Upgrading Old Spell Lines for Modern Content

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Gnomereaper, Feb 20, 2021.

  1. Gnomereaper Augur

    There are several cleric spells that are not useful in current content.

    1. Healing Over Time spells are now falling into the same area that DoTs fell into. Their casting time is too slow, and their healing over time effect is not strong enough to heal in current content. Upgrading the heal over time as well as decreasing the cast time would increase the use of these spells.

    2. Light, this spell is too slow for the modern game. The speed of the spell needs to be brought in line with the Remedy line.

    3. Defensive and Offensive spells need to be brought in line with current hybrid targeting design.

    4. Remove the negative healing mod from Vow line, the game has moved on and the dps and strength of this spell has not kept up with modern design.

    5. Curate's Retort, keep the aggro to the tank as the caster rather than the cleric. There is no reason why a cleric shouldn't be able to buff a tank with this spell and then on a pull the mob decides to chase after the cleric. It is tedious and lowers our productivity to wait to cast. Our job is to keep the tank alive, second is support abilities. This goes against our design and severely limits the buff's full potential.


    1. Repel the Wicked is not very useful, and should be brought more in line with the Bard and Enchanter lines for pulling and CC use with an instant cast time and better push back range. This would bring us more in line with druids and shamans with their push back root spells.

    2. Yaulp, rather than a short term buff should be up all the time when cast and then goes away when sitting.

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