Your Log File usage? gathering info

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  1. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    In another thread I presented a simple solution for backing up and deleting log files. I'm considering creating a more advanced version that would be more flexible. Problem is, I'm not a high level player, and I don't use logs much.

    I'm wondering what would be useful to people, so I'm asking for some insight about how you use your logs, and especially how and when you backup or delete logs and start a fresh one.

    My first solution is best used, at most, once per day (because I didn't deal with the date AND time, so you can overwrite the same day if not paying attention). More likely backing up once per week or month, something along those lines.

    I'm thinking something like a 'snapshot' log, so you could turn on for a fight, then back up a 'snapshot' of just that fight, including naming it beyond just the date and character.

    so...Do YOU?
    -Periodically back up logs?
    -Log just a certain fight or event more than one in a day?
    -Log specific things you'd like to name specific things?

    -Are there specifics I should keep in mind to make the logs more interoperable with parsing software you may use? GamParse and the like?

    -My basic backups are being named in the style 2021-09-01-Name_server.txt. Which nicely orders them by date. Anything else I should consider in the naming?

    -Anything else you'd like to mention or opine about on this topic?
  2. Windance Augur

    I generally use log files when raiding to feed GINA auto triggers and timers for abilities and emotes.

    Occasionally I'll parse a raid event which generates HUGE amounts of data.

    Once every couple months I go in and just rename the log files adding that days date similar to what you have above 2021_09_01_Name_Server.TXT

    I probably could have GINA automatically rotate my log files for me, just haven't really had the need.

    If I did automate rotating files on a fixed schedule, I would probably go weekly or monthly.
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  3. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    so...Do YOU?
    -Periodically back up logs? 1st of the month they all get archived to their own server folder. Yinla has her own. :rolleyes:
    -Log just a certain fight or event more than one in a day? Log is on all the time
    -Log specific things you'd like to name specific things? Logs for emotes and tells that I might recieve also comes in handy when things are discussed in channels, who got what loot, who logged in for raids when, etc. I pull out useful info from different things.

    -My basic backups are being named in the style 2021-09-01-Name_server.txt. Which nicely orders them by date. Anything else I should consider in the naming? Mine are all numbered and I sort them by date when I need to check something, date is a good way to go though.
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  4. The real Sandaormo Augur

    If there was a way to separate out and save all my great jokes I make that would be awesome.
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  5. Sancus Augur

    Yes, for my main character. I have GamParse set to auto back up that log file when opening the program if its size exceeds 100 MB, though I only open GamParse periodically (so the backups are closer to 500 MB in size).

    I back up other log files very infrequently. My FV Mage's log file is ~6 GB, my AB Mage's log file is ~5 GB, my Wizard's log file is ~5 GB, and I have a number of other 1-3 GB log files.
    I always keep logs on. Occasionally I use the "Export as 1 fight log file" option in GamParse if I want to go through the actual text file for something or save a particularly noteworthy log for later.

    I think you're getting at naming conflicts. The only time I could see myself exporting multiple fights with the same name on the same day is if they're parses run on combat dummies (e.g. I might run three parses on Combat Dummy Azia in a sitting to test something).

    Generally the fight name and date are sufficiently descriptive for my purposes, though I'm sure some people might like being able to add more descriptive names.
    GamParse and EQLogParser like files named using the standard eqlog_Charactername_server convention.

    EQLogParser uses the Charactername to attribute the damage done by "You" in the log file, so it will not report damage properly if a log file doesn't follow that convention. GamParse looked to still parse my damage correctly, but it pops up this message, so there are likely other features that rely on that convention (e.g. pet name linking to specific servers):
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  6. Windance Augur

    Forgot about test dummies.

    There are times when I'm testing which weapon/gear might make a better upgrade. I'll do a test copy and then for each combination I'll add something to the tail end of the file so I know what condition it is.

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  7. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    As a sometimes Officer and Leader of a guild I found archiving logs frequently to be absolutely essential, and Gina did an admirable job of automating that.

    Now I am no longer in such a position of authority I simply dispose of logs regularly.
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  8. Elyssanda Bardbrain

    My logs are always on.
    hence my archiving at least once a month.
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  9. Sissruukk Rogue One

    I keep logs on, but go into the file and delete the content out once every month or two (when I remember). I keep it on because on the occasions that I have the opportunity to raid, I run GINA, and every now and then parse myself on missions and such (or run a parse when someone wants to see their numbers). I just haven't seen a need to actually back up the log file though, hence deleting out the content.
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  10. Winnowyl Suffering is optional.

    My logs are always on. I have GINA set to cut and archive the log on another drive at midnight on Wednesday. When I would have it done at 100MB, it kept clipping raid fights in half. >.<
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  11. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    Fantastic! Thank you everyone for your input, including capturing jokes.

    Like any good developer. I'm going to take a wealth of input and use cases, gathered over a very brief period, and boil that down to the least amount of work possible!

    I kid 'cus I love. :D

    Look for another annoying thread soon!
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  12. Randel Flag Elder

    i keep my logs on all day for gina and have Gina back them up every night at midnight or it will back it up when i open gina.
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  13. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Gina backs up my log file daily, or as often as once a day if I log in that day. It renames the file to include the date in the filename and then moves it to my platter hard drive where there is plenty of room. If you were to make up your own way of things Id say that was the ideal solution. Even a daily backup file can be fairly large if there is a raid that night. Maybe also have a option to do it on call for those that do all raids in one night as that may be too big of a file.
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