Use not my bones

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Vlerg, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. Malacath Journeyman

    also confirming this just did both within 1 min and got the achievement also yay lesser challenger of the call done finally :)
  2. Vlerg Augur

    Trying to get this achievement for other guildies.. I got my done, but can't seem to repeat it.

    went in 1 warrior, 1 cleric, 1 wizard. no merc at all, everyone stacked up on top of eachother, killed bone crusher first, nightmare second, didn't touch the add at all until both golem were dead.

    all 3 of us were stacked on top of eachother and never moved.

    no swarm pet, no warrior ability that make hem spawn a doppelganger...

    did not get the achievement. it's really annoying.
  3. SpamFactory Augur

    did this twice no problem and even with a couple swam pets thrown in. the achievement descriptions appear to be reversed as someone pointed out.

    so kill both within a minute of each other grants the no deaths in cloud achievement, and having no deaths grants the kill within 1 minute achievement.

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