Why People Will Still Play on Oakwynd

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by GRACUS, May 11, 2023.

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  1. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome


    I wanted a new TLP to play on that <might> survive that post Underfoot-ish malaise that seems to keep killing off TLP raid scenes.

    I will not participate in this WoW/EQ2 nonsense that nobody wanted.

    In fact, I might unsubscribe entirely until they fix Umbral Plains mobs in Luclin, In SOL and instances and actually develop EVERQUEST instead of EQ2 and WoW Fallout synth versions of EQ.
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  2. Hekkthebank Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds

    I don't know what everyone is talking about. oakwynd looks amazing.
  3. Keon Oreeves New Member

    I know I'll be there.

    The dev team had me in mind when they created this server!
  4. Koshk Augur

    Does it?

    To me, it looks like every other EQ server I've ever seen or played on. Same classes, creatures, spells and abilities, zones, quests, user interface.
  5. Hekkthebank Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds

    This just in: EverQuest server looks like EverQuest.
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  6. Doze Augur

    To me Oakwynd (FTE really) looks like the actual beginning of the end for EverQuest ...
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  7. Kraked Augur

    It eliminates core elements that many of us have played with for 25 years, and I sadly agree that it feels like the end of "Traditional EQ" in regards to FTE.
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  8. Weverley Augur

    To me it's gonna be a new way to play EQ compare to other tlp and live. For those who don't like it let's just say its probably gonna be a 1 time thing plenty of other servers to play your way. Compare to corpse runs and money having weight like when i started playing it's not a major inconvience.
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  9. Arclyte Augur

    I could make this argument for no corpse runs. When I stopped playing EQ when I was a kid back in 2005ish I had never been to places like the bottom of Kaesora or the top floors of Tower of Frozen Shadow because I was scared of the corpse run I'd have to do if I died there. Now with the de-leveling perk and no corpse runs, exploring places like that is trivial. The sense of danger is completely gone.

    Training could definitely be abused, but it had its own kind of charm and made for some funny stories. If FTE works and removes the danger of trains IMO it will be both a positive and negative. You guys claiming it's the "end of traditional EQ" missed that boat years ago.
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  10. Obliteration Elder

    Been hearing that since 2004, almost 20 years now.

    We are def closer now than we were then to the end of EverQuest tho, so I guess in a way you are right.
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  11. Koshk Augur

    Breaking news: Forum visitor claims un-launched server is "amazing", then agrees it's nothing we haven't already seen the past 24 years.
  12. Doze Augur

    So have I and I've always shook my head at such "prophecies", but this is very different from other changes in the past, since some of the aspects of the game (that have made EQ stand apart from other MMORPGs so far) will literally cease to exist with a FTE system in place that works as they have stated that they intend it to work.
  13. pipo New Member

    I don´t like all this FTE thing. If I wanted something innovative I would play wow, elden ring, diablo 4,...
    I think it will give us more headackes and will solve nothing.

    I´m not an oakwynd player anyway. Nowadays I don´t have time or mental strength to be looking for group, I'm european and the servers are empty in my timezone. As always I ask for a Free Box server, I know what some of you will say "Oh here is the kronolord!". Let's be clear, you will have kronolords/kronofarmers in all the TLP, The only way to avoid it is to get rid of kronos in the game and that's not going to happen.
    At the same time there will be people who want to box and will do it with one or six computers, depending if the server is truebox or not. If there is a freebox server many of this people will go this server and reduce the amount of boxers in the truebox server. I'm not asking for all the servers to be freebox, I just want one of the servers to be freebox (Rizlona is getting really old).
  14. Kraked Augur

    You could try and make that argument but it is apples to oranges.

    You are comparing CR's to having combat mechanics changed.
    CR's was a quality of life change, FTE is changing pulling, combat, aggro, and much more.
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  15. Wtfagain Elder

    Lmao these forums are hilarious. Get proven wrong? Argue what a word means while still clearly wrong.
  16. Wtfagain Elder

    Poor eq players and rmters think everyone is poor or RMTs. They shoulda played on mischief so they could understand not everyone is poor.
  17. Voraxia Journeyman

    Maybe, I quit EQ a long time ago due to bots and nonsense like that. I am joining again because of this specific rule set. If they didn't make this rule set I would of just played diablo 4.
  18. Erronn New Member

    I'll be playing on Oakwynd for the same reason I can't look away from a train crash...
  19. Doze Augur

    I don't get it. What makes you think that the Oakwynd ruleset will help on any of those things that made you stop playing EQ a long time ago?
  20. Trevalon Augur

    I agree with Doze on this. You quit a long time ago which means you probably don't know modern EQ very well. As a guild/raid leader on almost all TLPs up to date, I see super older players who come back have the hardest time of any player, because they expect it to be at least somewhat like what they remember. While the graphics will look the same and the music is the same, that is going to be about it. The attitudes of modern players have changed over the last 15 years of TLP servers so things like "Everyone needs on every item" is going to seem super foreign to you at first, but thats the way it is.

    Also the ruleset of Oak is not going to decrease the bots/boxers, its going to exacerbate it because now they can park 1 character at every spawn point and be able to indefinitely steal any named that spawns because you will have 0 recourse to stop them, which is where DPS races are important.

    I dunno, I hope you enjoy it man, but just go into it knowing that this is a completely different game than you remember...and for most who come back, its not for the best usually.
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