Transferring to FV?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Raidarr, Jul 16, 2020.

  1. Raidarr New Member

    Thinking of transferring to FV from another Live Server.

    I understand the nature of the Free Trade system. I understand the lack of Common tongue and that the main language is Elf. I understand that it is a Roleplay preferred server (but not enforced). and finally I understand should I make the move it is a one-way ticket.

    My question would be, If I were to transfer onto FV as a 115 Ranger, do I maintain my levels, current gear (bank) and flags?
  2. Qbert Augur

    Yes, but if you have any characters already on FV, you will want to clear out both shared banks prior to your transfer to prevent any problems. Aside from the normal caveat about which shared bank is retained during such a transfer, the recent Brekt to FV merger really FUBARed a lot of people's shared banks . . . better to avoid the issue altogether.

    One thing you don't ask about but you will probably lose: overseer levels. Mine were all reset during the merger, so I would expect yours might be during a transfer /shrug.
  3. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    Make sure your certain, FV is like hotel California. There are days I regret coming here but I can never leave.

    Having almost everything buyable/tradeable can easily ruin your sense of progression if you let it. For example you can usually buy a full set of top tier group gear for a pretty trivial amount of plat. Why progress through tiers when you can so easily skip to the last? On the other hand the constant 50% bonus and ability to loot and sell everything can be quite addictive.
  4. ntellect Elder

    I've been on FV for a few years and appreciate what it has to offer. Having everything buyable/tradeable just give you options you can take advantage of if the need arises. I normally quest for my gear but love shopping on the /baz to see if I can get some nice upgrades cheap. Its especially useful at the low levels where there arent that many people to level with. Be aware that prices are super inflated. So while you can buy raid gear its like 2 million plat, which is relatively expensive to me.

    The community is great. I think I've actually received more free stuff than I've bought.

    And finally there is the 50% XP boost which is just a nice to have.

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