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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Novaburst, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. Novaburst New Member

    I think it is about time to offer a few new UI's from the Dev's. The UI is from like the 1600's. I know there is EQInterface, but that doesn't really help the new people who are just starting the game. I can just imagine their thoughts, my phone games have a better ui then this. This is just my OPINION, your mileage may very.
  2. Derd Augur

    I use default with old icons. Works great, looks fine.
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  3. Krowbar Apprentice

    A newer option for a UI would be great. Also a tool to create custom interfaces would be huge asset for the community.
  4. Nennius Curmudgeon

    Good idea. For me a tool that would let me directly view UI changes off-line would be excellent. Would save making changes, logging in, not liking changes, logging out...rinse, repeat.
  5. Aenvar Augur

    Meanwhile I still pray to the gods that, some day, we'll have the original stone UI back
  6. Sippycup The Holy Grail of Aradune

    We have been requesting a UI fix for many years. Even though we have options to download from EQUI , the downloads there are only good if the author is still updating fixes. Daybreak is constantly updating and fixing the game, which is great but it does mean anyone using a third party UI has now have to wait for the author to update and fix there end. It would be nice to finally get something that is appropriate to today's EQ.
  7. Gamzum New Member

    The creation of new characters UI sucks. The placement of chat windows and other boxes are much to be desired. It’s like it was an afterthought. So a new player or returning player would take time to rearrange the layout.
  8. Nennius Curmudgeon

    Not a bad idea as an option. I am not interested in using it, but if others are I see no problem.
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  9. Angahran Augur

    Why do you log in and out when making changes to your UI ?
    Stay logged in, make changes with notepad, /loadskin xxx.
  10. Nennius Curmudgeon

    I used to crash when I did that. I stopped. I will try it again.
  11. Deathly Elder

    Updated UI's would be great, they are just to clunky now.
  12. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    I still use the original spell icons.
  13. svann Augur

    Even with eqinterface there are some things that are impossible to change. Like fontsize in the typing bar.
  14. Cloud the Third Augur

    The problems with the UI I see is trying to manage bag slots. It would be nice to have them get rid of the current bag and gear slot system and replace it with something new. It would be nice to have everything change to more of a guild bank style where it is just a list of items. You can still have bags and use them for slot count. This would then leave you with a list of bags that sum their slots into the item list which would be 66/100 etc. You could then have filters to find stuff easy like type aug, trade skill, quest, etc or search by name.

    You could maybe do something similar with the gear you have so many item slots you can drop in like 1 chest item, 1 arm, etc and that gives you a list of aug slots for the next list. It could auto calculate if a slot is open for the new aug you are trying to drop down and audjust them when new ones are dropped in the list so if one has all/all then you drop ear/ring slot only it would make sure to move that all/all out of ear to the next open slot and put the ear/ring one on the slot from the other moved one. To remove an aug from the list would require the bought item for removing it.

    This would make reorganizing augs alot easier when you don't have to open the windows of 30 different items write down on a piece of paper all the different aug slots and what type of aug is in each one then figure out with a spreadsheet all the stats of those augs and figure out which ones would be best to replace with a new aug etc.
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  15. Angahran Augur

    I believe they fixed the "10 reloads and crash" bug some time ago.
  16. Nennius Curmudgeon

    It has been awhile. Once I got my UI where I liked it, I left it alone.
  17. Voktar Journeyman

    I'm the autor and maintainer of VoktarUI, and i need to say with all my respect to the devs that the current UI system is a bad joke, it needs more freedom for the modders and more love in general. Again, i'm not being critical at devs but at the Interface.

    I know there aren't enought resources/time but there are things than for sure could be improved.

    First, almost everything is hardcoded, yeah you can change gauge sizes, put a label here or there, modify text size, maybe create a new window but that's is.

    For example, i can't create a minimap because only one instance of the map window is allowed. How cool coud be to have a rounded minimap in a corner without all the glutter the default map windows offers?

    Another example, i like a separate window only for the buffs/debuffs from the mob, that is the target window but it has the mob name and gauges attached to it. I like to reposition only the icon list, show spell text in the horizontal, etc. I was abble ugly hack another window but you can't show the text labels on target buffs/debuffs. How about two windows? One only for my buffs and the other for the rest.

    I combined the Target & target of target window because it makes sense, and with no mob targeted an ugly 0% remains on the window until i click on a mob, again the lack of full customization, all is hardcoded.

    Windows positions dosent save correctly until you /camp | /camp desktop, don't try to /exit...

    If you reload the interface multiple times graphical 3D glitches appears on the screen forcing you to restart the game.

    If you are in your forties, playing on a 4K monitor and you can see all the text/buttons with clarity God bless your vision. The interface should scale independently of monitor resolution. That is by per cent no per pixel.

    And a lot more, really, the UI needs much much love, and less less hardcoding everything.
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  18. Angahran Augur

    I also maintain a UI on EQInterface, it started as pretty much a way for me to safely keep a copy of my UI in case of a PC issue but apparently people actually like it :p

    Some of the hardcoded stuff is a pita I agree.

    Some of the fixes that they have implemented would be nice if they used them.
    E.g. They added the text prefix and suffix options, which I have used in some of my windows to remove the labels that simply place a '%'.

    However, the default UI has not been updated to take advantage of this.

    Another example, in the Extended Target window, targets names are color coded with their con, which is a useful feature, however this sometimes makes the names hard to read.
    I have duplicated the extended target functions into my target window and everything works apart from the color coded names (which is actually great).
    It would be nice if there was some way to turn this feature on or off and not have it simply as hardcoded functionality of the extended target window.