The wow classic "no changes" crowd sure could learn alot from us.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Hinastorm86, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. Undustas Lorekeeper

    Go look up a fight like Mythic Jaina and get back to me.

    1 person dies on Mythic its basically a wipe.

    To put this in perspective the BEST guild in WOW is Method. They wiped 346 times on Mythic Jaina.

    Think they would wipe 346 times in all of Underfoot?

    I understand youre trying to stick up for your game and thats fine, but dont get any delusions about the difficulty gap from Mythic WOW raiding to EQ raiding. Like i said 2500x harder..easily.

    Also another stat, in order to get Cutting Edge which is an achievement for killing the current raid tier before the next raid tier is released on mythic difficulty. 1.5% of the people who play WOW get cutting edge each tier. EQ raids are a joke.
  2. Chaosflux Augur

    Now I dont know Method, but I've got a sneaking suspicion they would have wiped that many times on Beast Below or Wrath of Brath in their pre nerf versions alone.

    Let alone pre nerf Death Beetle and Fungal Forest.

    I dont think you realize how rapeface Underfoot was at release. If you saw it after the first dozen tuning passes that's not what I am talking about.

    Granted Mechanically WOW raids are way harder than most everything in EQ, but for sheer make you want to cut your eyes out in frustration there were times before the care bears got the raids nerfed that EQ was hard.

    Pre Nerf Uqua being another example, Sepulcher 6, which if I recall received 2 or 3 tuning passes between the 1st guild beating it and the next and then it was a month and another tuning pass before the third.

    Plane of War, which only one guild beat pre nerf.

    I agree with you EQ raids are sort of a joke difficulty wise though. Just pointing out there are some examples that are more difficult.
  3. TheChosenOne Augur

    How about i meet you in the parking lot after school
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  4. Chaosflux Augur

    Trying to be get a thread locked by violating the forum rules is some passive aggressive crap.

    Good luck with all that.
  5. Aegir Augur

    I think the one that made the argument about challenge in WoW, was referring to Group and Solo content.

    Mythic Raids are a niche for a small group of people playing the game, that wishes to play it at its most brutal difficulty. However, it does not reflect the general challenge WoW has to offer - and neither do I think the WoW - or Everquest playerbase wanted these games to be generally as challenging as Mythic Raids.

    Some will be happy about Permanent Vanilla state on WoW. But they will also receive thousands of post about unlocking next expansion within a month of release. Poor devs.
  6. Undustas Lorekeeper

    Lol where are people coming up with this crap??

    For one alot of people would be barely 60 in 3 weeks of play time, so you're saying 1 week at 60 and thousands will already want a new xpac??

    Classic is being released in phases, 1 month into classic nothing but 2 raids would even be into the game yet, heck pvp wouldn't even be fully implemented yet. And you're saying with 5% of end game out at 1 month people are already going to be asking for a new xpac already??

    The opinions of some of you crack me up, way outta left field.
  7. Ceffener Augur

    They are just used to EQ TLP's were people clear classic in a couple days. There's just a big size difference between the to games at launch, which isn't too surprising Blizzard had way more time/money before they launched WoW.
  8. Pharone Elder

    That's nothing compared to FFXI where a guild spent 18 hours fighting a raid boss before giving up because guild members were vomiting and passing out. Here's the story.
  9. Machentoo Augur

    The top guilds wiped that much in original Underfoot, yes.
  10. getlostgreg Lorekeeper

    My health took a nose dive yesterday and I guess I took it out on everyone in-game and out. My bad.

    But if we're still meeting I gotta warn you I never learned to fight properly so I bite and all that crazy stuff. :)
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  11. The Hated One Augur

    I only have one thing to say about PvP...WARHAMMER.../mourn.
  12. yerm Augur

    Wow classic will be no different. A mass of people will immediately nolife to 60 and all raid content flattened within days. The only variable is how strict they set xp rates. If you are expecting something other than exactly what happens in the eq tlp raid scene to happen in the wow tlp one, you are fooling yourself.
  13. EnchFWO Augur

    I'm curious to know what is the last EQ raid that you actually participated in and make this claim?
  14. code-zero Augur

    I've seen that particular WoW raid referenced before and I've watched several videos and though it obviously is difficult I didn't see it as that bad. Of course people also try to tell you that WoW is so difficult that it's impossible to box
  15. Hinastorm86 Augur

    Oh man are the forums gonna blow up when a handful of people clear MC in the first week.

    As for xp rates, like I mentioned in OP they are REALLY on this "no changes" train, for better or worse. It seems to be mostly born out of people not trusting Bliz to change anything in vanilla, coupled with their rose tinted glasses of it.

    The high warlord pvp grind was atrociously moronic, and the fact they are keeping that in with no tweaks is patently absurd. And im saying this not being much of a pvp'er.
  16. a_librarian Augur

    Expecting to see 'RELEASE NAXX NOW' posts in the first month

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