vet aas triggered when not online

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Leifen, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. Leifen Augur

    I have a question for folks.
    I have been unable to use my expedient recovery for months now. It keeps getting triggered and I am not even online. I just logged in and noticed there is 157 hours cool down on it and I wasn't online 7 hours ago. One of the only useful vet AAs I have and can never use the bloody thing. I sent in a bug report but what will that do? Is anyone else having this happen?
    There are so many bugs with EQ right now it is ridiculous.
  2. Tiqou Elder

    Try to synchronize your comp clock.
  3. McDougal Augur

    Happens to me too. Four of mine are currently. Both summon banker/merchant infusion of faithful and armor of exp. I never use these but I've had it happen on ones I do. My clock is fine . Can't figure out what triggers it.
  4. Feradach Augur

    It's just a visual bug. As long as the cool down is not legitimate, you can click the hotkey to activate the ability even if it shows a countdown.
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  5. scallywag Journeyman

    Happens to me as well , but its only an illusion on my end. The AAs seem to be down / used but they will still work. I just duck out of casting to preserve the timers and they ungrey.
  6. Brudal Augur

    Is it just the button that is greyed out? If you look in the AA window does it show the same lockout or does it show ready?

    I have had the button greyed out but actually cast the relevant ability.
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  7. McDougal Augur

    Yep they all say ready under the AA window LOL.
  8. Helrazor Augur

    This also happens in the AA window for ability's like Origin/Harmtouch,(it's greyed out)this could be confusing to new players as you usually look at what is white meaning your able to purchase.
  9. moogs Augur

    Make sure that your vet AAs are not on a hotbar that is bound to your number keys.
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  10. Klotar-TSM Lorekeeper

    Just noticed I had one of these the other day. My summon tribute guy button was depressed. I think I have only used this once ever, when I first got it. My PC time is correct, it's not a phantom depressed button thing (I clicked it and saw that I couldn't use it again for 14 hours).

    Admittedly I did not check the AA special tab to see if it showed as ready; but as stated above, I did click the actual button.

    Now I don't mind that I can't summon a tribute guy; but sometimes it is Expedient Recovery or Armour of Experience -- these I would miss if I ever wanted to use them. What else might it be besides PC time? I usually don't summon any other guys (banker/merchant) or use any other vet rewards other than Lesson.
  11. Caudyr Augur

    I've never had them actually be unusable even if it's depressed, though. I've always been able to activate them, anyway.
  12. Gladare Augur

    Rangers have an aa on the same timer as banestrike so who knows, maybe sk's have some similar issue. However, a lot of people forget to click off their familiar when summoning the bankers and merchants.
  13. Uuvin Augur

    check your hot key position vs your activation keys in options. Mine used to fire off seemingly random - but once I stopped the shift left arrow from activating my hot bar #11, it stopped happening. check all your key movements that are tied to secondary hot keys on various hot bars. make sure there are no duplicates. and maybe even move the vet aa off that hot bar spot.
  14. Tobynn Augur

    Happens to me all the damn time. Its an old bug that was first reported a couple years ago.
  15. Pirouette Augur

    Is it possible that it's become more widespread lately? I never had this problem until fairly recently (maybe the last few months). It's pretty annoying as it's caused me to needlessly wipe and redo missions that I could have finished had I realized that my Staunch Recovery was indeed available (I decided to solo murdunks task as a level 90 shaman since I couldn't get any help for my 75s...root rotting 5 mobs at a time is fun hoo boy).

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