The "Say it isn’t so! You’ve canceled your membership." feedback

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Frustrated, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. Frustrated New Member

    I'm posting this because the feedback has no choice that applies for the overpowered HAs.
    I canceled my membership because of them. Just one membership. No exaggerating how many I'm cancelling. Just one.

    These are the choices. The closest is "Concerned about the future" but that isn't specific enough.

    Unhappy with Customer Service I have received
    Too expensive
    Don’t have the time
    Benefits didn’t justify cost
    Taking a break from my game
    I don’t like auto-renew
    Concerned about the future of Daybreak Games
    Moving onto a new game
  2. lordgrayhawk New Member

    make that 5 accounts, I uninstall the game also. support ran me around all week for the problem THEY made with last patch them said it was my fault. Really? wtf is my programmer pay for helping write the patch lol. my choice #1, #8!
  3. Donutsz12 Elder

    Bye!! Your post means nothing anymore and your not going to get any sympathy. You will be back i'm sure of it.
  4. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I would agree that especially for the more casual players the HA tuning is way off. Especially older content. Running a large casual guild I see players who enjoy playing just behind current stuff because they just want an easier game that "for them" is more relaxing. I get that but I think Daybreak missed the boat on that one.

    Also feel it is fine for people to post their reasons for leaving and yeah the post still means something.

    The OPs post wasn't an attempt to create drama just a post explaining why they were leaving for now.
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  5. alanon Lorekeeper

    Forums being the only way to express anything to Daybreak really sux. I think most would love to keep their frustrations with DB private.
  6. Stageguy Journeyman

    You can leave /feedback in game and type whatever you want as the reason for leaving.
  7. lordgrayhawk New Member

    can't get into the game is why so many are leaving! lol, man people these days
  8. alanon Lorekeeper

    I did that and when i clicked send i got no confirmation it was indeed sent, the window just closed. as far as i know it went to the virtual equivalent of the circular file (trash can).
  9. Geroblue Augur

    Isn't there a fillable comment section to the survey ? I typically put I am switching all access accounts as I don't have the money to keep more than one active at a time.
  10. Stageguy Journeyman

    Yeah, probably so, who knows. EQ Twitter may get more attention

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