Where Dot revamp has increased difficulty?

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  1. snailish Augur

    I'm slow and behind the times, so I get to things much later. Recently I was surprised (having finally hit a level on Agnarr where I could use Old Sebilis) that the shaman dot revamp impacted the NPCs in there.

    Super-dot Envenomed Bolt is a significant boost in little froggy DPS (and there is probably others but that one stands out to me). Kind of cool if the goal (indirectly) was to also increase zone difficulty. Playing a necro I'm decent on poison resist and can lifetap back when they do land it. I imagine some classes this pinches them a bit harder.

    Someone mentioned there is some crazy-dotting spider? in one of the early-tier planes now?

    Where else have the currently-done dot revamps boosted something's power?

    PS: I imagine a necro dot revamp will make Sarnak areas much more difficult?
  2. a_librarian Augur

    Venom of the Snake is just brutal and very common in level 60 content. Getting hit with that makes me very glad for the Celestial/Divine healing distillates. Disease based dots are also very dangerous if you ignore them.

    The most annoying to me is Necromancer/druid fire based dots. They are damn near impossible to resist and strip off your regen spells when they do land. If that line was revamped it would be scary
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  3. Ryak Augur

    Not necromancer, that would require necromancer DoTs to have been revamped, which they weren't........
  4. Machentoo Augur

    Oh no, your healing spells that now heal for a lot more after years of revisions and focus effects that didn't exist in these eras now have to occasionally keep up with dots that do more damage also.

    Sounds tragic, truly.
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