Warrior tanking advice

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  1. Mrjon3s Augur

    Could someone give me some advice on how to improve my aggro as a 80 warrior? What AAs should I focus on and what leers should I use.
  2. Orcen Elder

    Here is a tip, quit using the taunt key. Only use the taunt key to regain lost aggro. If you have the aggro, do not taunt, you will just fight your self on hoolding aggro then.
    Put an anger aug in that weapon insyeqad of a dps aug.
    Use aggro skills and aa's frequently. As a warrior you get about 8 buttons you can use over and over. Gut punch helps too.
  3. WarSheol Augur

    AAs to gain agro off the top of my head Bazu Roar lvl 86 think was around that level range
    id have to look up but think Sneer lvl 80 was one baught in pok.
    You have an AA called Blast of Anger at lvl 76 a must have.
    Jeer lvl 80

    as for agro procs the anger ones are ok but they are not to far off as far as hate from the stun/DD procs, even if it fails to land the mob still dont like it, tiny bit less haye than anger but more damage and next to rune proc is vert high on the hate list.

    And llike the previous postter said if ya have them up use em they should all refresh by the next pull :cool:

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  4. Dre. Augur

    Level to 81 and get Bazu Bluster.
    Start every fight with Bazu/Sneer/GutPunch

    Sword of the Specter in primary (Or better)
    Blade of Tortured Souls in secondary (Or better)
    1h augs: Mkrarrg's, Deep Crust Fire or Icepaw Defending

    Infused By Rage
    Weapon Affinity
    Double Riposte
    Burst of Power
    Blast of Anger

    Hatemod face item - Whitepaw/Turning Dreams (Or better)
    Don't group with idiotic DPS who can't control agro
    Pet class in group can help hold agro over ranged DPS'ers
  5. Orcen Elder

    There are some classes, i.e necro, wizzy, sk, that can pull aggro pretty easily mo matter what you do. It that case its not what you do, but what your group is doing wrong.
    When you said hold aggro against group, I am wondering what class you are having trouble holding aggro against. Now if the problem is a merc tank tanking your aggro, let them have it. Merc tanks will not stop taunting and throwing hate untill they have aggro. Its a waste of time trying to take from a merc, unless you fully raids geared and have 4K or so in aa's.
  6. WarSheol Augur

    Correct agro control is Every ones job not just the tanks :cool:

    As for weapons I strongly recomend you start working up your bash with a shield for many reasons.
    Mainly mitigation, warriors with shields are the best mitigators in game, period.
    After working on a few AA lines Shield Specialist and and improved sheild specialist.
    This will also help you hit harder, and in the future you will relly on Bash I havent used Kick in wll over a year heh.
    Here is a link with a few shields in your level range that Also may help you keep agro

    I hope you find some of this info helpful, it is very very rare to see a warrior dual weilding trust me when I say clerics will love you so much more hehe :cool:
  7. CrazyLarth Augur

    in the class area their is a good info about SK argo post that might have some warrior info for you.