Vital On Line Resources for newbies or returnies....

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Rolar, Apr 17, 2020.

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    So, how about starting a list of on line resources for us newbies/returnies.....what ya all recommend and a small description of the resource.
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    I just tried today, as I was reminiscing about Classic and my Trilogy strategy guide was at home... ^^! and I was quite surprised there was not at least one EQ app on Android. Not a single one. I was for sure there would be something, although perhaps not in the Classic era. It would be nice to have at the tips of your finger tips. If something you wanted to see while away from home or even while in the game instead of having to get out of it, making it windowed or multiple tabs, what ever, just being able to look on your phone instantly would be great.

    And with an app, you do not even need an internet connection if they chose to have it all downloadable. Seriously why has this not already been done? And for subscribers there would be no ads and ads for free players or those just interested in looking at the app. It could be made by those of EQ, those well known EQ sites or just a person with a bit of knowledge of how to do it and who loves EQ as well.
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    Surprised nobody mentioned Raidloot:

    Best site out there for AA research, and they have a facility for importing /outputfile inventory reports for character profiles. With really nice reports for gear stats, augs, clickies and foci. That feature alone makes this site top-notch. Helped me to cease tracking all that stuff manually :)

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