Why arent OOW and DoN opening together?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Dabrixmgp, Jun 6, 2017.

  1. Dabrixmgp Augur

    Why are these 2 separate unlocks? Looking back through ZAM at the raid loot most of it looks worse than Anguish loot. I mean I get it killing Dragons is cool and all but theres really only Vish and Yar'Lir when it comes to stuff to farm for loot. Two of the raids drop level 65 loot:


    Sweet we all been 70 for an entire expansion so lets go back to farming level 65 loot which is worse than anything in Tacvi. Why dont they open both OOW and DoN together because DoN isnt really an expansion either. Its just another LDoN with Dragons. Hell they are practically the same except for one letter.
  2. MaxTheLion Augur

    While we're at it, lets release all expansions together and call it good. There is no point in playing on a PROGRESSION server, amIright!?
  3. Dabrixmgp Augur

    I'll buy that if you tell me what purpose DoN serves? Other than the AAs whats the point when previous expansion loot is better. Since you brought up PROGRESSION then shouldnt the gear from DoN be better than the gear from OOW? A lot of the gear is worse than Tacvi loot. This isnt progression its REGRESSION.
  4. Machentoo Augur

    Vish loot is an upgrade. Yar`lir loot is about on par with Anguish, and guilds won't have enough Anguish loot in 3 months to not need it. You are right, though, overall--it's by far the least worthy expansion ever to receive a separate time lock (well, until they give 3 months to LoY on Agnar...)
  5. MaxTheLion Augur

    Here's the real kicker. What purpose does playing EQ serve? Guess I've been imagining it's about the enjoyment I get out of playing the game. The progression these servers present isn't necessarily the progression of always going up. It's the progress of going forward through expansions as they were released. Some people sleep on trains until they reach their destination while others watch the scenery during their travel.
  6. taliefer Augur

    LDON begs to differ.

    DoN at least gives end zone upgrades, and the innate AA via raid progression
  7. -wycca Augur

    DoN's loots are mostly a side grade from Anguish - there's a loot spread in both that zone and amongst DoN dragons.

    For the most part, DoN's loot provides alternative focus slots & alternative/extra mod2 options. I think PoR and TBS were much better done in regards to itemization & raids vs. DoN as a mid-term expansion, but there's still alot to enjoy in DoN.
  8. Machentoo Augur

    I won't argue with you. LDoN and DON are both painful as separate expansions. At least DoN will be a merciful 2 months short. I think LDON would be a bit more palatable if it were ending in two weeks.
  9. c313 Elder

    What does DoN give?
    High level and mediumish level DoN group missions.
    New vendor currency rewarded from DoN missions and raids to spend on gear and most notably, augs.
    Raids catering towards ALL guilds. They have raids in DoN which can be done with only a few groups of amateurish raiders. And of course Vish, from what I can remember being in a top end Guild Vish was the only real challenging fight. Now this isn't all that amazing sounding these days on the TLP, but when DoN first came out, the dificulty spread was absolutely amazing. Every Guild type had their share of DoN raids.
    Last worth mentioning imo, innate permanent enhancements you gain from completing Don raid progression.

    So for a raiders point of view, DoN isn't all that great. its mostly group content. It for the most part is a minor version of LDoN, amazing group content, mediocre raids.
  10. Brumans Augur

    DoN will only be 8 weeks long.

    It will also just give us more time to get more Epic 2.0s done in Anguish, as 12 weeks for casual guilds will not get everyone's done.

    OoW also has about 350 non-tradeskill AAs that people will still likely be working on.

    Seems good to me.
  11. Finchy Augur

  12. Dabrixmgp Augur

    there are other points of view?
  13. Ryak Augur

    Please DON'T do this... just don't. If they had followed their own rules, LDoN would have been 2 months and we'd be looking at GoD releasing really soon. That wouldn't have been an unreasonably long time in LDoN at all.

    DoN isn't going to suffer from this same mistake, since it should be reduced to 2 months based on their guidelines.

    Follow this simple process for determining if an expansion should be bundled with another. Is it Legacy of Ykesha? Then, Yes; Otherwise, No.

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