will these pc run eq for my box ?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by pinco, May 16, 2021.

  1. pinco Journeyman

    lenovo idepad slim 1 11.6hd ecc 64gb 1366x 768 4gb ram.intel celeron n4020 1.1-2.8 ghz
  2. Kylo Classic Augur

    What does it say on the box?
  3. Barder-mangler Augur

    Yes this will run EQ, my only concern would be if it potentially had an older OS that isn't compatible (windows vista as an example).
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  4. Xondor Journeyman

    It will run it as long as you tune down all settings. Turn off new models, put spell effects down to nothing, showgrass off. You might be able to keep the clip plane turned up with those settings, just have to mess with it and see how it goes. I have a fairly similar laptop I box on. Only other thing is make sure its on a hard surface so it can get air.
  5. Yteran New Member

    It will probably work, but not very well. The base clock speed of your processor sucks, especially if you're using windows 10, and the boosted speed will not be constant due to temperature control. Windows 7 would perform better.

    The ram leaves something to be desired as well, since Windows 10 uses around 2 gigs on its own. Again, 7 would perform better (freshly installed 7 pro uses about 600mb of ram.)

    If we could still use Windows XP, it would be way more than enough. That's 'progress' for you.

    Little off topic but...anyone ever wonder why Windows continues to bloat up its resource use without offering any more functionality?
  6. pinco Journeyman

    will it lag if i turn everything down exept the clip plane on raids ?
  7. brickz Augur

    I wouldn't raid on that unless all you're doing is boxing a /melody bard or cheal rot cleric and staring at the ground
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  8. Xanathol Augur

    Turning off new models will cause you depression, anixiety, impotence, hairloss, weight gain, hives, leprosy, and the worst part - you will see these horriblly deformed polygon messes instead of the beautiful "way they wanted them to be but they couldn't at the time" models of newness.
  9. Numiko Augur

    it will run it fine, heck your cell phone can probably run EQ fine... very very tiny.. but fine!
  10. Magician9001 Elder

    Didn't read the specs the answer is yes.
  11. Demetri Augur

    Basically anything can run EQ these days - if you've got ANY type of budget at all though, just buy the cheapest non-Chromebook new laptop you see for $200-300 range and you'll be able to box without a single worry for EQ while it won't run any other game really.
  12. Brunlin Augur

    If the pc can run Win 7 than it can run Eq, albeit on low settings if its a toaster running win 7 but it will run. Just remember you can play on lower resolutions if it is a toaster and just stretch out the screen to match the monitor. Those box pcs do not need to be pretty to get your pocket mage, healer, or bard up and running. Just remember to go into settings and increase your back ground fps from zero, it will help the toon not to lag when auto following.
  13. Laronk Augur

    I think it should run it "fine" but 4gb of memory is pushing it in windows 10 while running a game and it could be pretty slow as a result.
  14. Bardy McFly Augur

    4GB is fine for a box that does nothing but an instance of EQ. Win10 will leave 1-2GB available in a 4GB situation and last I checked EQ only uses 300-700MB depending on settings. I've run boxes on Surface Pro 2 with 4GB just fine and that's even with most settings turned on including new models in a 72 man raid.

    The primary thing to consider with EQ today is the sustained CPU speed. You want a CPU that can sit at or above 2.5Ghz for a decent experience raiding. 4GB is fine and EQ uses so little GPU that virtually any integrated GPU is fine.

    OP - That Celeron processor may or may not work depending on what you want to do. It will struggle in raids outside of minimum settings because the average CPU frequency is probably going to sit in the 1.6-1.8Ghz range. I've tried that processor in a small notebook PC in the past and there was too much lag to play anything but a box bard, and even then autofollow would lag a lot and was pretty annoying. Forget about a healer where response time is important.
  15. Iyacc Augur

    Watch Facebook marketplace and be patient. I picked up an i3/4gb laptop for $50 and it runs EQ just fine.
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  16. Laronk Augur

    yeah but the I series processor in your surface is a bunch better than that celeron and you have to share your available memory with your integrated graphics too. It will run EQ for sure.

    Also to the OP, another thing that can help is having a new clean install of windows (if windows 10 reset this pc in start menu) with only the stuff essential to you installed on that laptop so there's not other things running in the background.
  17. Accipiter Old Timer

    You don't necessarily have to do all of that. I have a really old laptop for one of my boxes. Aside from particle effects, I have everything else turned on and I don't have noticeable issues. Try first with everything on, then start turning things off.
  18. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    I know we say EQ will run on a potato these days, and that's mostly true. But for the purposes of this discussion, a Celeron is not a potato, it's barely a lump of dirt. It's a downclocked version of the chip with little or no cache memory on it. Furthermore, the Celerons they put in laptops are worse than those in desktops because they have to deal with tighter heat constraints.

    i3/i5/i7 is fine. FX8000 series is fine. A8/A10 series is fine. Even the older ones, just not the gimped versions of these chips.
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  19. Bardy McFly Augur

    Fully agree. The potato comment makes me laugh because it implies EQ will run on virtually anything which isn't actually true. EQ is very sensitive to CPU frequency more than anything else and Celeron or Atom CPUs sadly have very low max and sustained frequencies which don't jive well with EQ's ancient and heavily CPU-bound rendering engine.
  20. Hythos Elder

    If you're running JUST as a box and git gud with it by using hot-keys, short-cuts, macroes, you can have the character look straight down at the ground and save HUGE CPU budgeting as a result.

    Remember "free upgrade to Win10! Act nao!"
    That's because there's lots of stuff loaded to allow certain US guv agencies to access your computer & files any time they like... These actors have full access to do whatever they want, including initiating a hard-disk & MB lock to brick the computer.
    (Many articles exist on this subject, with the most recent related to malicious content being covered-up.... Er, removed, because of the "good-will of tha guv since, you know, they like to look out for citizenry").

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