Tserrina Raid "Bad Luck" Achievement

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  1. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    My guild is working on finishing up the last of the raid achievements for this expansion, and this "Bad Luck" one is giving us some fits. Everything we've tried seems to lead to mass deaths and a wipe. Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated!

    Our main strat with it is to spread the reflections around the wall of the room semi-equidistantly (or as near as we can estimate) and burn 1 reflection down.
    What we've tried with that basic strat so far...
    • Stack the raid in the middle (other than melee DPSing at the reflection). Center area got wiped out by the AEs while the melee survived (this lead into the following strats)
    • Stack on the reflection we are burning. Everyone but the other reflection tanks got wiped out by the AEs.
    • Stack raid on the reflection, send the person called out as the correct reflection to the center. Everyone but the correct reflection person and the tanks got wiped out by the AEs.
    • Stack raid on reflection, send all 6 reflected people to the center. Most of the raid (minus tanks) got wiped out by the AEs, everyone in the center survived.
    Best I can surmise is the AEs are targeting random raid members, so the only reasonable idea I can come up with is to just scatter the raid around the room and hope enough survive to recover. Obviously that's just a crapshoot :/
  2. Robnie Augur

    The last thing you said is what we did both times we got it.

    Social Distancing works irl and eq
  3. Nocomplaints Elder

    Have you looked at mirror shards on each mirror and how its effected...

    You can dispell it... but don't let the person who dispels it be withing 50 rsnge of target. You have about 2 ticks to kill mob once dispelled.

    Also its always on the mirrors after they rebalance but it doesn't start in the mirrors initial pop.
  4. Nocomplaints Elder

    it might be called broken glass.. actually but dispell it and the person that dispelled will take 250k dmg and then can kill without everyone blowing up
  5. Nocomplaints Elder

    the 250k 50 range AE will go off on the person who dispels or gets the kill shot
  6. Cadira Augur

    So in theory you could full burn a random mirror as soon as they spawn, and if you kill it before they balance health, you won't blow up?
  7. Nocomplaints Elder

    No you need the broken glass to land on it or you blow up.. we did that.. so let it land or all blow up.

    Take one random mob down to 50% once they rebalance then you pick mob disprll (make sure they are on other side of room its 50 range around the person who dispells). Once it's off blow the mob up.
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