A Community Update from EG7’s CEO and Founder, Robin Flodin

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    I got an idem as reward for a long hard quest the other day , that was no , everything , no transmute , no value , no salvage ,
    no trade , and I could not use it , because it was only for fighters or scouts , o_O what gives ?
    The only thing I could do with this amm " reward " was toss it in to the trash .
  3. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Trust me, we all feel your pain.
  4. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I don't remember there being so many restrictions on what you can do with your equipment after your done with it .
    I understand some items that came out were abused to gain coin , but the latest ones I know of are free items , so I think that's a good way to prevent people from exploding .
    But for example the hunter items on the TLE servers are not for free and you have to go through a hole lot of pain to get them ,
    so I don't understand why you can't at least sell them to a merchant for less money than what you paid .
    There are a lot more of those items through out the game , that I am not even sure why those can't be processed or sold to a vendor ,
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    I have a very simple request that would make a big difference in how I feel about EQ2 and LOTRO, the two games I play most: please rename "Daybreak" and "Darkpaw" and create a new logo that isn't an evil eye staring at me, or some kind of nematode.

    Speaking for myself, my view of my gameplay in a heroic fantasy world isn't represented by these. Also when the game was renamed Daybreak after SOE left, the moniker quickly turned into "they break games" and that's something best left behind.

    I also have a thank you, though I think the development team is the right people to direct it to: Thank you for updating the Bloodline Chronicles. I'm about half done with replaying it. It's very immersive. More immersive play type stuff, would be great, imo. I'm going to try replaying Splitpaw next to see if the updates reached there or not. :)

    Updating old stuff is never a waste of time. Like a good book can be re-read, a good game can be replayed.
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    Oh yeah while I'm thinking of it... can we fly on hellhounds again?

    For a while, it was possible to use the hellhound mount as an appearance on a flying mount. Some grinchy dev took it away. I'd argue that since hellhounds are magical, they may be able to fly in a fantasy world. More terrifying that way. I honestly didn't think it looked unbelievable at all. Looked cool.
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    I for sure hope people won't explode lol I wanted to say exploit I guess I did not pay attention to what that spell checker did
    to my post .
  8. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I really liked it when a bunny mount worked as appearance for a flying mount , the bunny with long floppy ears was really cute ,
    those ears were flopping around almost like being used to fly with :D.