Not A Bug Used a "Race Change Scroll" to change diety and now my quests are fubar

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Zolly, Jun 14, 2020.

  1. Zolly New Member

    Hey all. Something weird is happening with my mage.I haven't played in years ... so thought I'd relearn while doing some important, but easy, old stuff.

    I created my heroic characters on Antonius Bayle on a whim. Hated it, it was depressingly dead. Deleted them and recreated on Xegony. Went straight to work on DoN quests. Got bored with those, started on BiC. Both characters have done the exact same quests / missions / turn-ins, etc.

    After being chased by guards in Freeport, I realized that I had not changed the default deity of "Bertox" on the mage's character creation screen. I purchased a "Race Change Scroll" from the DB store and used it to change to AGNOSTIC [without changing race, still gnome].

    Now my BiC quest is broken. I am on the first step. ~.~ Fezbin says I have not done enough yet for him to help me get it sorted out. Taminoa will not accept Xictic's Bloody Robe from me. I cannot start over, I've tried by grabbing a new note from Qinimi and handing it in, but that's not accepted either. So I'm stuck.

    The second series of quests & factions that are f'ed are DoN. I've completed 35 out of the 37 missions [two of them are broken and cannot be finished] for the pre-requisite work. I am ready to begin Tier 1 ... I have received the "flag" for hailing Chieftain Relae Aderi, but he will not give me tasks.

    I've completed my Jonas Dagmire's Skeletal Hands. I'm working on LDoN missions as well (jfc is that a slog ...). I really, really do not want to start over. Is there anyway to fix this mess the deity change has done?

    I submitted a ticket when I had trouble with BiC, it was summarily closed with a canned response and zero help. I did a /bug report in-game, have no idea if those are even looked at or responded to either, because I have not received a response.

    Any suggestions? How can I get help with these issues?
  2. Qbert Augur

  3. Zolly New Member

    Oh ffs. Should have known ...

    I did not have any non-completed "quests" in my journal. If prior quests were properly deleted, why can't I start BiC over?

    The LDoN faction gained after using the scroll should be enough for me to continue with progression, but it's not [I am amiable].

    Using the scroll doesn't reset anything, it just puts everything in limbo. How ridiculous that their description of what changes is not only inconsistent between what's displayed in the Marketplace and your link, none of it matches what happens in-game.
  4. CatsPaws Augur

    Don't forget that many of the old quests were not in the journal.

    Also when you use the Heroic upgrade you are given level 4 of the Power of the Keepers progression for DON. Using the race change scroll may also have messed with that and stuck a wrench in it. When you go to do the MPG ones you may run into some of the same issues there since some that was also granted with a Heroic upgrade.

    Not sure what the LDON faction is stopping you from doing...maybe that was supposed to be DON?
  5. Zolly New Member

    The LDoN faction gained after using the scroll should be enough for me to continue with progression, but it's not [I am amiable].

    Yeah, meant DoN.

    bleh I despise the idea of deleting and starting over again.
  6. Zolly New Member

    Ok ... just logged in. Did a mission. Checked my faction w/ DoN Keepers of Norrath ... I am back to dubious today. Yesterday I was amiable!!!

    Searched for Tatsujiro in my log, pulled out some /cons which show my progress up to amiable:

  7. Yinla Augur

    Check your faction with the evil side. Bertox should have put you on the evil faction side of DoN. If you doing the good faction quests your evil faction will be going down.

    Evil deitys had a bonus amount of faction for the evils side, so it looks like you have lost the bonus faction for having an evil god.
  8. Zolly New Member

    You called it, Yinla. I'm warmly with Dark Reign [despite having never done a single mission for them].

    Just want to make sure, since it looks like I'll need to run through the progression missions for both sides now, that I can do them from the opposite camp without hurting factions, right? [ie My Norrath Keeper's faction-ed character should never turn in a Dark Reign Mission reward crystal?]

    The only other thing that's still screwy that I can't seem to fix or figure out is my BiC quest. I'm on step one so do not care a single bit if I have to start over, but cannot figure out how to do so. Any suggestions?

    [Did some more digging. I can't find a consumption message for using the actual deity change scroll, but I can see that on 31-May I used a Token of Reclamation to retrieve my Stone of Entry & Xictic's Bloody Robes I had deleted to try to "restart" BiC.]
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  9. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    I'd try saying "I need to rescout Qinimi" to Fezbin, following any dialogue prompts he'll give you after that, and then seeing if you can hand in Kreshin's Journal Page to Taminoa.
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  10. Zolly New Member

    "I need to rescout Qinimi" worked with Fezbin.

    Destroyed my existing Stone of Entry + Xictic's Burning Robes.Turned in my 2nd note. Talked to Councilman Sislono and am working on a the replacement Stone of Entry now. I have faith it's going to work out. =P

    Did a couple of non-progression Dark Reign missions [I have 1466 Radiant Crystals and 85 Ebon Crystals now] so my faction is still wonky. I'm "warmly" when I /con everyone, but still cannot request the progression missions, but I think if I just keep going it'll work itself out.

    Appreciate all of the help with this!!
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  11. Zolly New Member

    Stuck again. Just re-did the Xictic portion of BiC Step 1.

    Taminoa will not accept the Bloody Robe, so I do not receive the "Dull Gem Shard".

    [Quest text]

    The Finale

    Give Xictic's Bloody Robes to Taminoa Bialu.

    Taminoa Bialu says 'You have returned bruised, but not broken I see. I am disappointed to hear that he got away, but you are not at fault. We could not foresee how crafty these beings would be. The information you have given us will be invaluable. Fezbin will be pleased. Kreshin told me to give this to you. He believes it may be one of the fragments that will fit into the stone Fezbin gave you. Who knows, if you help me find the rest of our scouts we may yet find more fragments.'

    You have successfully completed a section of the Taelosian City.

    You receive A Dull Gem Shard, which you may combine with A Socketed White Crystal and Vaifan's Clockwork Gemcutter Tools in Vaifan's Experimental Sealer to craft A Dull Socketed Crystal.
  12. Prathun Developer

    The requirement for Taminoa to receive Xictic's Bloody Robe is that the character's QINEvt bit be equal to 6.

    QINEvt is incremented from 5 to 6 when you tell Councilman Sislono Nislan "promise"
    QINEvt is incremented from 4 to 5 when you give Taminoa Bialu the Writ of the Magi (item 67403)
    QINEvt is incremented from 3 to 4 when you give Kreshin Silentcog the Stone of Entry (item 67415)
    QINEvt is incremented from 2 to 3 when you give Councilman Sislono Nislan the Stonedust Particles, Glob of Mud, and a Piece of Chalk (items 67398-67400)
    QINEvt is incremented from 1 to 2 when you tell Councilman Sislono Nislan "hail"
    QINEvt is incremented from 0 to 1 when you tell Taminoa Bialu "qinimi"

    If Taminoa will not accept the robe, you are missing one or more of the steps above.

    I don't see anything in the scripts that would indicate that changing your deity would affect your ability to update the quest.
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  13. Zolly New Member

    Restarted from the beginning again, it worked.

    The only issue I had was having to do the raid twice because the real Xictic wouldn't spawn. Got tired of waiting and decided to re-request it. Started through it the second time. This time two real Xictics ended up spawning, stacked on top of one another. Killed both. Handed in the robe and received the Dull Gem Shard.
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  14. Mikana Apprentice

    ...and a thousand programmers screamed out at the abuse of data types ;)

    Bad enough the place I work uses "NULL" as a value, so our bits can have three states...
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  15. Prathun Developer

    Sometimes our bits use multiple bits! :)
    That does make me sad to think that your bits have 3 states. Our requirements that look at world variables used to treat NULL and 0 as different values, which bit us a few times. I believe that was changed semi-recently.

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