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Discussion in 'Priests' started by quisling, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. quisling Active Member

    Look, healing is so unbalanced right now that its ridiculous. This won't help everyone, but it would help wardens if you simply took their elemental ward and turned it into an all purpose ward. Here's a clue for those saying "no", HOTS are ineffective against DEAD people. At least give them a chance, because at the moment what we have going on is idiotic for druids.
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  2. SteveB Active Member

    Did I hear free wards incoming for all? Whoot whoot? ;)
  3. Earar Well-Known Member

    technically even wards are ineffective on dead people

    but to be fair, I'd hate it if my warden would become another wardeR. if that's their only way to balance healers then I guess let's just remove all classes but shamans and templars.
  4. quisling Active Member

    I have no idea how else they are going to fix this mess. I was thinking about it today, and when my group ward is above a billion, how do you balance health? Bleedthrough is a very BAD way to fix this and i know of no one who likes it. I think perhaps cutting back the effective stat bonuses to wards to previously established levels (to a few years ago) would allow them to cut back on incoming damage so that wards didnt simply cover everything while sleeping through encounters would work, but can you imagine the hew and cry?
    I don't really have any other ideas.
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  5. Earar Well-Known Member

    just to me if I become a warder with HoTs ... then why not be defiler ?

    homogeneisation of classes is not what I want. If the only way to balance healers is that .. then maybe it means better go to another game.
  6. Clintsat Active Member

    Make Pact of the Cheetah up 100% of the time!
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  7. quisling Active Member

  8. Kari Well-Known Member

    I think this would be a bit more balanced; cut back on the size of wards so they aren't 50x people's health, raise the health pools and lower the damage so that people aren't one shot and reactives/hots have a chance to be effective.

    Keep one shots for script fails or script mechanics that require stoneskins/aoe prevents at telegraphed times, not for ongoing autoattack damage.
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  9. Kari Well-Known Member

    I think we were all in a good spot right at the beginning of AoM. By mid-AoM shaman were slightly OP, and by the end of it we were healing mage tanks through zones.
  10. Mermut Well-Known Member

    This issue isn't really that shaman are OP.. the issue is content (not all) that is impossible without a warder. We don't need shaman to e nerfed... we need the healing to be such that it's not wards or one-shot
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  11. SteveB Active Member

    With over 100 Million HP you at least do not become 1 shot until T3, since I did not raid T3 and T4 I have no clue about that, but you can live also without, it is a bit painfull, but it is possible.
  12. Earar Well-Known Member

    thing is on T3, the surge increases during the fight.

    so u may not get OS at first but during the duration .. if fight takes too long, even a shaman will struggle to keep group alive
  13. Kaarkula Active Member

    Giving druids a ward seems like the easiest, simplest fix... otherwise you are going to have to completely re-work stats and healing mechanics.
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  14. Kaarkula Active Member

    Why not become a defiler is what basically druids have already done or just live in a world where they have no use.. especially in harder fights....

    Templars had tank utility in the past or they were nearly just as bad... but now with epic ward they are awesome...

    Right now the game is ward or go home.. so either completely re-write healing mechanics or give druids a ward.
  15. Clintsat Active Member

    Make HoTs regenerating wards.
  16. Boli Active Member

    * Increase frequency of mob attacks,
    * Decrease mob damage
    * Only allow reactives to trigger once/second
    * uncurable damage RaidWide DoTs in higher tier zones
    * make sure all stoneskins have at least a 25%+ health trigger
  17. Dead Alt Account Member

    Fixing healers is likely going to take a total revamp of character stat mechanics throughout all classes to make it right again. They added so many additional stats and mechanics over the past few expansions it's created a real problem for class balancing and character/group mechanics. Like the above poster noted, everything started to go sideways with AoM. Prior to that, with a few minor balancing exceptions, everything was fine. The game has been mechanically over-complicated to the point that only a major overhaul can fix it and that isn't likely with the limited resources they have with a 14 year-old game.
  18. Earar Well-Known Member

    they balance mobs health depending on potency/cb and spell damage

    they need to balance heal with HP. But I guess .. whether heals shouldn't use potency or maybe a portion of potency or raise health ... but heals are not balanced accordingly to the health pool anymore.

    that's the issue. But maybe heals should have their own curve, own stat.

    I don't know exactly how heals react to potency. But a heal cannot react the same way as a damage spell just because players don't have as many HP.

    By wanting to simplify stats, they kind of make matters worse because they don't have the team to go deep into it and test test test and iterate and fix
  19. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    Giving druids a ward just makes them a faster casting shaman. You must realize, druids are based on damage reductions, and there are wards you can pick out of your aa, but they are supplementary. If you learn your class well enough, and have others in the group who understand what their temporary buffs do, then you should be able to solo heal anything, including Monolith. The biggest problem with any druid would be power regeneration on a fury. They do have a little bit of something for this, but it's not a whole lot against the massive power drains. However, usually there is at least one power regen class per group, be it shards from a necro, or conjy pet drain, or an enchanter or warlock. I think y
    ou should learn how to use druids more efficiently instead of asking for the class to be rearranged into another class type.
  20. Fenin Member

    I think you misunderstood this thread, it's about damage in raid, not heroics. Most heroics can be done with no healer at all.

    The issue is in t3+ raid the ae's can pulse for 200+ million, so without wards there's literally nothing you can do outside of short temps, and they tick every couple seconds.
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