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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Kethir, May 6, 2016.

  1. Kinadorm Augur

    On Live we have 22 Ranks of Destructive Cascade and 12 Ranks of Vengeful Spirits but there are only 33 Ranks of Destructive Cascade on Test. Shouldn't there be 34 Ranks of Destructive Cascade now with the lines consolidated?
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  2. RPoo Augur

    "- Pet Users - Consolidated Advanced Pet Discipline to be ranks 2-3 of Pet Discipline."

    My window only shows Pet Discipline rank 1/1. While describing what rank 2 and three does in the description part.
    However my Animation Empathy is rank 3/3.
    Maybe Pet Affinity could be merged into one of these lines as well.

    My bad if this only means mages/bst/necro but all of the other pet user consolidations looked to apply correctly to chanters.
  3. Punchu Augur

    So I just test copied my lvl 93 monk from Fippy -> Test. My plan was to go test some velious instances. Fun story!

    I was dead immediately upon zoning. There was what appeared to be the entire zone of Fabled ssra on top of me. The respawn option in my dead window was greyed out. Just dead looking at an entire zone of fabled on top of me with no way to respawn. So I killed EQ from task manager then logged back into test to see....my lvl 93 monk listed as a lvl 1 paladin in Unknown Zone. Logged character back in and just like I left it...dead...entire zone on top of me...no respawn option. So I logged back in and hit return home. Showed up in qeynos docks as lvl 1 Paladin. Zoned to north qeynos ANND...appeared dead on the ground again with all if fabled ssra on top of me.

    To reproduce this bug all I have to do is continue to log in the same (now) lvl 1 paladin and try to zone. Same result...sitting under the entire zone of fabled SSRA.

    When I created a new lvl 1 and tried to zone on test I zoned with out issue. This seems to be a testcopy issue.

    That's a hell of a bug.
  4. Fnyanea Augur

    If chanter dots are still not stacking, I would prefer the old versions.
  5. Warpeace Augur

    Problem is you all are getting spread out in multiple threads. Upside its was addressed and they even said oops, sorry. Downside you have to wait another month for the next patch

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