Tribute auto off should be time based.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Dewey, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. Dewey Augur

    So I found something interesting last night. I had tribute running and after raids I went into /buyer to try and see if any nice people would sell me some collectible items I was missing.

    When I logged in during the morning it says, 0742 tribute has been turned off. So basically it ran all night. I would be nice if tribute auto turned off if AFK in a zone for X minutes. Kinda like the merc passive.

  2. TheStugots Augur

    I’d rather have to remember to turn it off after a raid or long session than have to remember to turn it back on every time I afk for a work call, to walk the dog, cook food, etc.
  3. Tucoh Augur

    I'd love to have an option where tribute is just a single-use 10 minute thing you can macro into all your other buffs instead of signing you up to recurring payments like some kind of timeshare scam.
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  4. Dewey Augur

    It's an option in options. My suggestion would not change anything for you. Simply don't have the box checked and then you can go back to having it on all the time.
  5. Cragzop Augur

    My philosophy for future EQ changes: If you can put it on a post-it note and stick it by your monitor, I'd rather not have the time spent developing it.

    You made a suggestion and already others want something different related to tribute. The Options window is already crowded enough with checkboxes. Modern loot items are at the 20k tribute mark (x2 for those 2h!!!) and there's still the PoP bows which are ridiculously easy to farm components for (okay, the Stonewood is still a pita).

    There would be many things I would love added to options/EQ in general that would benefit *me*. Most are horrible ideas to actually spend real developer time on.
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  6. Lianeb Augur

    I guess I have the opposite problem with tribute.
    I have to many items in my bags that I can’t turn because of the cap. When my bags eventually fill up I spam the on off button to drop it faster than 10min intervals gives me. Guess I could just destroy the items /shrug
  7. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I can live with running out of tribute from forgetting to turn it on but I do wish they would double the personal and guild tribute max amounts.
  8. CatsPaws Augur

  9. Belexes Augur

    Or send me a tell when they are rotting bud. :p I will put them to good use for you. :)

    Yeah, raise the cap!!

    Personally, I don't have an issue with remembering to turn off or on. I do have lots of real life responsibilities as well, so I am used to looking out for my self. :p
  10. Flatchy Augur

    just make the cap unlimited, or make the gmm crap sellable to vendor lol.
  11. Smokezz Augur

    A cool option would be to have tribute turn off and the dz has ended.
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  12. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    Remove the timer toggle completely. Tribute should be either Enabled or Disabled. If Enabled and you enter combat, tribute turns on for 10 minutes and debits your balance. When the 10 minute timer is expired, combat status is checked. If CombatStatus.True, another 10 minutes is debited. If CombatStatus.False, no further debits occur until CombatStatus.True.

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