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Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Eaiana, Sep 17, 2020.

  1. Eaiana Augur

    I have 3 characters from one account and one from another in a fellowship. Two of the characters on the first account show that they are not in a fellowship when I log them in. However, the 3rd character on that account and the character on the other account see themselves in the fellowship. They also see the two bugged characters in the fellowship, but they do not show as online even if they are logged in. I think we'll have to kick them out and re-invite them when the fellowship leader is back online.
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  2. niente Developer

    What are the character names in your fellowship, on which server? (Can PM me this if you want).
    I have noticed some weird felllowship issues where sometimes you don't see an online player's current zone when they first log in until they switch zones. This sounds different, though.
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  3. Graytis Journeyman

    We have a similar issue going on in our fellowship. As leader, I see a full and complete fellowship roster (although they don't appear in the window as actually ~in~ any zone despite being logged on), but other members, from their own point of view, do not show as in a fellowship at all and cannot see any fellowship chat.

    One member was able to apparently fix his status by zoning several times (the first time didn't fix it), although he had to zone yet again to register a location in my fellowship window. Maybe it's just a temporary state that will work itself out over time?

    This is on the Luclin/Stromm server.
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  4. Eaiana Augur

    Niente if it matters, both of the characters that are having the problem of not showing up in the fellowship also hit the "you characters took too long to load" problem yesterday when the servers first came up.
  5. Fezagorn Apprentice

    Same issue as Graytis, also on Luclin, different fellowship.
    I've also had myself appear as not in any zone, and it (for me) didn't appear limited to initial zone you logged into. I had it happen in an instance in Empyr mid-session.
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  6. niente Developer

    The fellowship data in the DB looks fine for those who sent me a PM. Nevermind, there is something wrong with the DB data. Thanks to those who PMed me the extra details. Will investigate a fix.