Zonewide DT in new Kael?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Rogue, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Rogue Augur

    I am getting very sick of this. About 4 times now for no apparent reason I'm fighting in new kael and then just all of a sudden I get nuked for 325k with an emote You must maintain your vision of the strange world in order to fight the soul scavengers and not be torn apart. Any idea's on why this is happening?
  2. Maereax Augur

    You're doing a quest where you have to click the intestine-y thingies to see soul scavenger mobs. It gives you a 6(ish?) minute buff. If you're fighting those mobs and your buff drops, you'll die. Click another meat and you'll be fine.
  3. Rogue Augur

    Pretty sucky quest, I'm not even fighting those things, i just have the quest up because i try to get all the mercanary quests at the same time when i start a zone, and to get dt'd so many times when doing the other ones because of this quest sucks
  4. Tobynn Augur

    These super-invisible quest mobs do not agro you simply because you have the quest active. My usual routine is the same, I first run around and request all the tasks I can, then proceed to knock them out simultaneously. When I was working on this particular task, I clicked the item to grant me the super-seeinvis buff and then casually set up around the mobs I wanted to kill. Even then, they don't care what you're doing until you actually attack them.

    When killin Pajkol and placeholder, for no apparently reason Tormax summoned me on three different occasions, and twice splattered me before I had the chance to fade. Now that was good times.
  5. RaceCondition Augur

    That camp is pretty close to the Tormax camp. Since you're a bard, I'm going to assume your song hit a group that was fighting Tormax, and they wiped, so Tormax summoned you.
  6. Tobynn Augur

    Close, meaning if I had clear line of sight Tormax is in range for me to intentionally cast a single target spell on him, yes its close. But, I am not a bard, I am a druid. No one was fighting Tormax, and no one wiped. Tormax was at full health and conned warmly to me after I faded his agro. He just out of the blue decided to summon me cuz apparently he's crazy now.
  7. RaceCondition Augur

    You said fade, so I had assumed you were a bard.

    You're claiming no one was fighting him, but very few creatures in the game will summon you when they're at full heath, e.g. meaning no one was fighting them.
  8. SpamFactory Augur

    this happened to me yesterday at the same camp, and it happened on a character I was just leaching exp with sitting idle not doing anything. tormax just randomly summoned and killed him.
  9. RaceCondition Augur

    Ahh okay I must be mistaken then, sorry.

    It must be based on one of the quests you guys have, since I've fought at that camp many times with zero problems.
  10. Khoza Augur

  11. Maereax Augur

    Maybe he just didn't like you. How's that for a possibility?