"you can't fish while you are holding something"

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by cadres, Nov 1, 2021.

  1. cadres Augur

    Not sure if this is a bug per se or something just affecting one toon...

    I have a lvl 98 DRU who does a lot of fishing and foraging.
    Past few weeks the following problem...
    Do fish/forage (manually, not hotkeys, programs etc)
    Drop items in inventory.
    Sooner or later (today after just 2 x fishing) get 'you can't fish while you are holding something'. message
    When this happens, that's the end of fishing. I'm not holding anything - ie I can pick up other items or a bag, there's nothing on the cursor, but I repeatedly get the above message
    If I forage, the item appears on cursor for only a second then 'disappears'
    The only way to fix this is to log right out. The various 'disappeared' foraged etc items then appear on the cursor, and i can inventory them and resume fishing etc
    This *always* happens if I make bait with the bait dispenser (it seems to trigger the bug).

    This started happening a few weeks ago and seemed to have got worse
    Not sure if this is relevant: At the same time fishing bait in inventory was used in preference to that in ammo slots unless in a bottom bag (this never used to be the case)
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  2. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Are you using a hotkey to forage, with /autoinventory lines? Or are you manually dropping things into your inventory?

    If you're using a forage hotkey, make sure you have multiple /autoinv lines to make sure you get everything off of your cursor.
  3. tanith Elder

    I had this as a bug after doing tradeskills, like the 'autoinventory' part was still on. Could be relevant?
  4. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Yeah, if you have the autocombine button on and close the tradeskill container before it refreshes (or whatever the code is doing), anything you try to grab will instantly be auto inventoried. You have to open the container again and turn off the auto combine.

    When luck was introduced, I had to go back and add a third /autoinv line to my forage hotkey for those times when I got the "lucky" forage. Since I usually foraged and fished at the same time, it would keep screwing up the fishing hotkey until I realized what was going on and fixed it.
  5. Aanuvane Augur

    I just hit this bug tonight. Have been in ToL Maiden's Eye fishing and foraging for maybe an hour and a half and suddenly I started getting the "you can't fish while holding something" message, but my cursor appeared to be clear (and I clicked multiple times to try to make sure it was clear). I camped and came back in to find a half dozen things on my cursor? But I could fish again. I had just made about 250 homemade bait before it seemed to start.
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