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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Scraper, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Scraper New Member

    It seems every patch there is a “problem” an unforeseen circumstance that results in the paying community been once again delayed, some might say out of pocket even .

    The usual scenario, that the patch ( even though there is a TEST server ( surely to test things )) is extended, not once, sometimes, 2, 3 even 4 times and more often than not indefinitely..

    Now surely we can ask you the guys who do the work behind the scenes and like to think your doing a good job what is going on, why ? Why does this happen, why is this not tested on the TEST server before consistently disrupting the live game, why do you after numerous failures on delivering on time continue to offer a ( and I’m been generous ) a server maintenance ( a very bad way to put it ) time of generally 6 hours when you know and has been proven you can’t meet this criteria 80% of the time.

    You insist this is maintenance, yet what are you maintaining ? What are you offering the paying customer, it’s surely not your assurances that things will be better as you’ve also failed on that front also by failing to act on key matters ..

    Now my question to you is , do you intend to continue on this one way street driving in your impenetrable vehicle that allows no input but only outward missiles and false hope, or do you want to address the people , communicate and try to be better..

    Currently your not doing a very good job on various fronts..
  2. Sindace Lorekeeper

    Yes, people complain on patch days like it's their job. Thanks for being that guy.

    Side note- patch days have actually gone fairly smooth lately so not really even too sure what your complaint is past "I want to play mid-day Wednesday, but can't currently".
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  3. Aluerin New Member

  4. Solidon New Member

    Servers up.

    Jk, made ya look.
    We've all complained once or twice (or 847 times for some). Glad ya got it out. They have been doing better until today lately.
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  5. Gribble New Member

    He was bound to show up. Now we're just waiting on that other guy who took a vacation day to play on patch day and whines.
  6. Sgt.Neo New Member

    I quit my job so that I could play today, I even made snacks.... :eek:
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  7. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

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  8. FawnTemplar Augur

    Names thread tired of the same old story, then participates in the same old story.

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  9. svann Augur

    There is already an "im leaving" thread. Please just post there.
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  10. Sgt.Neo New Member

    Don't you know that if you complain more than once it helps?
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  11. FawnTemplar Augur

    WHAT!?!? All this time I've been doing just the one complaint. Damn it! So many missed opportunities.
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  12. Yinla Augur

    So it has gone over they never said it would be up at 7 pm GMT! That was always an approximate time.

    I think the majority of us are quite happy to wait and have things working properly.

    I've learnt over the years to never plan on playing on patch days. :)

    Just be thankful this isn't Luclin days with a patch every day. :)
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  13. Sgt.Neo New Member

    Damn! I should of told you sooner. Also, I hear that if you type with passion in ALL CAPS you double your chance of being taken seriously. *mind blown*
  14. svann Augur

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  15. Herodotus Elder

    Throw in a boatload of misspellings, obscure anime references, references to the evils of private property ownership, and a threat to drop down on the floor and pout and you will...likely be ignored. BTW, I don't actually see an "I'm Leaving" thread. Didn't spend a ton of time looking though. Hmm, perhaps I'll start it here.

    I'M LEAVING !!!!!!!!

    to go and get my truck washed.

    (feel free to add)
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  16. Izzard of Bertox Lorekeeper

    The servers are not up at the ESTIMATED time advertised? At least I appreciate the consistency.
  17. FawnTemplar Augur

    I will implement these changes next time!
  18. Sgt.Neo New Member

  19. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    If you are freaking out because the servers are not up yet click below.

  20. Whulfgar Augur

    In your (wait for it.. ) Opinion..

    Good thing you do not speak for everyone.

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