The Legend of Varos Stelvenshine, Paladin of Rodcet Nife ((RP Story))

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    "Another beautiful day in Qeynos! A young, fair maiden came to my humble quarters this morn, and handed me this small book I am writing in. She said it was a gift from her mistress, and I am to write all my amazing journeys within. Well, who am I to deny all of Norrath with my martial prowess and intellectual cunning?!

    But where to begin? With a land such as this, and even in the fair city I call my home, there is much need for daring-do and evil slaying. I shall need to think upon this as I shine my master's armor."
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    "My first task was found and done this morn. While carrying my master's waste to the refuse pit, I overheard two urchins speak about a rat problem at Sneed Galliway's store. I knew, if true, it could spell disaster to the man's living, and what would happen to his fair daughter, Tanlyn? Would she be thrown out into the streets?!

    I would not allow such a thing to happen! Throwing the bag of refuse into the pit, I quickly made my way into Sneed Galliway's Trading Post. Sparing a charming smile to Tanlyn, I walked up to Sneed and hailed him.

    'A fine day to you, Mister Galliway, I have heard you are in need of a ... catcher,' I said, standing at the counter. The shopkeeper eyed me warily, but I believe it was all a ruse to seem disinterested in what I had to say. A smart man, not wanting others to know about his rat problems. I leaned forward and lowered my voice. 'I am here to kill the rats in your storage rooms.'

    Sneed reared back, I am certain of surprise at my wish to aid him in his time of need, and hurredly waved me upstairs where the storage room was. Quickly I strode two steps at a time, ignoring the strange coughing and whispers of something smelling like scat and foul food. Readying my sword, I began the slow search between boxes and crates, poking my weapon into any dark recesses I could find.

    It was then that I saw it. A large rat, putrid looking eyes and skin which reeked of decay. I could feel my innards quake with terror at the sight, but I could not falter. Nay! For the sake of fair maiden Tanlyn, I found my courage and lept towards the rat, plunging my sword into it's putrid side.

    The creature hissed, spewing filth and gas from it's mouth, but I refused to let go, picking up a rusted pair of gardening shears on a crate beside me, raising it up high and bringing it down upon the mangy rat's head, severing it from it's body.

    Chest heaving, adrenaline pumping, I knelt down to pick up my prize, that of the severed rat's head, and proudly brought it down to Sneed and displayed it.

    'Your problem is now solved, Mister Galliway!' I exclaimed, tossing the head upon the counter. I heard Tanlyn shriek - all from the wonder of my martial prowess I imagine - and Sneed quickly push something into my hands, eying me strangely all the while, keeping himself and his daughter at arm's length. It is no wonder, I did take down such a ferocious beast.

    For now, I am writing this as I take a short rest in my room. My master says I do not look well, and strange pustules have started to grow on my arms. I am sure all will be well ...."

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    I cast Lvl. 3 Eroticism. You turn into a real beautiful woman.
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    Is that spell researched or can I vendor buy it?
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    "I had overheard the cry for help today, and rushed to the assistance of our most illustrious City Guard.

    It seems that a terrible cretin had fouled up a shipment of arrows, and it needed to be quickly rectified. I, a noble paladin, took pity on the guardsman who was cursing in the corner, and said I would assist in the matter. He was quite grateful, and asked me to carry the crate of sabotaged arrows back to South Qeynos and to Nesiff's place there.

    In my wisdom, I paid a lad who happened to pass by at that time, to pick up and bring the crate with him and follow me. By doing so, it showed I had the proper respect of those adventurers and citizens in Qeynos, and gives me a chance to smile at the ladies. I am still not sure why the lad cursed at me so much. I did pay him well.

    As we entered Nesiff's establishment, the lad dropped the crate on the floor and waved goodbye to me. It was an odd gesture ... must be something from Freeport. Nesiff looked agast as I told him the story of how the arrows were sabotaged, and I felt it was my duty to make things right. Nesiff paled at the news, hurriedly writing out something and handed it to me, saying to take it back to Guard Weleth, and it wouldn't happen again. I bade the old man good day and left ...

    I am unsure why Nesiff was screaming at his apprentices. Something about missing fletchings? Hm ... curious. But I put such unneeded thoughts away and made my way back to the Qeynos gates, handing over the paper Nesiff had given me.

    The guardsman was overjoyed, taking a few coins out of his pocket to hand to me .. which the lad from before (the one I had paid to carry the crate) ran up and took the money from Guard Weleth's very hand! The knave! I gave chase, shouting and praying to my patron, Rodcet Nife, to smite such wickedness, but alas, the lad got away.

    I shant be cross though. My master has ordered me a suit of banded armor to call my very own!"

    Quest done = The Crate (good)
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    Oh yeah, aight. Aight, I put on my robe and wizard hat.
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    "This day was filled with sadness as I went in search of a task to fulfill. There is very little to write about it.

    Some knave has sain one of our guardsmen no more than twenty feet from the gates, as well as an outstanding citizen named Konem.

    Who could do such a thing?

    Of course, I made sure their worldly possessions went to someone who could use them."

    Quest done = Note for Konem
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    Ngl when I was a kid I used to sit in the library at school during study hall and just read stuff like this on Everlore. It's not for me, but it's unique and I applaud people who can do it well.

    Don't let the kids who still think dnd is only for nerds stop you from posting unique content. It's a refreshing change from the usual min/max guild box drama on this forum.
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