Update Bugs 06/20/14

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Jun 20, 2014.

  1. JChan Developer

    Please post about any new bugs found in the update. This thread is not for discussions about anything other than bugs and how we can reproduce (and therefore fix) them.
  2. guado Augur

    Nurturing Growth Rank 3 now has a duration of 10 minutes up from 9.

    The spell description says Duration: 5 minutes.

    This spell should NOT be affected by spell casting reinforcement.

    Before Illa or Tarrin say anything:

    NO i don't want to chain cast this spell. I want it to work as intended, not have double the intended refresh time.
  3. Stonereq Journeyman

    Extended Bestial Bloodrage is still not working. Hastened Claws not working either. And last parse before patch showed no upgrade via double attack aa's.
  4. Drewie Augur

    Repost from the Update Bugs 06/18/14 thread since the bug is still there :

    I bought the first rank of the Fortified Foraging druid AA. My Foraging skill went up from 250 to 255 but shows as 252/255 written in red in the Skills window.
  5. smash Augur

    From test, also on live:
    Beastlord extended bestial bloodrage, does not increase the time it Works on warder. According to desc it should increase 30 sec per rank, with duration of 5 min at beginning and there 5 ranks, meaning should last 7 min 30 sec,. (on live it says 12 sec, but still dont increase duration)

    Hastened claws, does not Work on Focused clamor of Claws,
    When you use FCoC, it does not disable CoC, but if you press CoC it says you cannot use for 30 sec.
    When you use CoC, it disabled both coc / FCoC for 21 sec.

    Extended Group bestial alignment does not increase the duration by 2 ticks.
  6. Tobynn Augur

    Seeking clarification on this:
    - Happy Memento and Rosette of the Restless Dead will now function properly as charms.

    The item window of Happy Memento indicates increases in power via completion of content in all of CotF zones. Does ALL mean ... all currently available content? Or, all content including the as yet unreleased Argin Hiz? I'm just wondering if the charm will need an additional rework next month when AH goes live.
  7. a grue New Member

    My bard is level 68.
    Bard song: Largo's Assonant Binding, level 51.
    When in combat, when I try to cast this spell/song, it fails and I get the error: You can not cast this spell while in combat. I have tried it both in a melody and by itself.
    It works fine if I cast it outside of combat.
    It fails both in dungeons and outdoors.
  8. Hannil-luclin Lorekeeper

    I'm not sure if this is really a bug or not, but Ro's Burning Gaze(proc from Ro's Burning Cloak) lasts 2 min. in duels on PCs on blue server vs. 1 min. on NPCs just incase it is supposed to last the same or less vs. PCs. First line from wizard's log and second line from ranger's.

    [Sun Jun 22 10:18:18 2014] You are surrounded by burning flames.
    [Sun Jun 22 10:20:40 2014] Your Ro's Burning Gaze III spell has worn off of Milnay.
  9. Charris Journeyman

    When you purchase Rogue Bladeshield AA (rank 3) - still does not show a single block in any logs.
  10. Deloehne Augur

    If you have full bags and have a bandolier set that swaps four items, four of which go to bag slots and three of which come from bag slots (the fourth from a quiver) all three weapons are destroyed. I did not realize I had full bags the first time it happened, but the second time it was clearly the case. The weapons simply poof and are not, for instance, dropped to the ground.
  11. Allconfused New Member

    A matter of life and death, the second mission in chapterhouse is bugged. Anyone trying to shroud to fight the wraith immediately goes LD, EQ client crash. After the 1st person in our group crashed, I tried to shroud and also LD, EQ client crash. We tried on Saturday the 21 and again on sunday the 22. Both times anyone trying to shroud crashes.
  12. Astran Elder

    The new cauldron-summoned mage pet weapons will not replace normal mage summoned pet weapons. If you give the new weapons to a pet that already has frightforged weapons, the pet will use the old ones, not the new ones.
  13. Koryu Augur

    [New Warrior AA Bugs on Live]

    Weapon Proficiencies:
    2Hander Proficiency is 1) cancelling Myrmidon's Skill shoulder click buff, and vice versa. I know the proficiency buff has a negative dodge rate mod, and this may be intended, but hopefully not.

    Shield Proficiency buff is interacting poorly with Last Stand and other Defensive disciplines. 1) Activating Last Stand still cancels the Shield Proficiency buff, as reported when it was on Test. This shouldn't be necessary; both effects should be active at the same time with only the highest % mitigator taking effect. (Good news: the reverse is not true, reactivating Shield Proficiency no longer cancels Last Stand like it did on Test. Bad news: having to reactivate a 10 hour buff mid-fight that never should have been overwritten in the first place, and trying to do so without the mob sneaking a melee round in between the two different defensive effects.)

    Before I even get into DW Proficiency, here's the spell data and some parsing.

    Dual Wield, no proficiency, vs 2x farmers in Valley of Lunanyn, 20 minutes

    /g Tanking summary for: Koryu --- Total damage: 4970214 --- Avg hit: 3289 --- Swings: 4411 --- Defended: 1996 (45.3%) --- Hit: 1511 (34.3%) --- Missed: 904 (20.5%) --- Accuracy: 62.6% --- Dodged: 580 (19.4%) --- Parried: 783 (17.8%) --- Blocked: 0 (0%) --- Riposted: 633 (17.4%) --- Absorbed: 0 (0%)


    Dual Wield, with proficiency buff, vs 2x farmers in Valley of Lunanyn, 20 minutes

    /g Tanking summary for: Koryu --- Total damage: 7218722 --- Avg hit: 3707 --- Swings: 4627 --- Defended: 1548 (33.5%) --- Hit: 1947 (42.1%) --- Missed: 1132 (24.5%) --- Accuracy: 63.2% --- Dodged: 329 (9.7%) --- Parried: 706 (15.3%) --- Blocked: 0 (0%) --- Riposted: 513 (13.1%) --- Absorbed: 0 (0%)


    Dual Wield Proficiency 1) only lasts for 6 hours instead of 10 like the other proficiency buffs, and its timer continues to tick down in non-combat zones; it appears the spell effect is not taking advantage of the Extended Ingenuity AA line. 2) Activating the Flash of Anger combat ability cancels the Dual Wield Proficiency buff. 3) The ability description states there is a bonus to mitigation, but the spell data shows it decreasing mitigation. The parse also reflects this, with about a 10% increase to average hit (3707/3289 = 1.127) shown in the text, and to max hits (9060/8254 = 1.097) shown in the graphs. 4) The Dodge penalty is obviously taking effect, with no noticeable difference coming from the Parry bonus.

    War Stomp:
    If this AA was intended to be a Battle Leap without the leap effect, it is not yet a proper replacement. 1) War Stomp is not benefitting from the Hastened Leap AAs, nor is it tied to the Furious Leap/Battle Leap/Stomping Leap cooldowns.
  14. Ranpha Augur

    Clicking 2 handed proficiency while Last Stand is running kills our discipline.

    I don't think swinging a 2 hander means we cannot use defensive as we've been capable of doing that since level 55.
  15. Axxius Augur

    Wiz spell Bucolic Gambit's spell gem doesn't get grayed out when you cast Bucolic Harvest (on the same timer). It keeps showing as ready, but when you cast it nothing happens, and then it grays out.

    Bucolic Gambit's counters are not used when you have any other buff with counters that work off dd spells, such as Mana Reverberation Effect, Arcane Destruction, etc. Please make Bucolic Gambit take priority over those effects, or, ideally, make all applicable effects consume counters at the same time.
  16. Apocalyps Elder

    I personally have no issues with bucolic gambit and i do not want anything changed about it It is working correctly for me. I am currently using rk 2. That is with twincast aura amp aura and druid wildspark and prolonged destruction or arcane destruction up.

    Can i ask what spells you were using that no counters were used up?
  17. Axxius Augur

    I had Mana Reverb, Arcane Hymn and Arcane Destruction on. BG was not consuming counters.
  18. Axxius Augur

    Arcane Fury Effect is flagged Beneficial+Unblockable, which makes it impossible to click off if needed. Please remove the Unblockable flag from it.
  19. Apocalyps Elder

    What spells was that again? I will do some testing tonight with those effects on.
  20. Apocalyps Elder

    I personally never get bard supports its usually only druid and enc

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