A Monk's Heart

Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by Chaostune, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. Altmayer New Member

    Can you help me guys? Where i can find a trace for zlandicars heart ?
  2. DarkE New Member

    its not possible I deleted it lmao.. something was broken. I went back in to fc and it magically appeared in my inventory right next to my house version. There is no way I overlooked it or deleted it. Something weird happened. Jus glad I have it now
  3. Darkon Well-Known Member

    Mhmm. Glad it's there after all.
  4. DarkE New Member

    Turns out there is an issue with Templars not receiving their items. The dev is who put it in my inventory. Just in case anyone is curious..
  5. Kari Well-Known Member

    I had the same bug on my templar. I went to the shady swashbuckler in nek forest and he sold me the reward.
  6. petier Active Member

    love the new quest, hate having to do old grey content to get flags to be able to get to the monk in the tower on mara. Would have been nice to have all the quests/zones the same lvl.
  7. Karagon Active Member

    Any ideas what to do after the update in the raidzone, after Klandicar clickie?
  8. Gabaron Member

    Learn to tank first n00b =)
  9. Aveeda New Member

    i am on the temple of Veeshan, laboratory of mutation heroic part of A MONKS HEART where i need to talk to Khrolan Tiu at the end of the heroic instance. the problem is i cant get past the force field in the laboratory to get to him. i have cleared every Mob this side of the force field. but it wont drop and i just die when i try to fly through the electrical charges :( SO what am i doing wrong?? PLEASE help!

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