The Most Important Issue Facing EQ Today

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  1. gotwar Augur

    Greetings, forum goers.

    I come to you today with the most egregious of errors currently present within our beloved game. While class balance, encounter tuning, itemization, and the casual vs elite conundrum are all of the utmost importance to the game, there are far more sinister forces at play beneath the dark underbelly of Norrath, nay, Daybreak Games itself.

    This is a longstanding issue that has plagued us all. I am not sure if the player-base can continue forward with these atrocities in play.

    Therefore, I present to you, the red and blue Bazaar entrances currently found on the Moon:

    As I'm sure you have all noticed, the red of the Bazaar has a blue lighting effect in its tunnel.

    If you look down the other tunnel, on the blue side of the Bazaar.there is a red lighting effect.

    It quickly becomes clear how utterly confusing navigation can be when your visualizations of the colors red and blue are presented to you in reverse.


    To compound this problem, there are Norrathians among us who have even more difficulty discerning which side of the bazaar is which, thanks to this confusing color swapfoolery. These loyal players are being discriminated against in the most flagrant disregard for diversity seen since the Antonican Froglok's evicted the Trolls from Guk.

    Yes, that this heinous act of racism has been going on for years will shock you. These innocent players pay good money to enjoy the same game we all know and love, and they are being unfairly persecuted without reason. I am of course referring to our friend the humble Butterfly:


    You see, the humble Butterfly has a heightened sense of vision over what you would typically find in a Human or even an Elf. Butterfly's have a collection of unique photo-receptors in their eyes that allow them to see both visible light and into the UV spectrum.

    Unfortunately, most species of Butterfly cannot see into the lower visual range of color, which includes all shades of red. While they can easily differentiate between multiple shades of blue far better than you or I can, any light that would clearly be red to you and me will show up as a murky sort of green, if at all.

    To compound this problem, Butterflies have difficulty focusing on a single point due to the complex structure of their eyes. As a result, most of our Butterfly friends will approach the entrance to the red side of the Bazaar and see a blue light, with the inability to distinguish and clearly identify the red banner next to the hallway.

    Similarly, on the other side, they will see the blurry outside edges of a blue banner, leading to no clear indication as to which side is actually blue and which side is actually red

    This leads to a complete inability to properly discern between the two bazaar sides.


    I sincerely hope that this is an error we can soon have corrected. For too long, the confusion and unrest created by these troubling hallways has cast a shadow over our society. I demand that this be fixed immediately, before players everywhere cancel their 57 accounts and uninstall the Internet for good.

    srsly tho tf is up with these bazaar hallways
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    post of the month! :)
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    Got wins the Internet for the day!
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    you win the internet!
  6. IblisTheMage Augur

    But is it red? Huh? Ahaaaaaaa!
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    There are 4 lights!!!
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    I love to see the pretty butterflies!!

    /em Notices his hand and begins to stare with intense concentration
  10. Moege Augur

    No please leave it as is, just hire a person hanging out in the stables to guide you !

    I don't really care as I am not a butterfly and there is someone offering call of the hero for 1 krono.
  11. gotwar Augur

    Thank you all for the support!

    It brings a tear to my eye to see the community come together to raise awareness for this tragic issue.

    With all this added attention, it seems impossible for the wonderful development/art teams to ignore this crisis we're currently facing.

    I look forward to the day when I'm butterflies are no longer persecuted on my their way to the Bazaar!
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