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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by kaedmon, Jul 13, 2020.

  1. kaedmon New Member

    Is it just me or is berserker dps absolute dog ? I have all the passive offensive AA's and a Tacvi weapon and still getting out dps'd by tanks.... Anybody experiencing something different?
  2. phattoni Augur

    zerker isnt a dps class till oow/dodh when they get more aa/discs, they get a nice bump with 2.0 as well.

    atm you are a sub par melee class that was half thought out.
  3. ForumBoss Augur

    In don they have volley, which gives them one of the spender discs they start using. But yeah, war have a high crit rate. Ber can definitely burn well in the later game, but for plain auto attack, monks and war will be higher in many expansions. Later in the game, they are spamming a bunch of 10-30min re use aa as well as volley, axe of ___ discs. My monk does more dps than my ber for equivalent effort. In raids, i see a skilled ber or two blowing away monks. This is rof fwiw.

    Tldr have patience
  4. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    As phattoni said, Zerker become a real DPS class in Omens of War. There is a combination of Epic 2.0, AAs, and better Cleave/Fero that pushes them into Tier 1 placement.

    Also, Blind Rage Discipline is a trap and should be ignored for the better disc Cleaving Rage.
  5. SoandsoForumUser Elder

    How is the rest of your gear? Most of our tanks and all of our physical dps are at the worn attack cap. Unless you've racked up a ton of attack already that's a huge part of being an effective physical damage dealer and then there's the consideration of group comp and focused buff support (fero/avatars). It's really hard to know how well berserkers perform in GoD because most guilds aren't funneling the absolute mountain of gear it would take to get them on parity to classes that have been rolling in time gear for 5-6 months. Although I am inclined to suspect even with even gearing we won't be doing great until at least omens.
  6. MaxTheLion Augur

    From my experience and others assessment the class was definitely spotty at best and a general disappointment from GoD -> TBS while playing on Phinigel. They rely heavily on group makeup for proper aDPS and good disc rotations to provide worthy parses. They can top a parse if everything lines up but you should mostly expect a top 5 or top 10 finish depending on length of the fight. I have no experience on live servers but Berserker sustained up through TBS was absolute trash and once your discs are gone, so is the bulk of your damage. IMO for a class that can provide nothing but damage, they are not as good as they should be. As phattoni and ForumBoss mentioned, the DPS slowly (SLOWLY) gets better but don't get your hopes up too much or you'll be let down.
  7. Bewts Augur

    Ya don’t really compete until 2.0 and the associated discs, cycled skills and short terms create some real damage potential.

    Still, ya need a solid group setup and folks that don’t just dump their short terms all at once; losing out on more sustained burns due to stacking issues.

    Eventually you’ll want all sorts of short terms both in group and those that can be MGB as well.

    It’s definitely an art that comes with competent and keenly aware players looking to maximize their contributions. And a raid leader that builds groups that allows folks to excel.

    TLDR: DPS gets more complicated and ya cannot just auto attack and cycle discs to compete for Top 5.
  8. Pneumothorax777 New Member

    When did they update headshot and backstab?

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