Test Update 12/06/12

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  1. JChan Developer

    *** Highlights ***

    - New hats have arrived in celebration of Frostfell! Adventurers with the Hero's Forge feature can now wear a variety of hat ornamentations that have a chance to drop from all mobs in non-raid zones.
    - Fixed an issue that was causing the Small Bright Fear Shards in Shard's Landing to become unavailable over time. These shards will also spawn more frequently.
    - New AA upgrades have been added. See the AA section below for more details.

    *** Items ***

    - New hats have arrived in celebration of Frostfell! Adventurers with the Hero's Forge feature can now wear a variety of hat ornamentations that have a chance to drop from all mobs in non-raid zones.
    - Fixed an issue that was causing the Small Bright Fear Shards in Shard's Landing to become unavailable over time. These shards will also spawn more frequently.
    - All Rain of Fear equipment with appearances can now be placed in housing.
    - Bard focus spells have been added to several armor pieces that were missing them.
    - Several missing spells have been located and returned to their items.
    - Corrected several item naming errors.

    *** Quests & Events ***

    - Subdued Subjects - Luring a subdued spinechiller to Veldmir should now properly update the task, regardless of whether you have brought him a subdued orc already.
    - Shard Experiences - Chunks of Alaran Flesh will now be available from the intended NPCs.
    - A Feast Fit for a Coldain - Baffod now asks for Juicy Bunny Meat and Fresh Snow Griffin Eggs.
    - Paradise Lost - Task credit is now only rewarded when handing in the item to the proper NPC.
    - Deliver Us Unto Evil - Drjek will now give you a new Large Sliver of Fear if you happen to lose yours.
    - Coveted Rubbish - Selya should now respond correctly when approached about its obsession.

    *** Spells ***

    - Cleric - Corrected the spell landed message of Symbol of Gezat.
    - Ranger - Removed the Grasping Spurcoat spell since it had no better effect than Grasping Nettlecoat but cost more mana. It should no longer be for sale or selectable as a reward and can safely be deleted from your spellbook.
    - Wizard - Removed Firetree's line of familiar enhancing spells because familiars are no longer hit by spells and do not need the buffs. The spells should no longer be for sale and can safely be deleted from your spellbook.

    *** NPC ***

    - Magus Burlshin has solved his quandary of duality and will only appear in Shard's Landing now.
    - The imposter drolvarg captain commonly seen in Karnor's Castle has been demoted to lieutenant. The real captain was not pleased with his subordinates taking his title.
    - Corrected grammar errors in Breeding Grounds, Crystal Caverns: Fragment of Fear, the Valley of King Xorbb, Kael Drakkel: The King's Madness, Shard's Landing, and East Wastes: Zeixshi-Kar's Awakening.
    - Mobs in Rain of Fear that con as "easy" no longer reject all slow spells, which will now allow spells with a slowing component to land. Ninety-nine percent of the slowing component, however, will be mitigated.

    *** AA ***

    - Berserker - Created 3 new ranks of Hastened Self Preservation.
    - Druid - Vinelash Assault has been added to Extended Vinelash Cascade.
    - Druid - Survival of the Fortuitous has been added to Fortified Survival.
    - Monk - Created 3 new ranks of Hastened Speed Focus.
    - Paladin - Created a new rank of Disruptive Persecution.
    - Rogue - Created 3 new ranks of Extended Envenomed Blades.
    - Rogue - Created 3 new ranks of Precision.
    - Shadowknight - Terror of Poira has been added to Quickened Terrors.
    - Warrior - Created 5 new ranks of Phalanx of One.
    - Warrior - Krondal's Roar will now correctly be affected by Hastened Bazu Roar.

    *** Skills ***

    - Fixed an issue with skill caps on Forage for levels 96 to 100. The cap has been returned to 200 for all classes with the Forage skill.

    *** Achievements ***

    - Corrected an error that granted a blank achievement upon logging in to the game.

    *** Collections ***

    - Collection items should no longer spawn in positions that lure you into portals. Offending spawns have been punished for their treachery.

    *** Miscellaneous ***

    - Fixed some issues related to memory handling. Crashing after zoning multiple times in a play session should be less frequent now.
    - Fixed an issue with emitters that was causing unnecessary memory consumption.
    - Optimized a processing and memory issue with the Pet Info window.
    - Fixed an issue related to particle density where it wasn't properly using the settings in the Options window.
    - Fixed a mercenary leveling issue. You should no longer have to zone to get your mercenary to use its proper focus items after you have just leveled up.
    - Fixed an issue with the AA slider and the new Rain of Fear-style rewards. You will now receive all of the level experience that is intended even if the AA allocation is set to 100 percent.
    - Added some additional client logging to track down crashing issues. Please keep sending in reports!

    *** UI ***

    - Modified the Item Inspect window and the Marketplace window to support Player Studio items.
    - Changed some text related to bazaar delivery to no longer reference "mailbox" when it should be "parcels."
    - Fixed a merchant stack issue where selling an item to a merchant that already has the item was using the stack size as the quantity that the merchant had.

    - Changed -

    *** Previously Updated ***

    - Fixed an issue that was causing the first raid event in the Valley of King Xorbb to crash.
    - Noel Gladestrider in Shard's Landing has restored his stock of scrolls for the Druid spells Spikethistle Bulwark, Granitebark Skin, and Granitebark Blessing.
    - Fixed a problem where Xorbb Raid 2, Yymp the Abyssal, would not start properly in a new dynamic zone.

    - The EverQuest Team
  2. Liliana Augur

    log in server seems to be down
  3. JChan Developer

    We just had a minor network glitch. The login server should be back now.
  4. EverChanter Augur

    The /Marketplace is down on Test, has been down since servers came down early this morning EST.
  5. EverChanter Augur

    It also appears all of my accounts lost their loyalty points and others have noticed it as well.
  6. Liliana Augur

    Now that Shard Experiences is fixed, the reward is actually broken
    With max ally, Charm of the Crystal Circle is only showing 351 hp. Its either using the wrong faction, or whatever formula is used to create the stats is wrong
  7. Gherig Augur

    Actually after thinking about this, is this charm an expansion charm? Does it continue to upgrade as you complete zone arcs and through raiding? If so then the stats atm would make sense. Can DEV please advise?
  8. Riou Augur

    No the charm power on it is faction with the Crystal Circle Builders, to get the achievement, you have to have Max Ally (that is you can't gain anymore)
  9. Gherig Augur

    But the final stats on lucy put the charm at or above Tier 2 level, yet you can max it with a few hours work in Tier 1? Seems out of place
  10. smash Augur

    I hope you have no intention of setting ALL people to 200.
    Because druids & rangers got AA that allows to get over that cap.
  11. Sarshish New Member

    Did this patch fix the issue with the 2 ground spawn collectables that are under that water near Bronigan (quest npc) in Crystal Caverns? On live they still poof when picked up resulting in nothing on cursor.
  12. Liliana Augur

    This could make sense, Ive only completed Partisan/Hero for Shards Landing and Partisans for EW so far. The stats would be right around where they should then. I'll have to turn in crystals on my 90sk and do quest see what happens since he has no progression done

    Lucy states in faction base though, so that leads me to think its on the Hunters faction, who knows
  13. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I am sure that is the cap of 200 before any AA's that increase it so that druids and rangers will still have the same forage skill that they had before the launch.
  14. Voodoman Augur

    Xnao likes this.
  15. Taadieri Journeyman

    Do there seem to be fewer bugged collectible item ground spawns since the last test server patch?

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