Thank you Darkpaw Employees!

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Naturalist, May 21, 2020.

  1. Dizdemona Journeyman

    The population of Mangler disagrees.
  2. Tyvolus New Member

    same thing happened last month if i recall.
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  3. Kobrah Augur

    Stop your trolling Thunda !! It's weak. You need to add in the "or I'm canceling all 2000 of my accounts and darkpaw is going bankrupt."
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  4. Cicelee Augur

    So your recollection was that there was a server merge that created a 48 hour downtime patch? You may want to take some Gingko Balboa or something if that is what you believe...
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  5. Febb Augur

    I can't play EQ so I'm going to put on my Karen hair and ask for a manager!
  6. Overboard New Member

    I think this emergency patch is going to add real raid level chase loot drops. I'm almost certain they will drop once every 300 mob kills.
  7. Hart_Xegony New Member

    Give they guys some credit guys. They are working with a very small team. Trust me they are working hard to get it back up and running. You want to complain go play another damn game.
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  8. Tyvolus New Member

    I will get right on that junior !!
  9. Smallhands Elder

    Mangler has been down like 2x a week for the past 1-2 months.

    All that work to bring new/returning players will be for nothing if you can't even keep the lights on long enough for them to play with any real consistency. How long do you think they'll stick around when they're paying every month to play but keep getting knocked offline, or keep getting horrible lag everytime they zone.

    Get your stuff together JChan.
  10. Tyvolus New Member

    I play a whole bunch of games...Many with small teams. Your point ?
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  11. DCPD158 Elder

    If this was March of 1999, most of y'all would have had a coronary by now. Compared to that, this is like a long potty break. I'm as bummed as the rest, but at least I'm not on dial-up...
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  12. Magneress Elder

    Yeah I could go sub to wow, but i burned through all that content anyway, and I play other games than eq, but this isn't going to make me cancel my dbg all access subscription at all.

    Would it be bad, is it bad? for things to go down and stay down for long or forever? Sure, it's $14 USD or so though... like... I can't even drive to the beach, get a parking spot, and I know the local beaches and local non metered spots etc... for like less than $80, that's one days worth of really wholesome entertainment. I still like to do that too, but my fam keeps yelling at me because of the "Virus". So. EQ is great.

    I'd love to make my own digital worlds and give people the chance to experience life as an elf maiden some day myself, much respect lol. It's hard. I've dabbled in it. Totally fun sometimes. Somtimes, I can imagine the sole *nix admin, the one who memorized 300 lines of csh or ksh at DPG going ... uhhh Microsoft Azure is not letting me log in right now! *on hold with Microsoft* *sorry we are experiencing longer than usually hold times due to the pandemic please be patient*

    It's not like taking a plane ticket up to MS's farm would like let the DPG employee inside anyway, at best they could hang around the NOC with a laptop...

    This is assuming a likely scenario, its probably way worse than all this. And they don't have a $10 million server service budget.

    Just keep that in mind, it's a business too, and they really don't want to go out of business. As I am pretty sure most of them like being able to have a prestigious job curating the Elven lands.
  13. Natal Augur

    If they are working with small teams then don't do complex stuff like server mergers, just allow people on the affected servers to do a one time transfer.
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  14. Magneress Elder

    My phone accidently started downloading a 2 gb file last night when i was messing around with another old game and liek.... for realz it wasn't even taking forever, and my phone has 52gb of memory.

    let that sink in...

    my silly little phone... 52... gb.... memory.... in my hand.... with like 30 hrs of battery life....

    it's like i woke up out of the matrix into the matrix
  15. Magneress Elder

    yep totally agree with that sentiment - pop up dialog - 'you have until MM: DD: YY to queue a server transfer for your character, the process will take 24-48 hrs depending on the number of transfers in queue' 'would you like to transfer to X server?' After which time all characters on this server will be losing CSR support and queued automatically for a transfer to a museum or specifically into a 'ghost server' (this ensures people can log into their grandparants character and look at their stuff in 40 years). It also ensures live, or vibrant current servers aren't swamped by dead characters, names, and realistate etc..
  16. Cencamia Journeyman

    People complaining about testing patches before they are put on Live? Hmm, look at the test patch notes compared to Live. Things do get tested, however, people can not think of every little hook, hack, or cheat that someone may think up. Now maybe if you would take some of the energy you use to troll and take it to the test server to help test these patches, there may be less downtime. Grant it I am not too thrilled about the Brekt merger, and stated that in other threads. I still back DPG in what they do. Not all bugs are visible right away. Just like ghost in the machines, they can hide. And working with coding that is over 20 years old, with layers of game upgrades that has been put in place since the start. You got to give them some credit. The past couple months have been rough on all of us. They went from working closely together to working from home, miles apart. But yet they continue to try to bring us the entertainment that has become a major part of our lives. Things are going to happen, sometimes alittle more then what we would like. But in the end, the game will be there for us to enjoy for many hours at a time. Take this time and reconnect with your family, sometimes we all need to unplug for abit and remember this is just a game.
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  17. Ozadar Journeyman

    One major outage a month equals 12 days lost in a year. That's 2 whole weeks or about $7.50 per account owned annually. A lot of free money since they avoid all of the wear and tear on the servers with us banging on them.
  18. DaBasher New Member

    This game is trash now, and the lady running it is worthless
  19. DaBasher New Member

    Everyone has this excuse they are running with a small team, nah they just don’t seem to have it together, then they give a sorry for the inconvenience every time.
  20. Tanacious Lorekeeper

    Wow! Gigabits! LOL. J/K I know what you mean. But seriously, why does your phone only have such little storage and battery life? Did you damage it trying to bring it out of the matrix? *Stares at 1TB storage cap phone, with 120 hours of battery life, 65 active*

    Hehe. But ya I get it. Our phones are probably more powerful than the servers these things run on. That's what you get when you use hamsters and howler monkeys.
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