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  1. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Daybreak Devs have stated their case for what they will need to see to be able to justify a PvP TLP on a post I cannot be bothered to locate for you, which was essentially what I said, show up on Zek in significant numbers & they will take the request for a PvP TLP seriously.

    If you don't care then this won't be a problem for you.
  2. PotatoPower Lorekeeper

    It's fine. I didn't ask you to locate it for me. Don't feel bad about that. I'll manage. I'll take your word for it: such a post exists, and says exactly that. Wonderful. You are someone who clearly is a mover and a shaker in the world of Everquest, keeping abreast of the trends. I actually feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to talk with you about this subject. I feel somewhat honored and maybe star struck to have been addressed by you directly. May I have your autograph?
  3. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    I hope typing all that made you feel better.
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  4. Machen New Member

    PVP players were a tiny fraction of the EQ population in 1999-2002. (And I say that as someone who played exclusively on the pvp servers.) We had four servers compared to dozens of live servers.

    TLP players are a tiny fraction of players compared to all the EQ players in 1999-2002. Most players from those days do not come back and play on the TLP's.

    It's likely then that a PVP TLP server would draw back just a tiny fraction of a tiny fraction. While I'd love to see them do one, and I'd play it for sure, I doubt it would have the population needed. Especially when you consider that DBG doesn't have the resources to do it right--which would involve pvp oriented balance changes at every expansion, something they can't even do for the current TLP servers at all despite a need for it.
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  5. Iyacc Augur

    So I can see where getting critical mass to play on Zek for a while would be probably not worth it. What if, however, someone organized an event or say a recurring saturday afternoon romp on Zek to see how many would show up for a couple hours on saturdays?

    I mean if you could get 1000 people to log in for an hour or two after doing some grass roots marketing for a month or two then you would really have something? Start small, build up, show DBG you guys are serious. Maybe 1000 all at once is too much but what if you could get a couple hundred or more every saturday for a month or two then that would possibly give them some data to work with. They could see how many different accounts logged in over the course of your campaign, etc...Hell, maybe your numbers would shock the world!!!

    I mean, what if, right?
  6. Machen New Member

    I would imagine if you had a couple thousand people showing up every Saturday for an "I want a pvp server" Zek event, that would get their attention.

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