Why no /pick option for Sebilis?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Lilura, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. Lilura Augur

    The multiple instances last year did wonders to lighten the load. But this year, /pick only gives you one zone. You can guess what is happening with that many people in one zone. It's 2000 all over again.

    Was this overlooked, or deliberate omission?
  2. Thunderkiks Augur

    Pick works on Povar.
  3. Lilura Augur

    Oh it works on Luclin. It just has one zone and no option to make a new one
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  4. Monkman Augur

    Xegony spawned picks with 36 in static
  5. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    Gotta kill more mobs in the zone to make additional instances available. Not more people.
  6. Benito Augur

    I think we had hundreds of players in Sebilis last year when most-all items were best-in-slot. While most gear stats are still very nice, most people are now only there for novel items (Trakanon augs, 40 slot bag, Bard's Aspect of Zomm click, Fayguard/Skyfire AE weaps, deaggro clicks).
  7. Smokezz Augur

    It's most definitely about the number of people in zone, not the number of mobs killed. 30 people if I remember correctly.
  8. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    Can prove that false in ST like every day. Have 1 group in there, bring another group in, try to pick, it doesn't work.

    Have group 2 start killing everything on their half, pick is now available. When I asked about how it functions months ago, I got the kill count feedback. I tested it, and it worked.

    I had asked originally because there were like 100 people in OT and pick wasn't available, when I had pick available there before at a much smaller body count.
  9. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    Maybe not a "count" so much as a % of available mobs. Not sure. But adding bodies def won't make it become available, where killing more of the total available mobs will. Could potentially be a combination, but people alone is 100% not correct.
  10. Smokezz Augur

    Yeah it does. Zone in your guild to do something like The Foretold Hour. Takes about 5 minutes for a new instance to spin up. Sathir's is 18.
  11. Febb Augur

    It's based on how many players are in the zone and it doesn't immediately spawn a new pick either once it reaches the threshold. It's anywhere from 30 to 45 people constantly needed for 1 pick to open. If the number drops below the threshold in the base zone, or in any of the picks, it starts closing them.
  12. Lianeb Augur

    OT picks were disabled during Cactusgate
  13. Viper1 Augur

    Can confirm.

    However, it shouldn't be this convoluted. HH seb should start with 4 picks minimum and go from there.
  14. Hellfyres Lorekeeper

    It takes 30 to spawn a new pick of Seb
  15. Moege Augur

    Last night on FV 39 in Old Seb

    You are currently in Old Sebilis

    Usual message for a zone with pick enabled is:
    This is currently the only pick available <--- or language to that effect

    Agree with OP pick is not working
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  16. Cicelee Augur

    Was able to go to four different pick zones last night on Bristlebane server.

    BTW goodness did not realize there would be such a demand for a 40 slot bag! Each pick was camped with a group waiting on one spawn. How boring is that if you actually sat at your computer waiting!
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  17. Febb Augur

    Pick is probably being disabled for certain zones on certain servers for stability reasons.
  18. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    Hmm. Players + Time above threshold is another way that my test could have reached the same results.

    I never found a detailed post on how it works, any dev reading care to confirm the functionality?
  19. Lilura Augur

    Daybroke strikes again!
  20. Hellfyres Lorekeeper

    I can tell you Cicelee, it is mind numbing. Kill 1-2 mobs, wait 15 mins. The only saving grace is.....catch up on your netflix, e-mails, movies etc to keep your sanity.

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