Warden Hanvar Trick?

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  1. Dahaman Augur

    What's the trick to Warden Hanvar?

    We killed all the adds last night (one guildee noted it was 25 killed, they stopped spawning, and we did not kill every single one before they despawned). We focused on Warden Hanvar for 10+ minutes without any adds spawning and only ever took him below 99% for a brief 2 second window.

    Another attempt, we made sure we killed all guards at the start and still we never could get the Warden below 99%.

    From some postings on the board back in 2016, this was noted as a bug. But, I'm not entirely convinced it isn't some scripting trick that I just don't know about.

    Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Sokki Still Won't Buff You!!

    I just did him not too long ago. I think his HP locks are timed. Basically I just killed all adds as they spawned and had to wait for the HP lock timer to be able to kill him.
  3. Dahaman Augur

    We killed all the adds until they stopped spawning. We beat on the thing for 10+ minutes after that. It is safe to say we weren't stuck on a timing lock due to killing adds too fast. We quite the event well after the 30 minute mark.

    Info on these forums (Alla and Rasper's) that I read says that you kill 4 (or 5) guards per wave, which will allow it the Warden to be taken down by 25%. This was not the case last night. So, there is another mechanism or we were bugged (again) on it.

    But, is it a bug or some unknown scripting? If it is a bug, I'll report it in the bug forum. If it is a script thing, I'm hoping someone can enlighten me on what we were doing wrong.
  4. Axxius Augur

    I think I remember now. He chases you. There are traps. Lead him into a trap. It snaps on him, he falls down and unlocks his hp.
  5. Redrum_Redrum Augur

  6. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    Are you attempting to kill him IN his room or was he pulled outside? If you don't get all 5 of the first wave, like if one escapes down the hall then while the rest will spawn but the Warden HP won't go down.
  7. Redrum_Redrum Augur

    Thats hatchet not warden
  8. Dahaman Augur

    For one attempt, we fought him inside the room. We for certain killed all 5 commanders in the first wave. We could not drop his hitpoints down past 99%.

    For one attempt, we fought him outside the room. We killed 4 of 5 guards and the 5th one disappeared at 15% (we had trouble finding it as it was off in one of the back antechambers on a ledge). We killed all adds until they stopped spawning. We could not drop his hitpoints down past 99%.
  9. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    The event works as follows:

    Each add unlocks his hp by 5% if it is killed by players. If it reaches Hanvar and explodes it doesn't count. You need to kill 20 adds to fully unlock his HP. They respawn in the order they were killed. Once upon a time it was theorized that the length of time you have to kill each add was based on their name, but I'm not sure this is correct. He can be pulled out of the room, but leashes if you pull him past the door of the long hallway. Most guilds these days tank him in the corner there which gives tanks plenty of time to aggro the adds before they attack healers).

    If you are killing the adds and still aren't able to unlock his HP, that's definitely a bug.

    Also, for what it's worth, originally he didn't hard HP lock so you could do more than 5% per add kill, but he would regen up to his soft lock point every tick. This was changed a couple years back to a hard lock because people didn't understand what was happening and players on live could kill it with a single hit and bypass killing the adds. (I include the history lesson only in case people remember it the old way and/or you read some outdated guide/info).
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  10. Sobmre Augur

    you killed to fast and broke event, do it slower
  11. Dahaman Augur

    Thanks for the info!

    Can you confirm that you need to kill 5 adds to unlock each 25% hitpoint block? Or is it directly 1 add is 5% more you can damage the boss?

    I'll post on the Bugs Forum.
  12. Ythera Elder

    One add per 5%; I remember missing one during this raid and he only would go down to 80% after the first wave.
  13. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    I kind of snicker because this is very old content.
    It is more exciting to keep my mouth shut as I would spoil the excitement you experience on doing those kills in that raid ;)

    So I shall keep my mouth shut ;) The answer is as said above. His hp is locked until adds are killed.

    This was a HUGE raid back in the day. Just entering the castle was insane because you needed Radiant Cure!

    Out of respect, we can't tell you :D (There is more to come past this NPC)

    It's like unrest, do you tell folks or do you let them experience the house on there own?
    The best times of the game are these experiences of excitement;)

    Don't give to much info!

    Your sig is http not https and shows Not Secure on the url
  14. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    Shows secure for me, as did all the others you have posted as being not secure. So apparently I am using a different browser and security stuff ? I mean its nice you want all this to be safe but its already getting old - seeing this asked on every sig. :( Its like your the forum police for posters.
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  15. Thunderkiks Augur

    Broke this one a few times myself. Need to DPS him slow. Every 25% he locks and adds spawn. I just take him down with ibe character now and even with one character still very careful especially when he gets close to 75, 50, and 25.
  16. Dahaman Augur

    His adds spawn based on time, not his % health.

    We never got the Warden below 99% even after killing 25 commanders (which is when they stopped spawning) and dog-piling him.
  17. Nadisia Augur

    It looks secure to me :
    for the image, and
    for the external link.

    the text in the top right corner of the picture is misleading, it's just a part of the picture, not a real link.
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  18. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Done it twice recently on Mangler (just unlocked Omens) and the fight is working in the same way it always has, as Beimeth above describes. Each add unlocks 5% of his life, so if you ARE seeing 25 dragorn adds in total then some of them aren't being killed in each wave (there should be 4 waves of 5 assuming all are killed before they sacrifice to Hanvar). If they have stopped spawning then Hanvar should be regularly killable. The punishment for failing to kill an add is that it explodes on Hanvar and does a debuff on the raid and obviously delays being able to kill him by 5% for another 5mins before the next wave spawns, but isn't an outright failure mechanic.

    Keep in mind Hanvar does have significant HP regen, but not to the point a regularly sized raid force wouldn't manage to lower his HP below 99% after adds have been killed. It sounds like maybe something in your instance bugged if all of this was followed as I've never experienced it across 3-4 TLP servers worth of farming Anguish.
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  19. Dahaman Augur

    For clarity, our parser counted 25 commanders actually killed before they stopped spawning. There were some that disappeared on top of that 25 total.

    Is it possible that some of the commanders sacrificing themselves were what made Hanvar retain his invulnerability? Or do the sacrifices boost his regen so high that it simulates invulnerability?

    EDIT: I'm checking to make sure that 25 was the kill count and not simply the spawn count. Hope our guy still has that info to look at.
  20. Celephane Augur

    Omens of War called and said they gave up all their secrets 15 years ago
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