Why do people get to 50 like their lives depend on it?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by urbanbo70, May 26, 2023.

  1. urbanbo70 Elder

    It is pretty sad that in today’s EQ people have to fly to 50 like their hair is on fire. So you hit level 50, now what? Obviously they do not play the game to socialize or have fun. I guess I am just an old timer that is stuck in the golden age of EQ (I started in June of '99). Back in my day you played 1 account and looked forward to grouping because most people were decent and respected others. We respected camps and did not have box armies flying all over the place. This is like a Cliffs Notes version of EQ. God bless Project 99 and no you cannot have my tattered robe and rusty dagger.
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  2. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    Find your answer in the forum topic name. You remember EQ's golden age differently than I do. Many players raced to max level. Some were slower, but people still focused on it.

    You're seeing it on TLP because it attracts precisely these kinds of players. For them, "the race" is EverQuest.
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  3. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    "You guys aren't playing the game the right way!"
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  4. IlllIllIllIlll Journeyman

    So they can get to 50 like their life depends upon it with their second legacy character.
  5. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    How many times have you levelled to 50 on a TLP?

    Want to guess how many times many of the Recyclers have done that?

    Think about those two questions long enough & you will maybe figure out the answer yourself.

    Now they get to monopolize the money camps before the rest of the server catches up, gotta make them dividends bruh.

    Are you the Fun Judge?
    Are you the Fun Jury?
    Are you the Fun executioner?

    Lookie here, Judge "Fun" Dredd in the house ya'll, dictatin' the rules of fun and if you don't play by his rules then the sentence is death!

    Fun is whatever people decide they like to do, and what you think is Fun is gonna be different to everyone else, maybe you have fun picking the fluff out of the belly buttons of tranquilised Mountain Gorillas, maybe you have fun hammering nails through your unmentionables into a park bench just to scare the crap out of the passing octogenerians, everyone likes different things, let's not be all judgy & preachy about how others have fun, we have enough idiots in the world doing that already, no need to add your name to the list.

    Or maybe, you just got old & it's way past your cocoa & nap time, P99 is back at the retirement ranch gramps, let's get you back to your slippers.
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  6. MyShadower All-natural Intelligence

    These kids today. If you aren't playing on dial-up, you are playing wrong.
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  7. Trunch New Member

    The majority of people who play on TLPs do it to raid. Just because people don't play the game your way, doesn't mean their wrong and your right.
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  8. Protocol Dragon Defender

    They think it's fun to play the game that way and that's the only reason anyone needs.
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  9. Voraxia Journeyman

    Same reason a alcoholic has as many bottles of liquor as they can get.
  10. Lejaun Augur

    It can be fun to rush to 50, and it has numerous advantages. You will make the most money, which is easily turned into cheap Krono. You get first access to popular items, which can also turn into favorable trades or more krono. You can enjoy the benefit of being ready to raid. You can more easily gear up item dependent classes like the rogue. You can get server firsts. You can take the weekend off to enjoy the 3-day weekend and still be max level when you come back. You can be one of the first to test out the max character feature.

    And so on. Who cares how people play? Just be glad they are playing and helping keep this game afloat for those of us not rushing.
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  11. kenmei Augur

    krono is a way of life for many of the denizens of EQ, it's their actual job. so yeah they will race to 50 for very different reasons.

    dont advertise p99, most people on p99 play there because if they arent allowed to play anywhere else. they are some sick puppies, would not allow any child and advise every parent to not allow their children near p99.
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  12. Lineater Augur

    "People" (as in some people) wanted to get to 50 as fast as possible in 1999, too. Every MMO has a hardcore 1% crowd that races through new content for various (usually competitive) reasons.

    All that hate is gonna burn you up, gramps. Just let it go. There will always be players out there who are better/ faster/more competitive than you, have more time to play, and have more pixels than you.
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  13. Heloisa New Member

    I was one of "those players" who raced to 50 (first to ding 50 in both my guilds on Mangler and Aradune).

    Why do people do it? Honestly,, because it is f^^king fun and it's a "once a year" event.

    Get a solid premade with 5 other cool peeps and put it on blast for 36+ hours. It really is a fun challenge that IMHO everyone should experience at least once.
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  14. Strawberry Augur

    The main criteria to define an addiction is the use of larger amounts of a substance than normal, or doing something for a longer time than normal.

    The answer is because they're addicted.
  15. Febb Augur

    How dare people do things that are different then the way I do things! How are we supposed to live with ourselves if we have to put up with people that do things differently?
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  16. sadre Augur

    There are a few Scalosians who have played, and are likely playing on Oakwynd too. Just ignore them. They're just like annoying gnats. Harmless.
  17. Koshk Augur

    I agree with what many said above. That there's no "right" way to play. And that we should neither judge, nor care. Though it's unfortunate so many replies were unnecessarily rude and mean-spirited.

    However, I do think there's a discussion point in here:
    • How TLPs are marketed and touted.
    • How TLPs can actually be.
    A lot of the forum chatter these past months has been how it sucks to level on Live servers. Due to a combination of Live being top-heavy with level 120 players, few if no boxing restrictions, every zone opened leads to population dilution, etc. That is all quite true.

    But some people have been implying TLP as the polar opposite: that it's a "fresh" server, and it's easy to get groups, and Truebox means players are more social, and waiting for May every year is totally worth it. That TLP servers are superior for the casual player...

    The reality isn't quite so rosy. I wish I could chat with new-to-TLP players before launch, and lower their expectations a bit. Warn them that they're going to meet a lot of players/guilds that are racing and competing. Mention the XP rates are quite a bit slower than Live. Talk about how for some TLP players, grouping and leveling is only a means to an end: getting ready to raid. On my last TLP, I'd estimate 85-90% of my guildmates played hard during the first 1-2 weeks after each new expansion opened. Everyone grouped, sped to max level + AA, and did their keying/flagging. Then for the next 6-12 weeks? They only logged on to raid.

    There's nothing wrong with this. However, if you're weren't one of those racers? And if you didn't have a preexisting group of friends? Then catching up was an exercise left to you. Figure it out. Either by coordinating with the other 10% of your guildmates. Or go out and try to find those PUGs. Which by the way, is not as easy as 1999-2004. You cannot just hop into <name a zone>, wait 5 minutes for "Orc highway needs more!", and get an invite. You have to be much more social, proactive, and put in some effort to make new friends.
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  18. Prayer New Member

    Because I have to raid lead on tuesday
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  19. Bullsnooze Augur

    I can't totally agree with this for a fresh start server.

    TLPs are announced and players start forming guilds within a week of its announcement. More importantly guilds provide their formula right in their recruitment threads as to what to expect! This gives players more than enough information and time to pick a guild that fits their play schedule and style. At that point, you need only join and engage on the proposed discord server (or forum) to begin making new friends, grab a spot, and/or creating your own premade. Most established and organized guilds will have a premade 'sign up' sheet.

    Personally, I think the expectation should be to get in while spots are available and don't be a flake out!
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  20. Numiko Augur

    For some people EQ is not a game, its a job.

    They are only here to make money.

    This is not exclusive to EQ, pretty well every game that is on line will have people who farm the game for currency and items to sell for RL cash.