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    Frayed Knot, the oldest foundation guild on The Rathe server, is recruiting for higher level play. You must be level 102 or higher to join and have all expansions. We are working with the TBM expansion tier 2 content and some fun lower content. Raid times are from 8:15-11:15 on Sun, Mon, Tues (combined), Wed, Thur (combined) and off on Friday and Saturday. Our recruitment is simple, easy, and can be viewed on our website at http://dkp21.frayedknot.us/index.php We are currently seeking players for higher end content and casual gaming to expand our family. We have one of the best Raid teams in the game who have consistently helped players grow thru our Raid Guest program to our Comrades in Arms, by helping other guilds grow in what content they can achieve. The following are the classes we are looking for:

    Bards- 3
    Beastlords- 2
    Clerics- 3
    Shaman- 3
    Shadow Knights- 2
    Warriors- 2
    Necromancers- 2
    Rogues- 2
    Wizards- 2
    Berserkers- 2
    Monks- 1
    Paladins- 1

    If you are interested in Joining in the fun on The Rathe then look for our Our Guild/Raid Leader- Kiras, Recruitment Officer- Darchiva, Our Gatekeeper for invites to join as a Guest- Taza, or any other member of Frayed Knot for more information! Come and do a guest raid with us...just send TAZA a tell to get in. For guest raiding you will need to be at least level 102 or higher with fairly good equipement (TBM group or higher) Hope to meet you soon!

    Darchiva Dragonheart- 105 Warrior
    Frayed Knot