The Bone Rod - 1cp - Vendor Mining does not work

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  1. NeverPayForLag Augur

    The anniversary quest item "The Bone Rod" is sellable for 1cp. I sold accidently the wrong bag. A couple of important items poofed into the Fletcher Vendor Lenvale in PoK. I tried to get all back in buying everything which has a limited amount of it but it was not possible to vendor mine the items back. Somehow the vendors are bugged in that. The other thing is that an anniversary quest item should not be sellable for 1cp or at least it should be possible to buy it back.
  2. Moege Augur

    Vendors are not bugged. They show everything they have in their inventory.
    Vendor mining is dead, not like it was long ago where there is hidden items.
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  3. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    The vendors are not bugged for vendor mining.

    Some vendors will resell the items and some will not. Sometimes you can get to the end of the items that have been sold to them and sometimes you can't

    For example the NPC vendor Klen Ironstove or Culkin Ironstove will never offer what anyone has sold them for resale. They eat everything.

    Others are on a formula: tradeskill vendors in PoK seem to hold ~250 items, while the rest of the world merchants everywhere else are only holding 80 items.

    Vendor farming is hard to do nowadays because the items that get stored on the vendor seem to be listed by the item ID #, so it starts with the lowest # then fills up from there.

    So what that means is, if a 80 capacity merchant already has lets say 75 items it is selling that are infinite, a most a player can sell is 5 items that can be stored on that merchant. Now the ones that will be stored by the server will be the ones with the lowest item ID # first. And any ID # after the first 5 lowest ones, never get seen by a player. So if I a player X sells high item ID # (usually from the newer expansions) and then player Y sells a low item ID# usually from classic EQ, you end up seeing more of the classic EQ items on vendors in the world. This is why you usually see more of the old world gems on vendors for that reason.

    Using the above formula would mean The Bone Rod, being a very recent item, would have such a high item ID # that it would not be likely to show up due to the item limit. Sometimes you also have to close the vendor window and re open it for the list to reset.

    Players are also more aware of what will sell in barter or the usefulness of tradeskill items so while vendor diving is still very profitable the pickings are slim

    Some players do sell The Bone Rods in baz but they could be over priced. Luckily you can get more soon.

    I wish they would make it so collectables could be sold to NPC vendors, those would be fun to find here and there for sale.
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