A Monk's Heart

Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by Chaostune, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. Chaostune New Member

    Can someone give me some help, I cant find these monks anywhere....Do they have a special name or spot...
  2. Misia Active Member

    Isle of Mara in the Village of Shin there's a tower for the Monks. The NPC is in there on an upper floor.
  3. Chaostune New Member

    Thanks for the reply, ya I found the starter its the monks in the towns I cant find, I have only found one LOL
  4. Convole New Member

    I can't find them either. Can any one help? We need to find a wayward monk in Fp, qeynos , Halas , sirens, thurg, witherlands and 1 other place ( can't remember now not in game ).
  5. DarkE New Member

    the guards can help you find some of them. Jus search for "Whistling". If anyone knows where Sirens Grotto, Withered Lands, and Cobalt Star locs are I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. FaRTa New Member

    Cobalt locs 5550, -1087, 183 instance Grotto of Sirens: Taval's (hard) chasm
  7. DarkE New Member

    Any locs for the monks locations in the 3 zones I mentioned?? Cant seem to find them
  8. Getousha New Member

    Freeport Monk at 234,-3, 132
    Qeynos Monk at 774, -19, -387
    Witherlands Monk at -385,-699,457
    New Halas Monk at 130,157,-154
    Colbalt Scar Monk at 4537, -823,459
    Sirens Grotto Monk at right behind queen in Challage Heroic Zone.
    Thurgatian Monk at 677,-249,133
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  9. Avithax Well-Known Member

    I have a major complaint here, the scout weapon is automatically a 4s delay weapon and no choice is given to get a 6s delay version. Many scouts and especially bards use 6s delay weapons. Does anyone know if there is an exchange merchant or plans on adding a 6s version or are a lot of us just out of luck.

    Inb4 trolls about 4s vs.6s delays my post is to determine whether or not a 6s version will be available and not meant to solicit advice about which is better,
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  10. Eliziana Active Member

    "Find a way to speak with the dead" -- any clues?
  11. Margaritas Active Member

    Go where the dead people are! (EJ)
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  12. Elowith Active Member

    I see dead people so many places. Helpful clues?
  13. Eliziana Active Member

    It helped me! Just finished the HQ, ty for the little hint.
  14. DarkE New Member

    Just worked on this quest for hours and finally completed it only to be rewarded with a house version of the item. That's right, all I got was the house version. It gives me 4 options to turn it into other appearances but its just a stupid house item. Are you kidding me?? This has to be a bug. I tried putting it on my wall and taking it down and sure enough, it remains a house item with no option to turn it into the useable item. Thanks SOE for the great reward

    Edit: Oh and before someone suggests it I can't unmount it. It came that way and is stuck that way.
  15. Darkon Well-Known Member

    You get a house item, and the actual item both.
  16. DarkE New Member

    well I only got the house item
  17. Darkon Well-Known Member

    What class are you?

    You probably got both, and it's just in your bags.

    Inventory search for 'Zland'
  18. silentwarrior08 New Member

    The Quest reward for scout should be given an option of a 6sec weapon or 4 sec weapon i believe. Kinda pointless for a scout that uses 6 sec weapons to do this quest at all.
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  19. DarkE New Member

    I am a Templar and I've done that. There is one Zlandicar's heart in my inventory and it is the house item. I looked in chat and even took a screenshot of my chat. One item is all I got. Something is broken. I filed a petition
  20. Darkon Well-Known Member

    It's possible you accidentally deleted it.

    I sincerely doubt the code broke for you when it's been shown it works flawlessly by so many others.

    There probably should be a 4s&6s delay.

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