Weapon Ornament Request, Round Two

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Dhurgan, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. Sokki Augur

    Ornaments like this already exist, the "Vanquisher of xx" Achievements have been awarding ornament sets for the past several expansions that change forms as you cycle through. The newest set actually pulls up a reward window to pick the one you want instead of having to cycle through the entire list to get to the one you want, a small but appreciated change!

    I actually enjoy these ones as they're basically several ornaments in 1, they take up a lot less bag/bank space and I can easily change it up depending on my mood or armor.
  2. Aldren Augur

    Far too lazy to scroll back and see if this was suggested already, but if not, Staff of Frozen Flame is probably one of the coolest looking weapon graphics in the game.

  3. Dhurgan Elder

    It is in the list, I added a vote for you.

    Updated List
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  4. Yinla Augur

    Book of Obulus
    Book of Rings
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  5. Dhurgan Elder

    I believe these types are on the exclusion list, but I've added the requests to the list for completeness and Ngreth has the final say on what is and isn't available.
  6. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    as long as it's the intent is that they are hand held, It's okay. We just can't make them shields.
    (it's Book of the Rings. Left out the word "the"!)
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  7. NightKing Journeyman

    Ngreth, along with weapon ornaments, can we please get illusions? Guise of the Ancient Gods please please!
  8. Sokki Augur

    As much as I regret not getting that, I wouldn't hold my breathe on it ever becoming available again.
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  9. Yinla Augur

    Thanks Ngreth, Ornaments have been very lacking for casters, especially ToV ornamens, I don't think any of the 4 rewards from completing ToV raids give the caster look, 1 hander is a sword (casters don't use 1 hand slash, there is no 2 hander and the shield is wrong for a caster being as it is as big as they are! Casters are not as strong as tanks and would struggle to event lift it! The rewards for beta didn't include a 2 handed staff nor a 1 handed staff (I've never seen a caster with a mace!), the shield on the other hand looks great. I've also noticed the sets of ornaments on the Overseer also seem to be lacking caster look ornaments.

    I think the book would go nice with the shield from ToV beta :)
  10. Funky Augur

    wasn't that a fanfaire event thing? could possibly be an ownership issue with reusing it. either way i wouldn't see that ever coming back around either, tho i would love to have it.
  11. Sokki Augur

    Yeah, it was part of one of the Fan Fair packages. You could still order a package and get it but not actually attend the fan fair, I know a few people did that just to get the illusion. I wanted to do that at the time but I was a full time student back then and $40 or $50 for an illusion wasn't justifiable at the time. I would easily pay that or more now for it lol.
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  12. Zinth Augur

    can we get the purple swords the dark elves use in Neriak 4th Gate?
  13. Funky Augur

    reading Alla, it was back in 2014.. i was just getting out the air force and just didn't have the time/money to go to the west coast (plus i dont have a desire to go out there anyways lol). wish i knew about, i would have totally got the illusion
  14. Dhurgan Elder

    Awesome, there's a tab with "non-weapon" stuff that also includes items that were originally range slots.

    Looks like next week is the deadline, only a few days left!
  15. Caio_Xegony Lorekeeper

    one more time I want to put my vote in for this one!!
  16. tuffer Journeyman

    Votes for :
    Smoldering jagged longsword
    Stra'hazir the great destroyer
    Knight's heart of the first war axe
    Xenu Xakra, Staff of unlife
    Heart of the first hand axe
  17. Ravenclaws New Member

    If we are voting put me down for

    Book of Obulus
    Book of the Rings
  18. Yinnie the Pink Elder

    Still don't see this one on the list, but I vote for this one, far too many swords on that list!
  19. Sokki Augur

    I didn't see this on the list either.

    1HB: Xin Xakreum, Baton of the War Spirit : ID# 139490

    It's about the same as Xenu Xakra, Staff of Unlife but with a much shorter handle. I'm torn between which of the 2 is my favorite so I'm voting for both!

  20. Jinton New Member

    I vote for these as well, some of the best graphics in the game!

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