A Community Update from EG7’s CEO and Founder, Robin Flodin

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  1. AOE1 Well-Known Member

    The Ethereal coins is a good idea only make them heirloom and not no trade. Let us at least put what we have left over in shared bank for an alt to use. I have coins on multiple toons that isn't enough to do anything with. Together I could at least put an item on one of them.
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  2. Grandavi Member

    I have so many thoughts about what this game could use to bring it into the 2020-2030 timeline that I won't bother writing a single one down. It's just too much to discuss plainly or effectively and in the end, there are realities that make most of my thoughts undoable. In the end... I have to wonder... could it be time for an Everquest III?

    I mean... the moon was shattered... now it's ... "whole". In time... this is a 17 year play-time... it would be interesting to plan for a 3rd version that expanded on the Lore we all are familiar with.

    Don't go too far into the digital age (as in... keep the computers and modern items out of the game line or you start losing the taste of the entire story), but plan for ... an Everquest 3rd (?) century...

    I don't know... the thought is intriguing to me... maybe not for everyone, though. My main concern is that what SOE achieved early on is easier to achieve today, but I don't think the mindset exists any longer.

    Anywhoooo.... my thoughts... while the game is down... again... : )
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  3. Solemio New Member

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  4. Beargrass New Member

    I'm a newbie, but I did have a chance to play when the Fae expansion arrived and that was great. I also paid for Landmark and ran around in that too. I love themepark MMOs, but I've played a lot of sandbox stuff with my son. Honestly, someone needs to pick Landmark up again and push that into full sandbox MMO. Then add a dungeon opening as a world event. Then make a player market square - like an actual market. Then add another dungeon with some NPCs. More events. Next thing you know, you have a real game. Lots of player-made stuff to see and buy. The graphics were solid. There's no need to launch some enormous ready-made thing with tens of thousands of quests. We are gonna need a Boomba, though. He sells pickles.
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  5. Rajaih Member

    I would personally love to see them return to supporting Macs. Te current iMacs and MacBooks are more than powerful enough to run any of the DB games. I am able to run eq2 relatively good using bootcamp so I can only imagine how great it would be to run natively and not waste any resources on bootcamp.
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  6. Ixian Active Member

    As someone who worked at SOE when it became DBG, no, this is incorrect. Columbus Nova was the investment firm that already existed and did whatever it did with SOE, and then SOE rebranded as DBG.
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  7. Kattt Active Member

    Love this whole post! I can only think of 2 things to add to this list off top of my head:

    12. Please make furniture depots! Managing house items has become nearing unbearable; stuff everywhere, bags stuffed, banks stuffed, houses and vaults stuffed, dungeons made into furniture wharehouses, etc....and ON it goes! No complaints about vast selection of items...love it! But when you create this much, it needs to be in sync with ways to manage it, so that we can enjoy doing one of our favorite parts of the game. =) Please create both guild depots, and personal ones, so that we spend less time shuffling house items for our housing projects, and more time actually enjoying them, and the other aspects of the game...like I would love to enjoy adventuring and grouping more, but managing the items is half my time!

    13. PLEASE make older CE items available either in parts on the shop, or even the whole shabang! Even if unvaulted once a year, I'll take it. Some of us take breaks from the game time to time, or just could not afford when they came out. Just about every housing person I have spoken to, or heard from(read) has echoed this and would be fine with others being able to buy what they already did, as long as its equal ground with cost for most part. In other words, once a year, offer all the old CE's at either a small discount for age OR even full price if it means I can get the old recipes, mounts, and other items I so badly wish to have. I don't mind paying for it. We are basically asking for you to take our money...would you/could you actually say no to that? =P If you are unsure, please POLL about this!

    I echo all else...well said! I came back after 6 year break and LOVE so much of what they have done. I am happy to know this game since 2008, and hope to keep this relationship for years to come.

    One last and final, and most important thought...PLEASE improve your communication with the community. (Polls are good start and should keep going/more.) I have read many articles out there stressing why this is important and may have lacked up until now/recent/whenever, with this game. That is the best foundation for SUCH a great game and community. We are here, listening, and ready to work with you. Lets make this game continue to be one of the best I have come to love (and please advertise more.)

    Best wishes and regards,
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  8. Cassta Well-Known Member

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  9. Cassta Well-Known Member

    I use Furniture sales displays for storage, 96 slots, on my carpenter - who then makes other sales crates/displays for alts to sell items from. Most things stack as one item in the displays, not all, but most.

    I do that too and I also use several dungeons as storage warehouses. Do 'ya think maybe I need to have a huge garage sale? :rolleyes: :p:)

    Hope that helps until we get a separate house vault for each home. Then again, if we were to have a different vault in each house you wouldn't be able to go from home to home with an open vault - so I see push back on that unless there would be a way to open all house vaults in any house. I wouldn't be able to see anything on the scree but vaults/containers XD[/quote]
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  10. Cassta Well-Known Member

    Amen to that Carynn!
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  11. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    I tend to put house items I'm not currently using (like, at that minute) into my Veteran Broker boxes...where I often promptly forget I put them, then I panic. "Where did that _______ go?? It's not showing up on my Character Sheet Search! I need it! Aahhh -- oh, wait..." Furniture Crates seem to be a good, non-panicky reminder idea; place them in my Mistmoores (which are my non-panicky, omg-what's-gonna-happen-when-we-Merge/Consolidate-again Storage "Dungeons"; haven't filled one yet, but maybe I'm not trying ;->) and the items within would still show on the Broker from anywhere, but as long as I don't get carried away and assign a price to them, I should be okay. ;->

    Note to self: "When in doubt, check the Furniture Crate -- that you made, o Carpy Hordeling -- first."

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  12. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    ??? We were originally sold from SONY to Columbus Nova, which was an investment company, but according to Wikipedia (yeah, yeah, I know, but sometimes they're accurate; hey, even a stopped clock can be right twice a day ;->):

    "Daybreak Game Company LLC is an American video game developer based in San Diego. The company was founded in December 1997 as Sony Online Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment, but was spun off to an independent investor in February 2015 and renamed Daybreak Game Company. On December 1, 2020, Daybreak Game Company entered into an agreement to be acquired by Enad Global 7."

    Plus, Blizzard was, from the very beginning, nothing more than a computer game company, so they had to advertise; they didn't have a large parent company like SONY (grudgingly) paying their allowance.

    Ah, well do I remember the "glory" days of trying to play EQ2 on dial-up, with a Win98 box... :eek: At the same time, I was playing WoW and City of Heroes. WoW was a joy in that there was very little zoning, usually just between continents or major city-states, like with the tram ride from Ironforge to Stormwind (and you could still sneak alongside the tracks in person, if you wanted to leg it the whole way. Very interesting, what with "stations" and whatnot throughout, even though the tram never stopped at any). City of Heroes was a complete nightmare, with even entering each shop or HQ necessitating a zone. Here was somewhere in the middle, but yeah, you had to crank the graphics down to a low ebb, which meant the lead Tank in our group (/raising_paw) wouldn't even see opponents until just about melee range... :oops:

    DSL was a treat for the longest time, until AT&T decided to screw us over. :-/ Now we have Win7 and cable, and life's better. ;->

    I will not refer to it by anything other than EQ3/Landmark; I saw the world maps they were thinking of for EQ3, and it was basically as if EQ2, which I vastly prefer over EQ1, had never existed. Screw that. >:-/

    I got free keys for Landmark, from none other than Domino herself! :D My hubby and I enjoyed it for a bit, but if they'd continued that idiotic method of rent into the Live game from Beta ("No, you CAN'T pay any in advance, what are you thinking?" "That it'd be like the other EQ universe games, or like real life, where you can make relatively long-term leases? Even motel rooms can be rented by the month. And we DO have lives outside the game, y'know."), we were definitely not going to be customers there...which is why the manufactured items kept going poof; if you didn't pay your rent every week, bam, you got punished severely. :-/

    I think back then, there was still the idea of lowly, one game accounts, and then Station accounts, where for less than 2x the usual monthly fee (for the longest time, then it went to 2x, then more than 2x, then it was just either F2P or get every game access), you could get access to all their game library. But if they'd kept that rent scheme for Landmark (anyone stay with it when it went Live?), we were not going to stay with it. :-/

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  13. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    I would defintately appreciate a larger prestige vault than 6 slots. I mean, good grief. I keep lots of things. Some of them might even be useful.
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  14. Cassta Well-Known Member

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  15. Cassta Well-Known Member

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  16. WhysperWynde Well-Known Member

    It might sound crazy but I Like going to the Chronomancers. Adds a depth of story to the whole going backwards in time thing. For me .. I'd miss visiting the Chronomancers if it became automatic. That's just me I guess. I love storyline. And what of the Chronomancer's friend giving/selling you gifts? How would that function happen then? Automatic too I suppose? No taking all of the mystery and fun out of it to get rid of valuable NCPs to the story and just making things automatic.

    I mean if somebody didn't like Crafting but wanted the craftable items without buying what somebody else made in the Marketplace = they could advocate for just make all of that crafted stuff come automatically into our windows. But that'd take out the Harvesting and all of the harvesting skills, methods, tools some of which people can craft; Crafting itself which a lot of people including me enjoy doing (I observe Sabbath every week and don't quest/fight on that day but do craft) and really would pretty much do away with the Player's Marketplace which is where we sell the things we craft. The only other use for the Market would be to sell things that you acquired by questing and a lot of those are Heirloom (Account exclusive) or No Trade and thus = NO MORE MARKETPLACE.

    I'm sure this all is not what you're intending; you only want to get rid of what YOU don't like but I think you can see that others may want Automatic Shortcuts too for their pet peeves and there goes the richness, the variety, the fun of the game of Everquest II.
  17. Torvaldr Well-Known Member

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  18. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    I didn't know EQ2 was on Steam as I don't use Steam.
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  19. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    I know my definite answer to it-I won't use 4game launcher. If it means not playing the game at all, so be it.

    By the way, does anyone remember an attempt to move to some german tele company several years ago?
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  20. michael baker Active Member

    What is 4game launcher and what is wrong with it?
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