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  1. JChan Developer

    Test update today to bring it up to date with what's on live.

    Update Notes:

    A goddess wakes and gazes into a looking glass. The reflection of her true nature fractures and breaks.

    Even as the looking glass shatters and the world around her dissolves, Anashti Sul only looks deeper still into the fragments as they drift away. When her fractured mind glimpses her surroundings, she discovers that she is adrift in an unknown time and place where gods and goddesses maintain direct influence over Norrath. A hunger for power wells within her, having passed many an age with no power at all and an upstart sitting in her place. With a whole new realm before her, she resolves to rule again!

    *** Highlights ***

    - EverQuest's 22nd expansion, "The Broken Mirror" is out now!
    - Added the illusion key ring.
    - Moved the mount key ring to the new key rings window. You can get to the mount key ring by clicking the Key Rings button in the bottom left corner of the inventory window or in the EQ Button.
    - Claiming your monthly 500 DBC membership reward while in game (logged in to a character) will present you a limited time offer to purchase an item for a discount or an exclusive item not available in the Marketplace.

    *** Items ***

    - The ornament packs from the Legend of the Storm Break should now contain their original items.

    *** Spells ***

    - Spells that only hit PC or NPC targets but are not 'targeted spells' can now be cast if your current target does not match the restriction on the spell.
    - - For example, the enchanter AA Scintillating Beam can now be cast if you have yourself targeted.
    - Spells that target your pet will no longer change your target to your pet, similar to how items that cast spells on your pet do not change your target to your pet.
    - Buffs that increase the damage dealt by critical melee hits now function on summoned pets.

    *** NPC ***

    - Heroic Adventure level-scaling NPCs have been re-tuned to better scale against player power.

    *** AA ***

    - Corrected an issue that prevented some beneficial spells from being cast if you had yourself targeted.
    - - Corrected an error that prevented Spell Casting Subtlety, Bold Attacks, Sneering Grin, Combat Subtlety, and subtle Blows from being auto-granted at the appropriate expansion unlocks.
    - Renamed Aegis of Kildrukaun to Companion's Aegis. Added a substantial mana cost to the ability, and it is now available to Beastlords, Enchanters, Shaman and Shadowknights. Similarly adjusted Quickened Aegis of Kildrukaun.
    - Druid & Shaman - Refunded the shaman version of Communion of the Cheetah, and you are now able to buy the Druid / Shaman version of the ability at a lower level. Increased the ability's range from 50 feet to 100 feet.
    - - Ranks 1-5 of the shaman ability Extended Communion of the Cheetah are now ranks 2-6 of Communion of the Cheetah and are now available to both classes. Removed Hidden Communion of the Cheetah, and lowered the required level to purchase for the Shaman ability Group Silent Presence from 86 to 85 and reduced its casting time from 0.5 seconds to instant.
    - Priests and intelligence casters - Reduced ranks 5 and 6 of Silent Casting from 100% and 120% aggro reduction on all spells to 85% and 90%.
    - Necromancer & Shadowknight - Quickened, Hastened, Extended and Reaching Encroaching Darkness are now ranks 2-13 of Encroaching Darkness.
    - Shaman & Magician - Improved the resist modifier on ranks 2-4 of Wind of Malosinete so that each rank is less likely to be resisted. Additionally, ranks 2-4 now increase the number of targets that the spell will hit by 1 per rank.
    - Enchanter, Magician & Wizard - Substantially increased the aggro reduction for ranks 1-7 of Arcane Whisper and moderately increased their hate over time reduction values. These abilities now additionally lower your hatred with the target by 1% of your total hatred every 6 seconds.
    - - Reduced the duration of all ranks to 24 seconds and changed the spell to allow multiple casters to stack the effect on a single target. Reduced the base reuse time of the ability from 30 minutes to 20 minutes.
    - Enchanter, Magician & Wizard - Reduced the shadowstep ranged for ranks 1-2 of Dimensional Shield from 100 feet to 25 feet, and it will now reduce the hatred that the attacker that strikes you has for you by 20 and 25%, in addition to reducing the hatred that all of your enemies have for you by a flat amount.
    - Corrected the description for ranks 1-12 of Extended Swarm and modified the ability so that both Rangers and Bards can now purchase this line.
    - Moved all ranks of Quick Damage from the Class to the Archetype tab of the AA window.
    - Lowered the required level to purchase ranks 1-6 of Companion's Fury.
    - Added a focus level cap to the following spells and abilities: Funeral Pyre, Flames of Power & Weakness, Elemental Flames, Reinforced Malaise, Chromatic Haze & Gift of Chromatic Haze, Visage of Decay, and Arcane Fury.
    - Bard - Extended Bladewhirl is now rank 2 of Extended Dance of Blades.
    - Bard - Removed the levitation component on the buff cast by rank 2 of Shauri's Sonorous Clouding. A secondary levitation buff is now triggered when the base song is cast.
    - Beastlord - All ranks of Hobble of Spirits now have a permanent duration and no reuse timer.
    - Beastlord - All ranks of Taste of Blood now have a permanent duration and no reuse timer.
    - Beastlord - Increased the attack bonus granted by all ranks of Third Spire of the Savage Lord.
    - Beastlord - Corrected the appearance of pets summoned by Attack of the Warders when used by Wood Elf Beastlords.
    - Beastlord - Taste of Blood can now trigger Blood Frenzy on your warder if either you or it are credited with the killing blow on a non-trivial NPC.
    - Berserker - Increased duration, maximum damage per hit and total damage absorption for all ranks of Uncanny Resilience.
    - Berserker - Juggernaut's Resolve will now reduce the damage dealt by flurry in addition to the other melee skills it currently reduces.
    - Berserker - Adjusted War Cry of the Braxi to conflict with fewer similar abilities, additionally, the effect will now fade after 30 successful hits rather than 30 attempted hits.
    - Berserker - Can now purchase ranks 1-3 of Hastened Vehement Rage.
    - Berserker - Corrected ranks 1-3 of Blinding Fury to trigger Blinded instead of having the blind effect be a part of the 'Blinded by Fury' buff.
    - - Made the following changes to the 'Blinded' portion of this ability: the duration of Blinded has been lowered from 18 seconds to 6 seconds, Blinded can no longer be focused for duration, Blinded can no longer be removed.
    - Berserker - All ranks of Distraction Attack now reduce your target's hatred toward you by 1% of their total hatred for you, in addition to the flat hate reduction value per proc.
    - Berserker - Binding Axe can now deal damage to targets that are immune to the runspeed debuff portion of the ability.
    - Druid - Extended Peaceful Spirit of the Wood and Peaceful Convergence of Spirits to have an equal number of ranks as their non-peaceful counterparts. Each rank of the Peaceful abilities now cost 1 point but require you to have purchased the corresponding rank of the non-peaceful ability to be available.
    - Druid - Corrected a bug with rank 2 of Extended Spirit of the Wood that prevented it from focusing Peaceful Spirit of the Wood.
    - Druid - Reduced the casting time of Blessing of Tunare and Season's Wrath from 2.5 to 1 second.
    - Druid - Reduced the casting time of ranks 1-2 of Protection of the Direwood from 1 second to instant.
    - Enchanter - Mental Contortion no longer reflects Mind Twist Recourse I when cast.
    - Enchanter - Color Shock now functions as a toggled passive ability.
    - Enchanter - Changed the functionality of Ethereal Manipulation. This ability now augments your single target Tashina spells to trigger the additional debuff.
    - Enchanter - Modified all ranks of Calculated Insanity to function more similarly to Frenzied Devastation, which allows mana preservation effects to function while under the effects of Calculated Insanity. The number of charges for all ranks of the ability has been increased by 50% but the increased mana cost has been retuned to be significantly more costly for ranks 5-15.
    - Enchanter - Combined Hastened Mass Group Buff with Beguiler's Hastened Mass Group Buff into a single 9 rank line named 'Hastened Mass Group Buff'. Any ranks in the AA line previously named 'Hastened Mass Group Buff' have been refunded.
    - Magician - Improved the total health of the pets summoned by all ranks of Servant of Ro.
    - Magician - Corrected an issue that prevented ranks 3-4 of Companion of Necessity from functioning.
    - Magician - Improved the pets summoned by ranks 4-18 of Host of the Elements.
    - Magician - Can now purchase ranks 1-5 of Quickened Malosinete.
    - Magician - Reduced the aggro reduction percentage on ranks 2-13 of Heart of Vapor to 60% at the highest.
    - Magician - Corrected an issue that prevented Elemental Form spells from landing if the illusion component was buff-blocked.
    - Monk - Ranks 1-2 of Extended Impenetrable Discipline now extend the duration of Earthforce Discipline in addition to Impenetrable Discipline.
    - Monk - Corrected an issue with Thunderfoot that caused this ability to trigger its effect less often than was intended.
    - Necromancer - Cascade of Decay now functions as a toggled passive ability. Additionally, lowered the minimum duration restriction on the ability from 24 seconds to 12 seconds.
    - Paladin - Ranks 1-3 of Hastened Armor of the Inquisitor now also lower the re-use time of Thunder of Karana.
    - Ranger - Improved the pets summoned by all ranks of Pack Hunt.
    - Ranger - Ferocious Kick has been changed from an activated ability to a passive ability that will trigger when you use your standard kick skill. Adjusted the damage and chance to trigger Fury of the Forest to align with the faster reuse time of the standard kick skill.
    - - Ranks 1-3 of Hastened Ferocious Kick are now ranks 4-6 of Ferocious Kick. All ranks of Ferocious Kick now improve your accuracy with your kick skill to 100%.
    - Ranger - Can now purchase a new toggled passive ability, Ferocious Kick Subtlety, after purchasing rank 1 of Ferocious Kick. This ability reduces the amount of hatred generated by your Ferocious Kick ability.
    - Rogue - Seized Opportunity now increases the chance that your double (and by extension triple) backstab rolls can succeed from any angle.
    - Rogue - Ranks 1-3 of Extended Trickery are now ranks 7-9 of Sleight of Hand.
    - Rogue - Corrected an issue with Mrylokar's Rigor and Massive Strike that caused these abilities to trigger their effects less often than was intended.
    - Shadowknight - Improved the pets summoned by all ranks of Chattering Bones.
    - Shadowknight - Soul Touch is now rank 3 of Thought Leech. Ranks 3 and 4 of Thought Leech now returns both mana and endurance when striking your target.
    - Shadowknight - Hastened Summon Remains ranks 1-3 are now ranks 2-4 of Summon Remains.
    - Shadowknight - Changed the functionality of Reinforced Malaise; it now increases the base damage and mana cost of damage over time spells cast during its duration.
    - Shadowknight - Four ranks of Lingering Death are now available for purchase.
    - Shadowknight - Renamed Ragged Bite of Agony to 'Focused Bites' and changed its functionality; it is now a passive ability that will trigger when you cast a bite spell or use your Vicious Bite of Chaos ability.
    - Shadowknight - Combined the 3 effects of Gift of the Quick Spear into a single buff, and it no longer requires a non-spear direct damage spell in order to trigger the twincast component of the ability.
    - Shadowknight - Improved the scaling on ranks 10-17 of Innate Darkblade.
    - Shaman - Improved the pets summoned by all ranks of Spirit Call.
    - Shaman - Corrected an issue that prevented Spirit of Urgency from functioning.
    - Shaman - Ranks 1-3 of Extended Languid Bite are now ranks 4, 6 and 8 of Languid Bite.
    - Shaman - Changed the functionality of Wind of Pathosis. This ability now augments your Wind of Malosinete ability to trigger an additional disease debuff.
    - Shaman - Changed the functionality of Pathosis. This ability now augments your single target Malo spells to trigger an additional disease debuff.
    - Shaman - Ranks 1-3 of Extended Pestilence are now passive abilities that do not need to be activated.
    - Shaman - Corrected the accuracy component of Third Spire to enhance all weapon types. Previously, it was only improving accuracy with 1-handed blunt weapons.
    - Warrior - Adjusted the resist rate of ranks 1-3 of Call of Challenge so that the ability will have a dramatically improved chance to land on your target.
    - Warrior - Adjusted the endurance regeneration component on rank 3 of Imperator's Command to no longer conflict with the Beastlord ability Paragon of Spirit.
    - Wizard - Improved the pets summoned by all ranks of Call of Xuzl.
    - Wizard - Adjusted the stacking of Lower Element so that it will no longer conflict with the Druid Moonbeam spell line.
    - Wizard - Changed Arcane Destruction to function more similarly to Frenzied Devastation. Increased the number of counters for all ranks, and the ability can now coexist with mana preservation effects.
    - Wizard - Concussive Intuition ranks 1-2 now reduce your target's hatred for you by 1% per rank when cast and can no longer be resisted when cast.
    - - The recourse buffs offered by this ability now reduce hatred of the next three spells of a particular resist type by 85%. Changed the recourse chance's weighting so that it now provides a 40% chance for fire or magic spells to be focused and a 20% chance for ice spells to be focused.

    *** Mercenaries ***

    - Fixed an issue that caused mercenaries to continually heal you if your HP was limited to less than 100% of normal. They should still heal you when you are damaged below that amount.

    *** Miscellaneous ***

    - Monk - Increased the skill caps for Kick and Flying Kick by 5 points for all levels. Additionally, increased the monk skills Dragon Punch, Eagle Strike, Round Kick and Tiger Claw caps to match the skill cap values of Kick and Flying Kick and Kick.
    - Claiming your monthly 500 DBC membership reward while in game (logged in to a character) will present you a limited time offer to purchase an item for a discount or an exclusive item not available in the Marketplace.
    - Mounts and Illusions that do not have a stat buff can no longer be placed in the stat buff slot and will give an error message.
    - Corrected an issue when attempting to gate to your bind point if you were in an instance that matched the geometry of your bind point.
    - Corrected an issue in the Arx Mentis raid that could cause players to get stuck in the floor when they try to enter an area of the zone that they are not flagged for.

    *** UI ***

    - Added the illusion key ring.
    - Moved the mount key ring to the new key rings window. You can get to the mount key ring by clicking the Key Rings button in the bottom left corner of the inventory window or in the EQ Button.
    - Purchasing a character slot, mercenary slot, appearance slot or heroic character slot will now take you to the new purchase window without requiring that you open the entire marketplace.
    - Added a new atlas map for The Broken Mirror. The new area is called 'Anashti's Influence'.
    - Changed EQUI_DragItems.xml to add the new drag item icons.

    - Changed -

    - The EverQuest Team
  2. Oculuse New Member


    Expecting a 5 hour down time here as well?
  3. Hiladdar Augur

    I would of liked to review the proposed test changes separated from the expansion. It will be harder for us to provide valuable feed back if an "undocumented feature" is due to the expansion or do to scheduled changes to the game, or something that is a worked fine independently and is broken with proposed changes are merged with an expansion release.
  4. Bugfinder New Member

    One thing I found thats different from live to test is that suspending a merc resets its timer. so you have to pay each time you unsuspend it, whereas on live it stays where ever the timer was.

    I also didnt get much chance to check but I ground some AAs today, and had to camp for a short time, came back and I swear the AAs I had werent the ones I bought!!

    I love how I had to reregister my account on the forum.. mind you, I havent posted here since daybreak took over
  5. JChan Developer

    There were no additional (non-Live) changes to the Test server today. There probably will be changes late tomorrow (Thursday).
  6. Xicararn Journeyman

    not sure if you want bugs here or in the live thread but inc afew.....

    in the task the defence of health, first run our 3rd option was kill brutes and use wistle to call reinforcements, killing brutes never updated it regardless of how we used the wistle (and they were way over tuned compared to anything else in the zone in the second run through we got the collect disease weapons for step 3, for the longest time they wernt dropping at all, then we randomly killed afew health normal mobs, went back to the undead and they droped all back to back. then at the very end upon hailing the guy to spawn the chest he replied 6 times all rapid fire style and there was 5 messages saying the chest desolved.

    in defenders of failth, mission went as planed but after the chest spawned a second copy of kavilis adan poped.

    the wither and decay heros forge in both plate and leather has no in game graphics inplimented, it just looks like basic leather armor sold on the vendork in pok

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