the guild I made from the college library I play at as a great place to level up and see the game and learn about how to play the game

    We not a raid guild but yes I would do raid zones like alter of malice and any below or before then if we ever get enough players

    I always tell my members I Will Help Them with there Epic wepons in old Kunark level 85 I would help my members with anything they ask in game, you as a member have to mail me in game with what help you need or post on guild forums or simply tell me in guild chat or if you like post here :D

    We agree on a day and time and I will be logged into game. I can solo a lot of heroic zones now with the new planes of power gear and I can solo most old raid zones

    I want my guild to be a Achievement guild that is we always try to work on our Achievement page found on the quest journal page in game Guild achivements outside of the really hard raids and personal achivements and try to do as many as we can simply for Fun and for cool rewards

    I need officers in my guild there are books inside the guild hall that do a great job of saying what the guild needs and what the guild is about

    Please do come inside take a look around and read my books found on podiums or on the desk by guild king and queen npc's

    If you like the guild then post here and say your characters name , Race , Class and Level and When you can log in and simply get nice invite to guild

    Please post here if interested in join guild < Aranara Anarana > on the Antonia Bayle server . If you have any Nice questions post here please If you have any thoughts or suggestions that are nice and normal then please post here

    If you have any questions about the guild OR Maybe you have you own guild and would like to Merge 2 guild together Or you want to have normal friendly chat about EQ2 or guild or decorate then post here

    I Do Like to Help new players please ask for help in game if you feel lost or stuck or even bored I have a guild web page you can post to or the eq2 built in game mail or my Email if you ask I can give you my email or post here

    I need players who like to find more to join and teach new players how to invite more to join guild so that the guild grows Simply type /guild invite then players name

    You invite I will promote them and promote you in guild we will help each other you can use the depots and get free master and grandmaster spells and we all super happy I even pay members platinum if they do super good and help

    See you in game and Have Fun - Aran Anar lv 105 Ranger Guild leader of < Aranara Anarana > Antonia bayle server
  2. Aran Anar Active Member

    We want one of each class in game and any race classes we can get to add to our guild and really use this beautiful decorate guild hall .

    Make a nice message here or send my character Aran a mail on antonia bayle server or you can log into Gamer Launch or make a gamer launch account and find the guild web site at :

    And apply to the guild there . I normal play the game every day it has been later in day each day some time after 12 noon to like 9 pm .

    Have fun Aran Anar Ranger on Antonia Bayle server guild leader
  3. Aran Anar Active Member

    post here for guild invite take any class any race any level :D
  4. Aran Anar Active Member

    I will be sending out random invites for anyone not in a guild on Antonia Bayle server every day for next 7 days.

    Accept the guild invite if you like :D

    Post here if you would like to join our very nice guild

    Aran Anar 110 Ranger guild leader of < Aranara Anarana > Antonia bayle server
  5. Aran Anar Active Member

  6. Cheallaigh Well-Known Member

    please do not do that... if you want people to be in your guild there are better ways to go about it(no, buying members is not the right way either). you really, really need to rethink your guild name/RP/rules, this hampers your recruiting.

    why not host a server party in your guild hall? invite all the non-guilded? ask the non-guilded what they are looking for in a guild?
  7. Kokorobosoi Active Member

    Ooo a party sounds fun :) that’s a good idea right there. Invite the unguilded, mingle, talk, but don’t use the get together as a way to cluster ppl for random invites though...

    Just get to know ppl, ask what they’d like to see in a guild. Consider this us giving you a quest to do! Host a get together, and make a list of oh... ten? Things ppl want to see in a guild.

    Reward is uh.... forum faction :)
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  8. ConcealFate Well-Known Member

    difficult to comprehend as well as pronounce.
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  9. Aran Anar Active Member

    Simply click here

    Febrith was able to pronounce guild name very well in her video tour :)

    I NEED OFFICERS if you wish to be a officer please post here say how long you played what officer posions you had in any ever quest guild 1 or 2 and please set a day and time to meet me in game

    For my officers I would like that you listen to me talk at very least in voice chat once if you can hear sounds of the game then join the built in eq2 voice chat and listen to me talk about the guild and the guild plan and idea should be less than 20 minutes if you wish to be a officer in our guild

    I will consider paying a monthly platinum amount to each of my officers we can talk about that and what it is you want in a guild and how guild can help you and how you can help guild :)

    Please Post here if you like to join or want to be a officer in guild

    We are a home decorate and achievement guild , who tried hard to help new players and returning players level and catch up to the game

    See you in EQ2 Antonia Bayle Server Tier 4 Qeynos guild Hall Docks by Light House outside Qeynos

    Guild leader Aran Anar Ranger of Tunare

    ( I promote in guild rank if you get status or find more to join , Have Fun in a normal good way )
  10. Aran Anar Active Member

    hope you like the videos

    Aran Anar guild leader of < Aranara Anarana >
  11. Aran Anar Active Member

    Lost the computer I was use at college the hard drive fried no more 16 gigs of ram no more 2 gigs on video card all gone :(

    I Need a Assistant guild leader to take over the guild while I am gone please post here if interested :)
  12. Dude Well-Known Member

    Please be careful with this. There are some real jerks online and I'd be suspicious of any random unguilded person who contacts you. I'd hate to have you trust someone who seems ok, just to come back and find your guild ranks empty and your GH looted. Unless there is a pressing reason for someone to take over in your absence, you're probably better off just letting it sit. If there really is a pressing reason for it, then reach out to someone you absolutely trust and see if they have an alt that can help you out.
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  13. Aran Anar Active Member

    Looking for a good Ever Quest player who can be Assistant Guild Leader and help find more to join guild

    Officer rank in guild please post here if interested :D
  14. Aran Anar Active Member

    Looking for a good Ever Quest player who can be Assistant Guild Leader and help find more to join guild

    Post here if interested
  15. Aran Anar Active Member

    Looking for a good Ever Quest player who can be Assistant Guild Leader and help find more to join guild

    Post here if interested or if you would to simply join our nice guild :D
  16. TheButler New Member

    I haven't played in a long time, I'm reinstalling it right now and will prolly start over on a new character to get myself refreshed.
  17. Aran Anar Active Member

    Hi how are you The Butler :)

    it is Thursday I see you posted on Monday I would need to know the name of your character on Antonia bayle server if you would a invite to our guild

    I do look for more to join almost every day

    if you can post here with your characters name and a day and time you would like to meet with me in the game I can give you a nice guided tour of our huge tier 4 guild hall Castle

    if after the tour you like the guild and guild hall and want invite I be happy to invite you

    I have a message that goes into general chat on a hot key for my guild about looking for more to join our guild

    I will use that today and try to find you

    I play the game from a college library have over 70 computers and only 1 computer plays ever quest 2

    I get here at 7 am and stay to 9 pm that is 14 hours Monday to Friday

    BUT sadly I seem to only play the game maybe 4 or 6 hours each day I have to let students use the computer and it gets busy till about 4 pm up here by seattle Washington then after 4pm I usually maybe can log into eq2

    Is why I want a good assistant guild leader

    nice to meet you we do have a beautiful guild hall if you just getting back to eq2 after gone long time Yes this is a very good guild for you would be a nice new home and you can use the guild hall and level up

    GOOD NEWS you can invite others to join the guild yourself yes even as a new guy I let them all /guild invite other players to guild themselves so that IF they make any new friends in game they can invite them to join our guild

    Have fun I will try to find you and after 4 years of eq1 and over 10 years of eq2 im very good and finding and helping new players

    Aran Anar 110 male wood elf ranger of Aranara Anarana guild and guild leader on Antonia Bayle server

    want to find our guild hall and go inside and look around on your own you can do that yes any time you want to :)

    Simply find the docks by the light house outside qeynos left side of qeynos city outside and walk down the docks and click on the big metal Bell at end of docks on left side and choose " Visit" then type in Aranara find the guild name listed there and click ON the guild name then click enter home and you are free to walk around and read all the books I wrote on tables and podiums :D

    see you in game we take any race any level and any class we love crafters and pay people platinum for crafting and donate to guild bank or for donate to guild depots for crafting supplies have fun, Saint Dominic
  18. Aran Anar Active Member

    we have 20 active members in the guild need more post here for a invite :)
  19. rocky449 New Member

    Hi Aran,

    Currently began playing again, along with a few friends. We just started but good gear to advance quickly is hard to come by and broker is basically dead on AB. We would absolutely love help leveling, questing, crafting and being in a guild would be fun. Many guilds are only interested in lvl 110 and raiding. My char is Aeuinir 18 Woodelf Ranger. Currently we have Ranger, Beastlord, 2x Guardians, Necro, Wizard, Illusionist Hope to see you in game!

  20. Aran Anar Active Member

    Hey how are you :)

    rocky449New Member thank you for your post

    Nice to meet you I am sorry it took me so long to check my forums post and see your message . Best way to get invited to the guild is search for my guild members in game every one in the guild can invite new members

    To search for players in game please type this command

    have to use the " / " first then the word who

    /who all Aranara ( that would show if any of my guild is logged into the game

    Also if you press the Y button on keyboard ( or was that the U button , depends where you have guild information set on your computer ) while playing EQII it shows a list of guilds there to find my guild on that list click on filter button on bottom of that page and use these filters ( might simply only have to use 1 of these like provides training to new players )


    Role play

    Provides training to new players

    Invites scouts

    Rocky449 our guild hall is found by going to the docks right by the light house in antonica out side the huge qeynos castle click on guild hall bell at the end of the docks chose Tier 4 Qeynos guild hall then type in at top Aranara should show our guild < Aranara Anarana > listed there

    click on name of guild and then click enter bottom right of screen

    You can come visit any time you like see our guild hall I set the settings so that anyone can use a lot of the amenities inside like crafting tables and world travel glove

    If I see you in game I will send you a invite to guild

    Simply send a /tell to any one of our guild members and ask to join I made it so every guild members can invite new players to join that way they can invite there friends to play

    command to invite a player to join a guild is

    /guild invite then type players name

    please do come into the guild hall look around find if you like the place We have a Huge 3 story Castle in middle of the ocean surrounded by water with my Guild Leaders office on the roof and a basement with docks and a ship , and hidden grottos under basement stairs

    All decorated by Stellacious from Sky Fire server one of EQII best decorators by far, she has won over 12 Home Show Decorate Trophys she decorate the entire hall for us for the cost of some kronos very nice of her

    We have Wizard and Druid teleport out in the court yard

    Main room has most of the guild hall npc's on the right and left walls of the large main Cathedral room in center room with guild cloak on wall

    Bank broker merchant change apearence then mend or repair armor guild quests npc ( non player character ) collection quest npc and a npc for turn in items found like bones for collection quest pieces to add to the collection quests in game

    Guild has crafting on one side of it right side facing the guild clock in main center room

    We have a nice trophy room on other side of castle shows all the Raid bosses we have beat so far beat a raid boss ( X4 Epic in a raid zone in game ) loot his head after you win put head on pedestal then place item in your guild hall we have shelves in our trophy room full of raid bosses we beat long time ago from 2012 to 2016 doing kunark and velious raids mostly

    We have a room decorated for each class with there own portal to a Prestige Home ( from the day break store ) for that class type There are 4 class types in game we have 4 rooms 2 on bottom floor and 2 on top floor each with a special portal to Prestige Home I picked for that class

    Priest class room and portal to the prestige home Felwithe Manor ( left side first floor )

    Fighter class room and portal to the prestige home Elaborate Estate of Unrest ( right side first floor )

    Mage class room and portal to the prestige home Mages Academy in free port

    Scout class room and the portal to the prestige home Mistmoore Manor

    Please post here if you like a invite to guild


    Simply pick a day and time I will try to be in game that day and time and send you a invite

    I play from 8 am to 5 pm seattle time mon - thurs and 8 am to 1 pm Friday

    Hope to see you in game I will add your character names to friends

    Have Fun Aran Anar 110 ranger and guild leader of < Aranara Anarana > on Antonia Bayle server

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