Fixed Internally 'A More Aggressive Method' Boar doesn't update

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Bugejoah, Mar 16, 2022.

  1. Cherna New Member

    Just going on the record to say how awesome Chrol is :D
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  2. Chrol Developer

    Okay it should be working now. I put in extra checks. I got it to work a good 5 or 6 consecutive times for myself, anyway.
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  3. Skoozer New Member

    It updated on my first try this time!
    I'll be running an alt through soon. I'll reply here if I have trouble again. :)
  4. Sekkerhund New Member

    I was just having problems with this, am playing as a Necromancer on Varsoon. I tried deleting quest and retaking it (the boar stayed but was refreshed by fortune teller) and finally tried despawning my Undead Knight pet and attacking a shroom on the edges of the indented area. Quest finally updated when I ran back into the indention area after killing a shroom without the pet.