Update Regarding T3 Raid Unlock

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Mar 17, 2020.

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  1. Deillusional Augur

    delay them to sunday or whatever, looks like euros are being left behind again.
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  2. Jondalar Augur

    I mean remotely thinking that this is the best solution is truly mind boggling. Keep people waiting around for over 5 hours today? Bad. Decide that the best solution is to DO THE SAME THING the next day? Just amazing. Why not at lest hold off a week and let people schedule it? Was that NOT the point of how you did unlocks this expac? Or was that a lie too?
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  3. Triconix Augur

    Wonderful. I'm glad the one day raids mattered were cancelled and I won't have a chance at making them tomorrow at launch seeing I work at a hospital chain in the largest city in the US and we are beginning emergency COVID19 schedules.

    One chance at competition is completely wasted and now my whole raid schedule is in flux going forward. Appreciate it, guys.
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  4. Mintalie Augur

    A million times this. Out of the myriad choices they had, they picked the absolute, hands down, worst one.
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  5. Cury Elder

    This a real screw up by the staff that the customers are taking the shaft for.
    Raid teams took off work for your posted schedule and you goofed the schedule and wasted their effort and vacation days/hours.

    I really hope you reconsider your release time and unlock T3 raids during prime time in the evening to make up for the screwup. This way people don't have try to reschedule another work shift/day or even try to, and all guilds can consume the content in their mostly normal times..
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  6. German Elder

    has to do with using a unix timestamp. The laws were changed on DST after EQ was live, so who knows. Its always a pain the rear for legacy systems and math. There is more than one way to do the math factoring in leap years AND DST. Probably a combination of both of those that affected it. My bet is its the leap year.
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  7. Cadira Augur

    Thanks for wasting our PTO, moved around schedules, etc for this nonsense.

    Also, thanks for making a patch to obliterate your new Overseer into oblivion. Got your priorities straight, that's for certain.
  8. Ryino Elder

    This really should be pushed to give people time to adjust. It is like the one part of the expansion people were waiting for and we had like 20 members that don't have the option of tomorrow on like 18 hours notice.

    Pretty weak to stick paying customers with watching tier 3 on twitch from work because your cool new idea to not inconvenience people blew up in your face.
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  9. Jondalar Augur

    No. Keeping your timezone files up to date is trivial and should require no input.
  10. Jhenna_BB Augur

    I'm so sad right now lol =*( We don't raid on Wed. Move to Thurs plz!
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  11. Littlelegs Elder

    Dear Everquest community,

    Get rekt.

    - Dev team
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  12. Pano Augur

    If only there was a tried and tested method from the previous expansions to have raids unlock on time...
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  13. Trafthek Journeyman

    Side note, Holly Windstalker was last seen whistling while stocking up on broiled raxil fish and water flasks just before going into self isolation and muttering something about "that was close".
  14. Piemastaj Augur

    If you can not prevent the raids from launching, can you have it launch but remove the NPCs from game? They took a 2 week trip. Set a time and actually follow through with it.
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  15. German Elder

    I'm not defending them on this mistake at all, I think its bush league to make this kind of a mistake. I just don't think they are being dishonest about it is all. I've just seen it happen in the real world cause some programmers fail to use standard libraries and functions and reinvent the wheel too much.
  16. feeltheburn Augur

    wow ...didn't take the J Chan administration all that long at all to alienate and totally botch just how things should be done, and then botch how its rectified thereafter. I'm not even mad, the total debauchery here is impressive. You mess up the launch... you KEPT PEOPLE who took off work changed schedules etc in the dark for HOURS before you come up with a answer....then you thought the best fix to help people out was to do it again then next day same timish...knowing dang well people cannot rearrange like that again.... what race???

    You all have tainted any race....progression....etc by dictating what guilds now can raid and when. People paid a good penny for this expansion, and then the FINAL stop in progression and any kind of race there is borked on launch day. Am just boggled by this, I am sure Im goin to hurt the powers that be feelings on this, but we should ALL pull our subs after this debacle. ANY other industry...heads would be rolling and people would be looking for new jobs.
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  17. kimbotta Journeyman

    Lets not forget Jchans background it in programing......
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  18. Tucoh Augur

    Raids releasing on Tuesday morning was disappointing.

    The only raid that mattered not getting opened on time was frustrating.

    The raid being rescheduled to another workday morning and during some nebulous patching window is laughable.
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  19. Allayna Augur

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  20. Redsumm New Member

    And yet, if that was what occurred, then how are other events released on time (like anniversary). It is not like this occurred in a vacuum. Other content was time released. And if the script could not get the correct date for release from the server, then the server would have to be off a day, which would cause different issues that would have been noticeable within the 2.5 weeks since the end of February.

    Valiant effort, but Swiss cheese. Not your fault for sure, the explanation from dbg is highly suspect.
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