Your favorite game breaking bugs?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Dabrixmgp, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Dabrixmgp Augur

    With the anniversary coming up what are the most ridiculous, game breaking bugs you can remember? Im not talking a patch that maybe made a class super OP I mean something in game that shouldnt have been and was proly immediately patched. Obviously good ole ND/GKing was fun but not really a bug on their part lol. I remember the time Mages could summon unlimited Pets. I cant remember exactly when this was but had to be pre-Kunark. I might try and use the waybackmachine to find the forum post on Mage Tower where the guy shared it. There were pics of him soloing the Efreeti camp in SolB with like a dozen of each pet flavor.
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  2. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    I remember when the baz went in, you could levi traders, push them to the arena, kill them and loot their wares. Best times!

    Honorable mention: raid viral dots spreading and mass killing everyone in the guild lobby. Can't remember the exp...VoA maybe?
  3. Joyeuxx Lorekeeper

    I think it was shortly after Kunark came out that people were posting they could forage chase-loot (like a fungi tunic). Ooops! As I played a little cleric at the time, I did not try it myself...

  4. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    When they changed how aa exp was calculated, from a flat amount equal to level 51, to a relative amount, they didn't change how quests gave exp.

    There were a bunch of quests that would give huge amounts of aa, if you turned on aa exp. For example, I know people that did 1000 aa on bone chips in a couple hours (and this was when you had to give items unstacked to npcs). Or helmets/toes tasks in velious.

    Some people did get rolled back, but only roll back was a few days at the very end when it came out. Some people maxed aa and never were suspended or warned or rolled back.

    Pretty game breaking, but amusing.
  5. Tyreel Augur

    There used to be in Classic or Kunark era a bug if you tried to create a character with the same name as an existing character and that character was in a short window of being Link Dead it would let you create another character with the same name and a rez on them would give you the exp(instant lvl 18~) and let you loot their corpse.

    Also there was a brief window where you could could pop lesson then use expedient recovery getting double exp for every corpse...

  6. Blitter Elder

    What is the class that can pull from 300' range without line of sight?
  7. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    It's fairly recent but the bug where you get put into a bugged version of South Qeynos populated with all of Sebilis is probably my favorite one.

    It seems to have stopped happening now but it was a very regular occurance on Phinigel about a month ago that crashing while zoning or inside of an instance would cause you to load back in at the docks where 100+ Doug models just instakill you before you can even load in. The fact that this was affecting multiple guilds across weeks and corpses were persisting inside the zone makes me wonder if there's a phantom South Qeynos just sitting there all the time on every server full of these dudes waiting to strike.
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  8. Nniki Augur

    There was a time where bard's boastful bellow AA changed the target of their target songs to their current target. Bards could target mobs behind walls or on different floors in the zone, target themselves, begin casting a song like harmony of sound, swap target back to the mob, click bellow, and the song would land on that mob. Made for some amazing pulls.

    Unfortunately, procs were also doing the same thing at the time... a bard would try to mez a mob and switch to attack another mob, weapon would proc, and their mez would land on the mob they were fighting instead of the one they began casting it on.
  9. Bigstomp Augur

    I wasn't playing back then, but an old co-worker of mine mentioned playing eq way back when kunark launched. They were able to run around clicking some ring to dot a dragon in emerald jungle until it died. I think it was 2 of them he said.
  10. Drusi Augur

    Unlimited Mage Pets!

    This was around 2002-2003.

    It had to do with Eye of Zomm you canceled Eye of Zomm and then you could summon a new pet. Rinse and repeat.

    You could control only one pet while the rest functioned as dumb enchanter pets (ie attack whatever hit you).

    Still the sight of Mages running around with 20-30 pets was something to see.
  11. vanvittig New Member

    Back when POP was new, u could as en enchanter charm a mob in the pit make it attack a mob with a diffrent deity and then invis ur self, mob would keep killing each other and u could just pull and pull more mobs to the fight as they would assist and u would gain all the EXP

    easy exp and no reason to hit up PoFire
  12. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    Around the time Tower of Rot released, there was a bug with the cooldown timer on ranger's Bosquestalker's Discipline that allowed you to just keep it active all the time. It's usually ~3 minutes of great melee burn dps with a 20+ minute cooldown as I recall. I remember soloing the entire Tower of Rot HA in like 15 minutes.

    There was also a little known bug for several months with the Shroud of the Forgotten: from Tower of Rot. It's a cursed item, and if you equipped and then unequipped the shroud, it hit you with an effect called Torn Soul that capped your hp/mana/end all at 25% of their normal cap. If you did it while under 25% hp to begin with (I think that's how it worked...), your health would just lock at 25% even when you took additional damage, basically making you unkillable. Somehow spell damage got through and counted, but melee damage did not. Didn't have a shroud myself, but I saw a friend tank entire zones (literally) of TDS era mobs and lose no health at all past 25%.
  13. Deillusional Augur

    Was sisters raid in underfoot if I recall.
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  14. Kravn Augur

    About halfway through the LDoN expansion they started doing the discord merchants on PVP servers... well, all the items from said merchants were mistakenly added to the LDoN vendors on blue live servers.

    I still have an Eriak's Ring of Guile sitting in my bank from that =)
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  15. svann Augur

    I dont remember which expansion it was but one of them made the server lose track of the expansions you had. As a result it deleveled my cleric 5 levels and wouldnt allow me to xp anymore. Took a month of petitioning to get it fixed.
  16. Vdidar Augur

    I remember in HoT monks could dps and tank. That was a cool bug.
  17. Larsupial Journeyman

    I miss being able to illusion by locked doors. I was bummed when they took that out.
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  18. Red Ranger New Member

    When the MASS IMBUE spells were first launched, LoY maybe, they did not have the deity restrictions on them, I have a cleric that can cast ANY mass imbue spell as they were already in his book when they fixed the scrolls :)
  19. CrazyLarth Augur

    /gems -not a real bug more like why wont that peep answer my tell oh they playing gems.. huh?
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  20. Axxius Augur

    Not technically a bug but an oversight, but in PoP druids charming those giant frogs in PoStorms were super OP. The frogs produced huge DPS, they were rogues and backstabbed hardcore, and didn't summon, they were easy to control. 2-3 druids would team up and kill raid mobs in that zone, or just get tons of xp killing everything around. IIRC that was the reason pet aggro rule was introduced.

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